Google Down the Line!: Andre + Steffi to play exo under Wimbledon's new Centre Court roof, will face Tim + Kim

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Andre + Steffi to play exo under Wimbledon's new Centre Court roof, will face Tim + Kim

Andre Agassi + Steffi Graf, Wimbledon '92 Champions' Ball

Former Wimbledon champs Andre Agassi + Steffi Graf will be playing "A Centre Court Celebration", a series of exhibition matches to be played on May 17 against Tim Henman + Kim Clijsters at The All-England Club to test out playing conditions under Centre Court's new retractable roof.

The format will feature men's and women's singles and a mixed-doubles match played in a pro-set format - first to eight games and a tiebreaker at 8-all.

The officials have stated they want to test the atmospherics and humidity levels with 15,000 people sitting in the stands because the court surface needs to be "bone dry" when the roof is closed.

Both Andre + Steffi were thrilled at receiving the invitation to play."I have great memories of playing at Wimbledon and to be among the first to play under the new Centre Court roof is really exciting," said Andre.

Steffi also recalled her past moments at The All-England Club saying, "There is no tennis venue more special to me than Centre Court at Wimbledon. It just doesn't get any better. I couldn't be more honored to play there again with my husband, Andre, and tennis greats Kim and Tim. It will mean so much to return to Wimbledon and ... relive so many wonderful memories."

The couple, married since 2001, won matching Wimbledon titles in 1992.

Sounds like fun though I think it would be more fun if they recreated their '92 Champions' Ball moment - mullet and all - on court. I'd give anything to see that. But question: do they make tuxedos out of lycra?

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  1. OMG!! I just heard about this. This is such exciting news. I am going to do everything in my power to be there. I've already e-mailed Rafa and asked for the night off. ;)

  2. Me too!

    natch: no rest for the wicked, a no-go per Rafa's people

  3. Awww, but Richie...Uncle Toni said I could go if you took my place...

  4. *pouts*

    fine only if Uncle Miguel can come too

  5. >>fine only if Uncle Miguel can come too<<
    That would be up to you, now, wouldn't it??? ;) Sorry, but you can't set it up on the tee, and not expect me to swing, can you?

    Btw, did you see where our boy Ross is going to be playing DC in place of Jamie Murray? natch very excited.

  6. I did I did!!! Will have to do special "Return of Ross" DC post.

    *mouth begins to water*
    *drools onto computer*

  7. LOL Agassi's mullet. Redneck.

  8. This is so exciting. I cant wait for this match I hope there will be some coverage of it. I cant wait to see Steffi play. Kim was a bit of a random choice but its sure to be a huge event.


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