Google Down the Line!: Ana owns better tennis than Serena + Justine says former coach - are you laughing yet?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ana owns better tennis than Serena + Justine says former coach - are you laughing yet?

Ana Ivanovic's site just published the full text of a lengthy story about the Serb featured in the January issue of Australia's Inside Sport written by Suzi Petkovski.

The piece discusses the usual stuff: her rise from an empty pool at the 11 April Sports Center in Serbia (pictured here, where she shot a HBO promo for the Billie Jean King Cup exo recently) to the WTA Penthouse after her Roland Garros romp last season. Her former coach David Taylor provides the mag with one of the most laughable quotes I've heard in a while:

Ivanovic was not alone in suffering from altitude sickness at the summit of women’s tennis; no less than five players occupied the top spot in 2008. Following the abdication of Justine Henin in May, even vastly more experienced types like Maria Sharapova (who spent three weeks at No. 1 but succumbed to injury) and Serena Williams (four weeks) could not impose themselves for any longer than the novice.

“Ana probably owns the best tennis of the five who held the [top] ranking,” observes David Taylor, who oversaw Ivanovic’s rise from 24 to 13 in the rankings. “If Ana could develop a more complete Plan B and her mental consistency improves, she could potentially dominate women’s tennis.”

Are you friggin' kidding me? Ana owns a good game but a better game then current top lady baller Serena Williams and the now-retired Justine Henin?? That's so funny I can't even laugh - and I'm trying - especially since she has a combined win/loss record of 0-6 against them.

I can see why the Serb left him. I mean, who wants someone in their inner circle who's going to lie to your face?

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  1. I don't like the cover photo. Why don't they pick something like the second picture? She's got such a natural and contagious smile.

    And you're right about Taylor. She has some nice shots but is far away from ReRe's dominance. Although I wouldn't say it's lying. Just another kind of pep talk, the belated kind.

  2. Anything to boost your player's confidence. I like Ana, I hope she keeps it up. It would be nice to have a healthy "rivalry" going with .. oh .. anybody?

  3. Lol! Rich, you're absolutely correct. Better tennis than ReRe or Justine? Not in a million years. Better tennis than her compatriot JJ, yes ofcourse.


  4. Sounds like the Ana hype machine is starting to sputter. And if I hear that pool story one more time. . .

    It would be great if her ex-coach's statements were true, though. Serena and Venus - the *actual* top players on tour - could use a little more competition.

  5. Pep talk or not, there's so many things wrong with his statement. He should be embarrassed for even considering it.

    How outrageous to say Ana's game is "better" than a 10-time and 7-time Grand Slammer especially when she never beat either of them! Crap.

    Yeah, if I hear that pool story one more time...

    *pulls out last remaining hairs*

  6. Pool ... story ... must ... die!

  7. I'm almost 100% sure that the pool story won't die, like never, ever gonna die, because there will always be some journalist feeling the Ana Ivanovic story isn't complete without it. You know... she had no facilities in Serbia, she had to play in an empty pool ...type of story (there is plenty of clay courts in Belgrade, and a few hard courts, only problem is where to play in those cold/winter months, but empty pool is not the only court ! ). It's like they feel obliged to at least mention it.
    She played in an empty pool.. we've got it. We got it two years ago mrs/mr journalist(s) . Time to move on. Hope you could find something new and interesting to write about next time. And no pool story, thank you very much!

  8. If I were a Serbian swimmer I'd be ticked.

    Just sayin' -- I mean where are they supposed to practice if Ana keeps hoggin' the pool for photo ops! ;)


  9. Ana looks so much better when she isn't posing. She's got a striking natural beauty but she just can't take a beautiful picture when posing. Why can't the fotographers just fotograph her natural beauty?

    And yea, its ridiculous to suggest Ana has the best game. Heck, she doesn't even come close to rival Vee or Sharapova.

  10. seriously, that swimming pool story will follow her forever. i first heard it in 2007, i think, and it's still being floated around. anyway, i think even if she has already won a slam and got to no.1, there is still much room for improvement. if ana gets more confident and works on a more complete plan b, we'll probably have a more exciting wta. with her talent, she shouldn't be ranked lower than vera, JJ or even dinara. i hope that her progress continues after dubai as she has tons of points to defend starting indian wells. and, i think david taylor may be the reason why ana was hesitant at first to get another full-time coach. now, because of this interview, we finally know the reason why. LOL.

  11. A million thoughts started racing through my head when I read Taylor's quote but after some effort I can finally boil everything down to the following:


    and to reiterate:

  12. "i think david taylor may be the reason why ana was hesitant at first to get another full-time coach. now, because of this interview, we finally know the reason why. LOL."

    HA! so funny - one never knows.

    I bet she's totally embarrassed by his quote - why wouldn't she be?

    Sara: you've def started laughing - it works!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  13. LMAO!!!! was he trying to win ana back with this comment?? sounds like someone needs a job!!! Can't people let go of the Serbian hype..its sooooo last year....

  14. Yeah the pool story is getting irritating. That story and it's Hollywood cousin Slumdog Millionaire's "It was thisclose to going straight to DVD!" just makes me want to hurl. Enough already!

    As for the coach's comments, perhaps he was on drugs, Ana discovered this, and fired him? Would explain the comments.

  15. i cant belive the guy is he crazy?!?! she is a good player and i will have to say my fav. player but she is not that good!


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