Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) Jankovic hits back at Federer comments, "Why does he need to do that?" says JJ

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

(UPDATED) Jankovic hits back at Federer comments, "Why does he need to do that?" says JJ

Jelena Jankovic thinks Roger Federer should back off.

The former WTA Penthouse resident hit back on comments made by Fed last month saying a baller who hasn't won a Grand Slam shouldn't hold the top ranking:

Why should he even care? I don't like putting my nose in other's business.

I mean, one thing I like about Nadal is that he is such a great champion, he is so humble, always has kind words for everybody, he is a role model for everybody.

Federer is a great champion, I don't want to get in a fight with him but why does he care, I really don't understand.

Why does he need to do that?
JJ also made reference to some the Swiss' comments about fellow Serb Novak Djokovic's mid-match retirement during his Aussie Open quarterfinal match:
I don't think it's nice to attack other players. If he retired, he probably had his reasons, he knows better. You cannot attack someone when you don't have proof, when you don't have a piece of evidence.

There is no reason to offend him that way.
You know, I'm all for any baller speaking their mind so kudos to both JJ and Fed for expressing how they feel. There are too many instances these days of top ballers spouting off generic media talking points or answering scripted questions *yawn* so it's refreshing to hear these statements, regardless of how you feel about the issues. Nothing wrong with a little spice to heat things up.

Besides, what the hell would I blog about, right?

*looks inquisitively into distance*

UPDATE: Here's the quote in question. Fed was discussing Andy Murray's chances of becoming the top baller after falling to the Brit baller in Doha...
Things change very quickly. But I hope if [Andy] were to become No.1 he would win a slam - not like the women's side. No disrespect to Jelena Jankovic but it took Rafa five grand slams to become No.1.
He says "no disrespect" but when you bring someone's name into the conversation, you're asking for trouble. Just sayin'.

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  1. You tell him, JJ!
    I agree with you, Rich, I like it when players speak their minds, but I'm tired of Federer getting a free pass every time he says something arrogant or snarky (not here, but in general). As JJ said, he's a great champion, but why does he need to do that?
    I think he's getting more and more bitter lately.
    *Dodges things thrown at her by Fed fans*

  2. If someone asked Federer the question why should he not honestly answer? He said he person should have a Grand Slam title if they're number 1. He was talking more about the WTA ranking system. He didn't mention Jelena at all and if I'm not mistaken Rafa said something similar. Besides she's no longer number 1 so who cares. Go when a Slam JJ.


  3. It was obvious he was talking about Jelena, and I'm not saying he shouldn't be honest, I'm just saying he shouldn't be so arrogant and snarky. I'm not defending JJ, I'm not her fan, but I don't like the way Fed talks sometimes, that's all. I don't agree with everything Nadal says, but I think he is humbler than Federer. And I don't care how many GS titles Fed's won. In my opinion, if he were humbler, that would make him an even better person than he already is.

  4. I have no recollection of Rafa saying anything of the kind, but I could be wrong. Could someone please supply the quote? s

  5. Yeah, it was a suspect comment in some ways but completely honest. Not sure what the lead up question was, you have to always take that into account.
    JJ is just being oversensitive like the true diva that she is - which is why I love her. And notice that she brought it right into Rafa vs. Roger territory with her little "that's why I like Rafa" gambit.
    Whoo hoo for drama!
    And in terms of "asking for trouble" I think Roger could really care less about what J.J. thinks.

  6. They were asked about winning a Grand Slam or being No.1, which would they prefer if they had to choose? The few times Federer makes a sensible but not humble statement (like the ones about Murray) he's called arrogant or something. It's called being real not arrogant. Arrogant is when you lord that opinion over people. The real question is why is SHE still talking about it? Federer said this in Nov/Dec. She's not even no.1 anymore. I think she has a hard time not making everything about her.


  7. FF: Maybe he could care less what JJ thinks, but he's certainly courting controversy by throwing her name in the ring.

    Plus, I love when people say "no disrespect" and then go ahead and disrespect someone's accomplishment. That's a bit disingenuous.

    But it's all good for blogging!

  8. So he wasn't even asked a direct question about the WTA, which definitely makes him sound snarky.

  9. Lisa, it was obvious that Fed was talking about her, so she has a right to respond, even if she's nt #1 anymore. And by the way, Federer isn't #1 anymore, either.

  10. I think its great that they're both speaking their minds. Personally, I'm with JJ on this one, though. I mean Federer was being a bit of a bitch. But then again, that's what makes it fun.

  11. I agree with JJ :)

  12. "Maybe he could care less what JJ thinks, but he's certainly courting controversy by throwing her name in the ring."

    Totally. I thought it was lame of Fed when I read that quote at the beginning of the AO, or whenever it was. And I especially had to laugh at this part: "it took Rafa five grand slams to become No. 1." Classic Fed undertones. Kind of complimenting someone, but mostly just tooting his own horn. SNOOZE.


  13. I'm sick and tired of Federer. What an ugly arrogant jerk. If any other baller (like maybe Nole?) said something like that, you'd be all over him by now. But since it's Federer and he's oh-so classy, nobody is allowed to say anything. He may be a great champion, but he's also a horrible person and a whiny brat.

  14. "the real question is why is SHE still talking about it? Federer said this in Nov/Dec. She's not even no.1 anymore. I think she has a hard time not making everything about her."

    Well, JJ didn't just pop out with the comment, she was asked about it. If someone had asked fer before, she would have answered before. I don't think she was planning to get back at Rog. But, in case she did, that just makes the whole situation even funnier :)


  15. WTG Jelena! It's about time somebody called out Federer on his BS. The Ego King seriously believes his own hype, thankfully Rafa puts him in his place. :-)

  16. b2012,
    That's exactly what I was thinking.
    *plops down on pillows with b2012, stuffs popcorn into her mouth*
    I brought the booze!

  17. sweet, natch! *clinks glasses*

    *gets comfy*

  18. Why does Jelena insist on wearing bedroom attire on the court?

    P.S. natch, b2012, forget the popcorn, just pass the booze.

  19. Roger is bitter because he is seeing the end of his career approaching and he is terrified about it. Tennis is all he has and without it he will die. Watch it! Who is he to talk bad about people and judge others? He is not smart enough to be tactful. Not only is his game going away so is his class. He is pathetic and disgusting. He thinks he is important but he is not---any more...he is past.

  20. love that JJ showed how petty Roger really is. He's like a teenage girl.

  21. Yeah seriously, why does she always wear pj's? first the yellow thing at the us open then the babydoll "welcome to my cheap boudoir" thing at the ao and now this "sexy"(not) granma thing.

    and vw if teenage grils were like roger federer high school would have been a lot more interesting and hot. (;

  22. Roger may have been out of line saying those things about Jankovic but Jelena is being completely hypocritical here. She says she doesn't want to start a fight and doesn't like to focus on other players but that's exactly what she's doing. She won't shut up about what he said about her and then she brings up Fed's comments about Djokovic. Talk about NOT staying out of other people's business. If she really didn't want to cause any more drama, she would have kept her stupid mouth shut.

  23. Anon you're so right. She got all butt-hurt because Roger essentially said that she didn't deserve the #1 spot (which is spot on) but at the end of 2007, she said that Sharapova didn't deserve being #2. What a hypocrite. But there's no point being upset, there's nothing that a few pictures of shirtless hot men won't cure.

  24. I'm gonna throw myself on JJ's side here, too.

    Why does she have to shut the F up, but Fed can get away with whatever bitchy comment he says? He's not sacrosanct, people!!

    Plus, he was the one who started this whole discussion by mentioning JJ's name. She was just replying.
    But oh my, how does she dare confront The King?? Let's pillory her!! ;-))

    Rafa definitely acts smarter in such cases - if he ever mentions another player's name, it's followed by a sentence full of respect and appreciation. He'd never go "No offense, but..."
    Is he always totally honest? Probably not, but this is a little something called the high road.

    But as Rich said - this is sooo fun! Love this kinda stuff.

    Let's throw some jello on Fed and JJ!

    *joins popcorn lounge*

  25. They will cry on each other's shoulder after the next lost final.

  26. Oooh, handbags at dawn! I love it. I bet if they did have a fight there would be lots of hair pulling.

    If I was in JJ's shoes, Roger's comment would've stung-- mostly because it's true. I don't think it was very kind of Roger to say it, but then again I don't really think he was being mean to JJ on purpose, just blunt. The trouble now is that JJ's reply really just seems a tad petulant. She likes Rafa more anyway, so ne'er.

  27. This is silly move on already. I miss the days when Hingis and Daddy Williams used to bicker. At least they were entertaining. Lots of players called out JJ for not thinking she was deserving of the no. 1 ranking why doesn't she just take on all of them or better yet win a freaking Slam and shut them all up. The only mistake Fed made was giving this wannabe the attention she craves. He needs to focus on beating Sampras' record. He's so close yet so far.

  28. OK here's the problem with this feud. JJ is talking about her ex-No.1 ranking being criticized because her lack of a Grand Slam, meanwhile this is the title of an article at TIGER, SAMPRAS AND RODDICK ANALYZE FEDERER...two different leagues here. I'm not sure why Federer even bothered but I'm not sure why people dislike that he gave an honest answer to a question.

  29. I totally agree with Sonja. This is so classic. The only one that's allowed to speak his mind is Federer. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. And I love how people are like "oh he was just saying the truth, she doesn't deserve to be no. 1, she should just get over it." What the f*ck does THAT mean?! The ranking system is what it is. It's mathematical. Add up the points and BOOM there's your number one. Where the hell was everyone else? If they are number where are all their points? It's so stupid. She was no. 1 because she was no. 1 according to the ranking. But maybe that will change now and Federer can figure out some sort of bonus to issue to former Grand Slam winners and people who "deserve" the ranking. We can just add some more points to the "better" players so the ranking system can fall in line with what you guys feel is the correct ranking. Would that make you feel better??

    Keep up the snarky comments, Fed, you sure as hell can get away with them. God forbid anyone defend themselves when you say something nasty. Pathetic.

  30. I guess Roger should behave like a hypocrite. Everyone and their grandmother was up in arms, including people on this blog when JJ became No. 1. She was called all manner of names and people actually said that the real No. 1 was Serena. The fact that a player of the calibre of Roger should deign to say something about the women's game, and saying something that everyone else has been saying is taken as being bitchy. Like it or not Roger always speaks his mind. He is certainly no hypocrite, unlike some players that I could name.

  31. Karen you're just as passive aggressive as Fed. No surprise you're in support of an "unofficial no. 1." But I guess Fed trumped you by actually saying the player's name he had in mind. Funny how having no tact is spinned as "speaking his mind" when it comes to Roger. Puh-leaze.

  32. I do think that Federer is quite an arrogant guy - some degree of narcissism is probably essential to being a great athlete.

    In any case, I'd much rather have an athlete be honest and direct than skirt around the issue and give a cliched PR non-answer. Tiger Woods is a master at this - has he ever publicly given an honest opinion about anything? It's boring, predictable, and fake.

    Saying that, I also applaud JJ for speaking up. It's her right to after all - she could have let it slide but she didn't...just as Federer could have chose not to comment about the WTA rankings in the first place. If Federer has a right to comment about this, then JJ has every right to respond.

  33. "If someone asked Federer the question why should he not honestly answer?"

    "Like it or not Roger always speaks his mind."

    "I'm not sure why people dislike that he gave an honest answer to a question."

    Federer fans defend him? Shocker!
    Well, JJ was only being honest as well. After all she did just speak her mind. Don't you find that refreshing? No? Shocker!
    Now stop with the honesty already, it's so tiring.

  34. "Federer fans defend him? Shocker!"

    Well yeah that's what fans do.

    It's funny how when someone like Serena or Roddick says something arrogant people just laugh and say oh there just being their usual selves. But when Fed speaks his mind and says something lots of people agree with, he's wrong he should have said nothing. The haters need to stop being hypocrites themselves. This has nothing to do with JJ. It's all about Fed and the fact that he's held to a higher standard. Even though Nadal has the better record over him it's still Fed that seems to get the attention and praise from media, fans, other athletes...that's what this is all about: a bunch of haters mad at the fact that Fed is still treated like Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Perfect. Get over it! He's earned his status with 13 FREAKING GRAND SLAMS. If he never wins another he'll still be seen as one of the all time greats. You need to come to terms with why you are such a hater rather than bash Roger for saying the same thing plenty others have said.

  35. Federer "speaking his mind" is just an excuse for him run down other players. Because he knows "for sure" none of the men players will speak out against Mr. Almighty, no matter how mean or callous he gets.

    Brave of JJ to speak-up, also loved that she stood up for Novak.

  36. "That's what this is all about: a bunch of haters mad at the fact that Fed is still treated like Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Perfect. Get over it!"

    "You need to come to terms with why you are such a hater rather than bash Roger for saying the same thing plenty others have said."

    LOL, when did this turn into 3rd grade??

    Noone ever said they hate Federer. Why would someone literally hate him?

    As for my part, I like Federer and JJ equally. I'm not a crazed fan (ahem), I just like them.
    Therefore it's only fair I'm expressing my opinion and being critial of Fed EVEN THOUGH I GENERALLY LIKE HIM.

    And what the heck do his GS titles have to do with anything? Nobody tried to take that away from him - everyone, including me, keeps rambling on about how he is one of the greatest in the sport.
    Still, this doesn't entitle him to bitch around the way he did. He can of course speak his mind, but as the gentleman he is according to you fan-people, he should be able to express himself in a more appropriate, diplomatic, polite way, shouldn't he?

    BTW, I agree that Serena or Andy don't have any right to be arrogant either.

    Now please stop crying, Anon 8:50.

  37. "Federer "speaking his mind" is just an excuse for him run down other players."

    What a silly statement. He doesn't need to run down other players, he's head and shoulders above them all aside from Nadal. Why in the world would he need to run down JJ? She has nothing: no major Slams, no major endorsement deals...if anything him talking about her gave her more attentiont than she deserves and more thans he would have gotten on her own.

  38. "Now please stop crying, Anon 8:50"

    Sounds like your the one thats crying, if your not a hater then why did you take offense? No need to be offensive if your not a hater because then I'm not talking to you. But clearly something I said touched a nerve so your probably one of those closet haters who pretend to be on both sides or a voice of reason but your too transparent.

    Fed is no God and I will never treat him like one but c'mon people are jumping on a statement he made that is consistent with statements made by a bunch of other tennis people. Your the ones holding putting his remarks on a pedistal. You put him up there then you want to knock him down. Now that is 3rd grade, childish and petulant.

  39. Anon at 11.29,
    May sound silly to you, but I struggle to find any other motive behind all those comments he made last month about his young rivals. He may be head and shoulder above them; it is still annoying to see him patronizing other players.

    No disagreement that he does not need to do it. But then, why does he do it? And please don't say he was just answering questions, in this case the question didn't even have anything to do with JJ. Whatever her standing, she has worked hard for it, she got plenty of attention on her own and I don't think she deserved this putdown from Federer.

    Anyway, it was good to see her respond to it.

  40. I agree with Federer. To get to number one you should win a GS. Marat said recently that Dinara should become number one after winning a slam because "that way was better." He didn't mention JJ by name but everyone knew who he was talking about. btw, I don't think Rafa's a hypocrite, just diplomatic. Roger and't. JJ's made some provocative comments about slam winners being "lucky" (yeah, like she'd know). If you can't take it, Jelena...

  41. the more you lose, the more u get bitter..........! that's all!
    SIGH, Rafa's the most humble of all, and yes diplomatic, not hypocrite. If Novak was the one who said those words instead of
    FED, everyone gets riled up. The only reason people are even considering these verbal attacks on other players to be okay is because Roger, the "classic" tennis player said it.

    It's one thing to answer a question, but there is always a way to answer it without offending anyone, or bringing up someone elses name! He really needs to eat some HUMBLE pie.

  42. "Sounds like your the one thats crying, if your not a hater then why did you take offense?"

    LMAO. Err, didn't you see my winking smiley? I wasn't being all that serious, no need to get all worked up, honey.
    I'm very sorry that you're taking this oh-so-seriously. Apparently I didn't foresee you wouldn't get my kidding around but get all aggressive and insulting. My bad.

    Seriously, the fact that you actually BELIEVE someone would HATE Federer (or any other player, that is) or even SECRETLY HATE HIM is so ridiculous I can't stop giggling.

    BTW, the reason I responded on your comment was because you quoted me, which I take as responding, too. Cut back the drama, will ya? This blog is a nice place. ;-) *winking smiley alert*

  43. i'm with JJ on this one. i really like this dress btw


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