Google Down the Line!: Ana settles on new coach, hires Craig Kardon

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ana settles on new coach, hires Craig Kardon

(Billie Jean King + Craig Kardon)

Ana Ivanovic has finally settled on a full-time coach.

The Roland Garros champ, who was rumored to be looking towards Dave Rineberg, has chosen American Craig Kardon. Kardon is a former pro who previously worked with Martina Navratilova (during her run to a record 9th Wimbledon title), Lindsay Davenport, Mary Pierce, Jennifer Capriati, Alexandra Stevenson, and Xavier Malisse. He also runs his own online coaching center.

Ana made the announcement via her website saying,
I’m happy to begin working with Craig. We’re going to see how it goes in the beginning and then I’ll make a decision about the longer-term future.

I feel like I made good progress during the Fed Cup tie and I’m not so far away from finding my old form. Craig has a lot of experience, he encourages attacking tennis and I am hopeful we will achieve some good results together.
Congrats to Kardon for the new gig and to Ana for making the decision to find a full-time coach with solid credentials. Let's hope he can get the Serb into top form before she has to defend her French Open title in about two months time.

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  1. ...finally. Maybe now she can get her act together. I still think she needs a sports psych, though.

  2. i did a little research on this guy and unlike dave rineberg who wiki doesn't even know, there's a lot of info on kardon. he's well-respected ang his credentials are impressive, just look at the names that he has worked with. he also seems to be a positive and nice guy and can probably act as a sports psych too. hopefully ana reacts well to her new coach.

  3. Hope he helps Ana to sort out her problems and gives her confidence. We'll keep an eye on you, Craig.

  4. Actually, Kardon and Rineberg are alot alike. Both have impressive coaching experience, both coach an attacking style game and both are really nice guys. I have to give the nod to Rineberg however on the mental side of the game....his players are extremely mentally tough competitors...let's just hope it works out.

  5. SoCal Player:

    Rineberg was never an option according to Ana's management. He actually contected them, they accepted his CV and declined his offer to coach Ana immediately. Gavin Versi said he was very surprised about the rumours, as they never really negotiated with Rineberg. Also, he has never coached any pro athlete, only juniors. His only claim to fame was to have been a hitting partner to Serena and Venus when they were kids. He wasn't actually a technical coach.. and himself says that he was a hitting coach.

    I also think that Ana would want to go with someone who writes book after book about his experiences. After finishing a posible agreement with her, we would have in Barnes and Nobles a book: "Coaching Ana Ivanovic: My time improving the game of the serbian beauty." I don't think Ana would enjoy that at all...

  6. About Kardon...

    He has coached quite a few respected pros. But none while at their primes. He does seem like a positive, nice guy.. and Ana needs someone she can get along with. She would never respond well to the likes of Brad Gilbert or Carlos Rodriguez. I think there could be better options, and she said she had 2 good ones besides this guy.. which just makes me wonder.. but I really hope they can click well and Ana can improve her game and especially sort out her head.

  7. You seem to be jealous of both coaches pov...someone doesn't have an obsession with a certain Serbian player do they?

  8. I'm not jealous of either coach. Just clearing out the Rineberg thing. The guy was clearly advertising his services..

    But yeah.. totally obsessed with a certain Serbian player. :P

  9. pov.. you are just the kinda fan we don't need in kardon has a job to do without having to worry there's another guenter parche out there looking at everything he does..scary

  10. Ufff.. Please.. I just made a comment... And wished that Kardon and Ana can connect and have great results together. I don't know what's so agressive about my posts. The only one I criticized was Rineberg, as the guy sold a history to a blogger that was not true.

    I'm shocked at why you are picking on my posts.. and comparing it to Guenter Parche of all people! Please.. what's wrong with you?!?!


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