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Sunday, February 15, 2009

INSTANT REPLAY: A look back at the week's top tennis plays

Andy + Rafa, Rotterdam

Weekend Winners: Jo-Willy, Gonzo, Marin
VANtage Point: Jo'burg, Paris
FED CUP Chronicles: A fingering Flavia
Andy's abs in training...again
Fedophiles on the rise
Shrieka for Cole Haan debuts
DtL Weekly Poll: Nando + JD to make noise
ReRe + Common together at LAX - what gives?
Tati, Dani, + Kiri bare some for SI
Rafa's got a new ride
JJ vs. Fed
Esther takes on Rafa
Ana hires Craig Kardon as new coach
Djambuli gives good quote (well, maybe)
Eye candy match for Rotterdam
Someone hearts her left side a bit too much
Your own personal Rafa, Rog + Andys
Behind-the-scenes with Rafisca
ReRe goes all anti-WADA
Grigor makes a splash
Friday was a good day

(image via AP)

1 comment:

  1. This is a bit of a hard tennis day. Because to see Rafa play through so much pain twists my heart to the core. Then to see them both finish it out with so much class, was really a lovely testament to both of their good sportsman natures. I really hope the next time they meet they're both feeling really fit, because their match up is sublime.

    And Rafa, just please, please take care of yourself (and give me that green jacket already!)


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