Google Down the Line!: Kiri dumps coach, talks Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kiri dumps coach, talks Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Like Ana Ivanovic, Maria Kirilenko has also made some changes in her personnel to help awaken her slumbering game.

The Russian, who fell in the first round to Sara Errani at the Aussie Open, has dumped her coach, Eric Van Harpen, for someone a little closer to home - her father Yuri Kirilenko:

It’s like in the life, sometimes you feel you need to change something. Especially in sport, when something doesn’t work. Eric helped me a lot, I learned a lot of new things thanks to him. We are still good friends with him and his daughter Laura.
Good news Kiri fans! It seems she's never had a clear idea of what her strengths and weaknesses are and, therefore, never had a solid game plan when taking the court. Hopefully, this new arrangement will spark new energy for the petite lady baller.

And, thanks to DtL reader Damien for tipping me off to Kiri's thoughts on her upcoming spread in this month's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue:
I have very good memories of the photo shooting for Sports Illustrated. I went to Dominican Republic with my mother. I was there for three days and I had a great time ! All days on the beach posing :-) I can tell I was busy all the days but it was so nice ! A great team worked with me. The great photographer Walter Iooss, I think it is a greatest photographer I ever work with. So, I can’t wait when the pictures come out ! There are coming 15th of February I guess.
Here we go again. I'll be curious to see if this lady baller can pull off the whole modeling/sex kitten moment.


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  1. Why is it so hard to make your nips less visible?

    I think a lot of lady ballers needs to shake up their game a little - or a lot.

  2. Its Babzeroni "Babz" in Italian or in Beefaroni?? Molto bene. ; )

    Rich add Szavay in the list of player with no coach for now(either she fired him or split, thanks god..get back your old coach please). Im being sick and dont have too much time, just enough to read, but i want to add that I saw a commercial in you tube of Caroline Wozniacki and was pretty cool and short, plus the song in there sound good. Here it is.

  3. babz: "Why is it so hard to make your nips less visible?"

    it's hard (no pun I swear), believe me i know. i wear two sports bras and mine could still be used as WMD's. i think i get really excited hitting balls with a large stick.

    uvijek: FEEL BETTER! thanks for the link. i've been wondering where you've been!!

  4. Rich. You're scaring me. Why do you need a sports bra.

    uvijek - get well soon, we miss you! And the rafanatics gave me the name changes. Apparently they say like Rafa, my name goes with anything. Do you agree?

  5. Nalbandian should wear sport bra on his manboobs!

  6. Shouldn't she try to become a major player on the court before trying to pull off "the whole modeling/sex kitten" thing? Afterall with all those other bikini-clad models who's going to really care about your SI spread if few know who you are? I'm just disturbed by a lot of players (or their team) insistance on becoming a player/spokesmodel at the same time. Earn one then include the other works better right?


  7. I don't know. . you'd think her dad would have told her by now what her strengths and weaknesses are. . .but at least she seems to want to improve. At indian Wells last year, it looked like James Blake's brother (Thomas) was her coach.

  8. babzolutely: because I can

    T.O. - ...and a corset with wax for his mustached belly bump. "Look at the hair, now you see it *rips off corset* and now you don't!" It's magical.

    Lisa - Yeah I don't know how they got her in there besides the maybe someone in her camp, the WTA, or looked at search numbers to see she was popular with the boys.

    FF - I think Blake has the same problem, not knowing what he's really good at, what he's not, and how to utilize these things when they take the court. He's just a hitting machine, she just runs her (pretty) arse off and hopes not to miss. There has to be a smarter game plan in there somewhere.

  9. Thanks guys ; ) I will get better soon.

    And I will think some cool name that mix with Babz : )


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