Google Down the Line!: Yen-Hsun shocks Nalby in Melbourne, continues giant-killing ways

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yen-Hsun shocks Nalby in Melbourne, continues giant-killing ways

Yen-Hsun Lu "the giant killer"? It seems so.

The baller from Chinese Taipei grabbed a huge win at the Aussie Open today when he knocked out Sydney champ David Nalbandian 6-4, 5-7, 4-6, 6-4, 6-2 in a messy second round match featuring a combined 121 unforced errors against only 88 winners. Ick. He'll face Spain's Tommy Robredo for a spot in the Round of 16.

It's not the first time Yen-Hsun has served a big-name baller an upset special: Yen-Hsun also shocked Brit baller Andy Murray at the Beijing Olympics last summer.

As for Nalby, well, I can't say that I'm really THAT surprised. He's like the guy who tells you he'll call you but never does because he's just not that into you.

*has dating flashbacks, sobs uncontrollably*

But even though he lost early here, I still say he shouldn't quit his day job.


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  1. Nalby is so hot and cold with his tennis, it's maddening! When he's on, look the F out, you're going down. HARD. But sometimes he sprays balls all over the court, dumps "easy" winners into the net, serves like crap, etc. So weird. Both he and Gasquet have that same sort of unpredictable aspect to their game. Hmm.

    But anyways, congrats to Yen-Hsun for a big win! He was def putting the pressure on.

  2. Hey, whatever happened to Paradorn Srichapan? Anybody know? Rich?

  3. Paradorn's wife who was in The Amazing Raca Asia last year said her hubby will be making a come back in 2009. But right after Thailand Open, it seems that Paradorn's interest has shifted to motorsports.

  4. Thanks hcfoo ;) I don't watch Amazing Race Asia.

  5. Haha ....121 UEs and 88 winners!!! I didn't realize the match stats was unusual, DTL. ;)

    I am just too happy for Rendy! ;)

  6. Me too!

    You know Nalby is just SO frustrating that it's annoying. He can beat anyone and he can lost to anyone, so he really doesn't give you anything to root for.

    Plus, based on his off-season "training" this loss shouldn't be a suprise. In fact, his Sydney win is the bigger surprise IMO.

    Thanks HCFoo on the Paradorn update - I actually knew about his status from your blog! Hehe.

    BTW guys - call me crazy but with Nalby out watch for A-Rod in that section to make a move. He's looking good and Nalby's loss is a HUGE obstacle out of his way.

  7. I can't stand Nalby for all the reasons johanne gave (It's also why I hate Gasquet.) Good riddance, I say. Good luck to Yen-Hsun, too.

    The match I can't wait for is Federer/Safin. Please, Aussies, put it on during the day so I can watch it live at a reasonable hour.

  8. natch: Fed/Safin has "night match" written all over it, IMO. Ugh! I hope I'm wrong bc that makes it a bitch to watch in the States :(

    On the other hand, Rafa will be on tv at a reasonable hour tonight, which gives us something to smile about, right?! :)

  9. jo,
    Yes, Fed/Marat will be a night match, but I had to put in my plug to the Aussies, just in case they were reading. ;)

    YES! Rafa is the second match.
    *bounces off walls, in RafaTrance*

  10. I guess Nalby restored his good mood soon with a couple of Krispy Kreme Donuts.

  11. johanne-

    That was very good comparison between Gasquet and Nalby...

    Exactly yesterday ( and im a person that dont like to do that) said in the blog Fue Buena that the way that Nalby is playing wont be no problem for him. And now we see the results.

    Note to self: Do not comment like you know the game.

  12. uvijek: I think that person commented here and said the same thing. But interestingly enough, after he won his first rounder the guys on ESPN2 also said he's one to watch.

    WTF?! Have they not been paying attention to his career?? Better questions: What do I need to do to get their jobs???

  13. Rich,

    "Better questions: What do I need to do to get their jobs???"

    Do you know any time machine??

  14. Frustrating is exactly what David is. He's got so much talent, but he doesn't seem to really have the consistency to make something of it. Too bad.

    I can't quite tell what is holding him back, though. Is it will? Is it lazyness? Is it resignation? A lack of devotion? Dunno...

    I always used to root for him to win a GS title ever since he got to the AO semi's (in 2006 I think), but by now I'm seriously doubting he will ever be able to win a Slam. There's just too many other guys out there who seem to want it more.

  15. "I can't quite tell what is holding him back, though. Is it will? Is it lazyness? Is it resignation? A lack of devotion? Dunno..."

    I know! It's laziness with a side order of indifference.


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