Google Down the Line!: Jo-Willy tops Nole in Marseille, collects fourth consecutive win over the Serb

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jo-Willy tops Nole in Marseille, collects fourth consecutive win over the Serb

Jo-Wilfriend Tsonga has Novak Djokovic's number and it's four.

The Frenchie baller claimed his fourth consecutive win over the World No.3 in Marseille, defeating the Serb 6-4, 7-6 (1) and preventing Nole from reaching his first final of the season. Jo-Willy threw down 9 aces and had 70% success on first serve deliveries. He'll battle his face-licking compatriot Michael Llodra, who defeat another Frenchie Gilles Simon, for the title.

The pair play virtually the same game so why is the 23-year old dominating his younger foe? I'd venture to guess the Frenchie is all up inside Nole's head especially since the Serb's confidence is at a low after his shaky start to the season. This lack of confidence keeps him from playing the key points with clarity as evidenced by his failure to convert 5 break point chances in the first set and then going down 0-5 in the second set tiebreak. Not gonna cut it.

Moreover, Jo-Willy is bigger and stronger than Nole and, when his game is clicking, can actually overpower him.

Maybe Nole should be taking to heart some of his own lessons these days.

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  1. I watched the match and it sucked seeing Nole so down and out. His confidence is just not there at all...lots of hunched shoulders and throwing up of the arms in disbelief/frustration. Ugh. Not to say JWT wasn't bringing his A-game (he was) but it's annoying when you see the No. 3 player in the world filled with so much doubt. He totally choked in the tie-break. I really thought he could push the match to a decider. I was sorely mistaken. Anyways...congrats to JWT. And Marseille is guaranteed a French champion :)

  2. I'm so happy for Tsonga. I hope he continues his domination over Djokovic and I hope they meet in a slam final. Tsonga wants and deserves revenge in that aspect. That match is when it was official that I would never support Djokovic. He and his family were disgusting in that match.

    Hopefully Tsonga walks away with the title.

  3. Congrats on his win but Tsonga will never win a slam. Sorry, but he is just not good enough.

  4. Wow Pamela. Hating can't do you any good. Be glad that your guy won and don't wish bad things on others. Revenge and domination can't be helpful to you.

  5. It's sports and competition. I don't wish I'll on him personally. Hating is such and abused and misused word.

  6. I agree Pamela. Disliking Nole and his parents incredibly obnoxious behaviour doesn't mean that you "hate" him.

    Personally, I don't go for Nole's style of play or his attitude, and I prefer to watch Tsonga's style of play (which reminds me a little of Marat when Marat used to play well).

  7. Pamela, do you believe they were trying to hurt Jo's feelings by supporting Nole or were they disrispectful to him in any way?
    Anyway, Jo really played better and deserved to win, everything was going his way. cudos to him! it was great watching them

  8. cp: I'm curious to know why you think Jo-Willy won't win a Slam. Is it something in his game, physically or mentally?

    I think from a physical standpoint he has yet to prove he can stay healthy for a long period of time. His body breaks down all too easily which is suspect. Can he play and win 7 matches consecutively over a fortnight? I still wonder myself.

  9. Rich: My sentiments exactly, he's so injury prone. He has much game, and moves so well with a deft touch at net. That's great for a big guy.

    Anonymous: Agreed, I call him my Marat replacement. Hopefully he won't break my heart as much as Marat, but his game reminds me of him.

    Anonymous 2: I don't think they were trying to be disrespectful to Tsonga personally. I did however, find Djokovic's thumping his chest to the crowd to be too much. It's one thing to do it to your opponent to instill a bit of fear and swagger, but to the crowd? Please. And his box ... too much for my liking.

  10. His body breaks down all too easily which is suspect.

    That's it exactly. He's hit or miss. Really, he reminds me in a way of Djokovic who has an asthma problem. They really can do well at times, in spurts. Then their bodies shut down. Notice that Djokovic and Tsonga were at around the same level at AO 2008. This year at AO they were both out in the quarters. I think at any time either one of them can beat the top players but the stars have to be aligned.
    Pamela, do you think Djokovic should be punished the rest of his career for the alleged bad actions of his family that tournament?

  11. CP: You are taking this too personally. I do not like him, what's wrong with that? I won't cheer for him and I gave you the catalyst which began my reasoning. I don't care for his personality. Punished? That's a bit dramatic don't you think?

    He was an idiot at the USO after the Roddick match as well. I simply don't care for him. I like Tsonga a lot, which is the only reason I commented in reference to him.

    Tsonga won the title, so good for him.

  12. I do not like him, what's wrong with that? I don't care for his personality.

    Pamela people just like or dislike certain people. I know just how you feel. I feel the same way about Williams sisters. They have arrogant personalities.


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