Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: More Rafa + Fed at ATP World Tour promo launch

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: More Rafa + Fed at ATP World Tour promo launch

Here's video of Rafael Nadal + Roger Federer arriving for the promo launch of the ATP World Tour 2009 that took place on a vessel off the Doha shore.

The video shows the two top ballers in the world being interviewed about their prospects at the Qatar Open and for the season.

But word to the wise: the background music is horrific. Proceed with caution.



  1. Really you dont like the music?? I kinda like it, its sounds like a fast Erasure mixing with 80's Olivia Newton-John aerobics music : D

  2. Music's not worse than the one in a Cesar Millan's audio book I read - the word "porn" comes to mind.

    Uvijek, I cannot believe you actually analyzed and actually tried to identify it :D A for effort!

    Roger looks so sexily rumpled. *bites lower lip*

  3. HAHA! I'm convinced. I like. Case closed.

  4. babz: I too find Fed sexier when he's less put together - shorts, sneakers, messy hair, sweaty...

    *throws cold water over self, flashdance style*

    cesar millan "the dog whisperer"? love his show! but why does he look like he's wearing lip gloss sometimes?

    *sits, stays, and waits for babz reply*

  5. LMAO Rich!

    Yes, the dog wheezpererr. My dogs are giving me problems. They're lesbians. Dominatrix lesbians.

    LIP GLOSS?? Like in this picture you mean?

    Madre de dios, I have no idea what is going on with his lips there. Sometimes I think he is cute, then I get grossed out by myself. But I cannot help it! Hormones do not lie. He is so "made up" don't you think?? The hair, the nice facial skin.. I thought he was gay until I found out he has a wife. Metrosexual? Could it be?

    *throws Rich a treat for being such a good boy*

    Don't make me SSSSTTTTTT you!!

  6. Yep, that's 80's dance music, straight from my past.
    *sights wistfully*
    *relives memories*

    Rafa in red.
    *faints again*

    I love the way Federer says, "toor". It's very charming.

    >>but why does he look like he's wearing lip gloss sometimes? <<
    Rich, you naughty, naughty boy.
    No wonder I love you.

  7. HA HA this video has stirred up many thoughts:

    1) Totally agree that laid-back Fed is super cute.
    2) I'm jealous of both Rafa and Raja's locks...they have the best waves/curls!
    3) Was anyone else embarrassed when they both had to wave to the camera from the boat?? So cheesy! LOL
    4) I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall and see what's it like when those two "hang out."
    5) I personally think the video should have ended with Rafa & Raja gettin' down at a hardcore rave club, equipped with glow sticks of course :D

  8. babz: We use his "SSSTTTTs" all the time on our three pups and it def works. But I get lazy and can't always do his tricks so they run the place sometimes. Hells bells oh wells.

    I think ours are poly-sexual: they hump anything and each other and lick themselves.

    *reminisces about younger, partying days and smiles*

    natch: fed can be charming when he's not being snippy (which is so not becoming of The Fed.)

    sometimes i think he's really sexy when playing - he's dark, set in eyes, the hair, and legs are pretty tasty. but mos prob boring in the sack. i mean mirka's forced to finger her crackberry obsessively. it's total transference (says the psych major.)

    johanne: Well they def have beautiful hair - maybe it's a new pre-requisite for being a top baller (though don't tell A-Rod that one). But Battle of the Curly Q's would be a sight for sore anything.

    the wave was a bit cheesy but i guess they've gotta do it - the ATP World Tour is crackin the whip!

    Rafa + Rog clubbing? I SO can't see that one. Now Marat + Nole?? Oh for sure and I'd like to jump that train.

    *books ticket to melbourne, lays in wait*

  9. Rich: LMAO... I hope you know I totally wasn't serious about those two clubbing!! But the dance music and choppy kind of editing made me laugh at what the video was trying to be :)

    I have no doubt you're right about Safin & Nole. Totally different story with them!

    *confirms reservation for baller party bus*

  10. johanne: you know i don't take anything seriously unless otherwise instructed with a "But seriously", "For serious sake", or a "I'm being serious, damn it!". Then, I comply.

  11. Rich, my 2 under 10 pounder dogs are giving me hell. I try to be calm and assertive, but how can I when you show me naked pics of Rafa every day? *cries*

    **I think ours are poly-sexual: they hump anything and each other and lick themselves.

    *reminisces about younger, partying days and smiles***

    There's so much innuendo here, I have nothing to add.

    Who said glowsticks?? Jesus, you guys are cracking me up. Marat in a nightclub.. Oh yeah. Rafa in a rave, shirtless, water sprinklers.. *shortcircuits*

  12. Do you people have any idea how hard I tried to get into Melbourne early and wait in the showers? Do you? Do you???

  13. Wow. Roger looks gorgeous. And I'm really digging Rafa's oversized headphones.

  14. O-M-G! roger looks so sexy. he looks so much better when he's not trying hard.


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