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Sunday, February 22, 2009

INSTANT REPLAY: A look back at the week's top tennis plays

(Caroline Wozniacki + Victoria Azarenka, Memphis)

Dubai denies Shahar, some show support
Ana exacts revenge on Alisa, serve still shaky though
Shrieka (and publicist?) back at Bollettieri's, revs up comeback
ATP discusses Dubai while Tennis Channel cancels coverage
Is there a head shrinker in the house?
Dinara dumped from Dubai
Monicu makes funny faces
Fed backs out of Dubai + Davis Cup
Telling the tale of the bouncing bird
JJ performs her own Serbian Slide, give good quote
Andy gets his visa, Shahar speaks out
Frisky fotos from Marseille
Billie Jean King talks Dubai + coming out
V tops ReRe, does Marie Claire + CNN, gives her two cents
Rafa in red, officially bucks Dubai
JJ, ReRe, and V shoot BJK Cup promo, Serb's right side still MIA
A-Rod backs Shahar, boycotts Dubai
Nole beaten by Jo-Willy again, gives lessons for HEAD

(image via AP)


  1. Rich, I"m just curious. Are you also boycotting Dubai by not mentioning V's win yesterday. Just wondering.

  2. No I do a post called Weekend Winners which will be a round up - it'll be out later.

    As someone who blogs about tennis from all angles, I'd be leaving out a big story if I didn't also cover Dubai, from the Shahar story to winners.

    I've made my views on Dubai very clear, I think, over the week.

  3. Oh, I hope you don't think I was calling you out. I've been reading blogs from journalists on ESPN blaming the players and the WTA tour, but surprisingly, these journalists seemed to cover the whole tourney, and not boycotting themselves.

    I was just wondering why they aren't holding themselves accountable too. I thought that's what you were doing. Hope it makes sense, sorry.

  4. So exactly how many players showed their support/boycott to Venus & Serena over what happened during Indian Wells?


  5. anon: No it's a fair question. I think the journalists do have a responsibility to try to cover the entire story and tell it from all sides. How else would fans and those interested in the issues get the information?

    It's an interesting point, though I do believe it's their job to try and put personal feelings aside and cover the story objectively. If everyone boycotted, then the UAE's actions and Shahar's rejection would not be told. And we do need to be aware.

    It was a challenge for me as well. I was very vocal about the WTA and the UAE but I felt compelled to keep telling the story because it's important. I came to the conclusion that if I just stopped covering it, I would be doing my readers a disservice by not keeping myself and them informed and acting as if it wasn't happening. It's like the proverbial 40 ton elephant in the room that people just "don't notice".

    sharon: Great point and the answer would be ZERO.

  6. Thanks Rich. I hate to call out names but I don't know if you read Jemela (sp)'s article. I thought is was out of order calling out V & ReRe when clearly, 9 out 10 top ten players participated. I do get your point though. I did have the pleasure to read your POV and it was definately not one-sided.

    Lets all hope for good tennis this week. BTW Rich, I"m working on a project and I would love to steal some of your work (legally though). How would I get intouch with you?


    Sharon - I'm with you on that one.

  7. ash: Not sure I know Jemela? Which pub/site does she write for?? Yeah, it's tough to single out anyone for not boycotting.

    Yeah, I'm hoping to get back to tennis this week - pure and simple.

    Feel free to write me at I check it almost hourly (obsessed much?) so I'll be sure to get it.

  8. Rich - She writes for ESPN. The article is on the ESPN Tennis's website. Here is the link below:


  9. Sharon: I think the Williams sisters have every right to skip IW after what happened to them there. But I think their case is different from Peer's, because it was a bunch of a**hole fans who made racial remarks. The tournament didn't ban them. In Peer's case, she wasn't allowed in the country.


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