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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

+ WEDNESDAY NETCORDS: German Open dropped...Baghie keeps smiling...Aussie Open predictions

* Big news out of Europe: the German Open, whose status was already downgraded in the WTA Tour's new Roadmap, has been dropped from the WTA's 2009 schedule altogether. The tournament owners, Qatari Tennis Federation, decided it didn't want to run an event in Berlin and since a new promoter was never found they sold the rights to the Tour. Okay - so one down. How many more before the cries of "overscheduling" stop?

* The Adovcate interview with Amelie Mauresmo conducted by Doug Robson is now up online and the Frenchie former No.1 opens up about her sexuality, the painful coming out process, and her tennis. However, she declines to discuss who she may be dating right now saying, "I’m not going to develop on this subject. Sorry.” Thanks for trying Doug!

* On a scale from 1 (don't be such a drama queen) to 10 (scared crapless), Jon Wertheim's concern for Maria Sharapova's career after all the news on her shoulder is a big ol' 7. (Not) good times.

* Marcos Baghdatis and his cute new 'do may be down but not out, according to the Cypriot. In fact, he expects a Top-10 return.

* Roger Federer has given his resounding support for the newly-appointed ATP CEO Adam Helfant, someone he interacted with at Nike. The Swiss said, "I even had something going on with him at Nike when I was negotiating my contract, so I saw what kind of a man he was. He is very honest, and I think that is a very good thing."

*'s Kamashi Tandon previews the lady baller contenders for the Aussie Open and finds out even they are at a loss for a prediction (join my club) while's Matt Cronin thinks his top pick for the boys might be a surprise (not). And, NBC's Harry Cicma joins Christopher Russo on Mad Dog Minute to give his predictions for the Aussie Open.

Check it out but be warned: Russo's creepy jazz hands are hypnotizing. Stare away from them...if you can.

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  1. Jeez, you weren't kidding about those hands. What is there some kind of puppeteer in the rafters controlling those things. As for the predictions-- lame.

  2. Seriously! I really hope Russo is on something otherwise this is just way too scary!

    BTW, Baghdatis is SO adorable. How do you not love this guy?! Best of luck in 2009!

  3. Two of my favorites, Amelie and Baghdatis, followed by a shot of Rafa (didn't watch the vid, just staring at Rafa.) is good.

  4. i like how it's "big 5". no one sane would include roddick with the other four. typical american sportscasters who bring up roddick everytime they talk about tennis.

  5. Aw, the video link doesn't work for me. :-( But Rafa's fighter eyes are enough for my pleasure! :D

    Anyways, I'm totally bummed out that Hamburg lost the Masters status. I was actually gonna go there this year to finally see Rafa play live for the first time (this is like the closest and cheapest opportunity for me to see him play anyway), but I'm sure now that it has been downgraded he won't go there anymore... Boohoo... :-((

  6. Aw, sonja, you have my deepest sympathy. Not being able to see Rafa live in the flesh is a crime against nature. Everyone should have that chance.
    *hands over her naked doubles with Rafa spot to sonja*
    Here's how it works. Book an appointment with my therapist, but just before you go, *accidentally* run into my UPS man. You'll have the time of your life.

  7. sonja: yeah the first time the Matador play was in the first round of the US Open in '04 when he played against A-Rod in the first round. A-Rod was the defending champ, of course, and wore the ugliest Reebok shirt I've ever seen (at least at that point.) Rafa got bageled in the first set but got better as the match went on. It was a straight-setter and I believe it Rafa's first Open (not sure) so he was a bit nervy at the beginning.

    But you could see the intensity then and he already had the buzz.

    natch: i'm so curious about this UPS/Rafa-lookalike.

    *imagines older Rafa man in shit brown uniform*

    Next time he lifts box for you, have him grunt then pick a wedgie. If it's close to Rafa's, then we'll have to use his as a substitute bj Rafa doll. Tell him it's in the small print in his contract - oops.

    *prepares lawyer for harassment suit, books ticket to mallorca*
    *packs suitcase, prepares to flee*

  8. sonja: I feel your pain. I too have never seen our Rafa live in the flesh. That beautiful lovely flesh. :*(

    *thinks about Rafa's fighter eyes and killer body; feels much better* :D

  9. Thanks you guys, you're too sweet. Well, I guess that means I'll have to go on a trip to Rome or Madrid soon. *sigh* Life sucks. ;)

    I really need to see Rafa's lust for flesh, err, live in the flesh - and FEEL IT. That magic he brings onto court, that fighting spirit, the killer bod..... *dreams*

    Oh, and I'm SO gonna run into that UPS guy! *orders lotsa boots and peeptoes and pencil skirts online* *waits for Rafa lookalike to ring her bell*


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