Google Down the Line!: Stephanie Myles wants to rip someone a new one - but why is it me?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Stephanie Myles wants to rip someone a new one - but why is it me?

So remember the post when I wrote about the rumors of Bethanie Mattek's wedding based on tennis scribe Stephanie Myles' story in The Montreal Gazette? And remember when I confirmed the rumors with images and info from her November nuptials??

Well someone wasn't too happy with me.

Imagine my shock to find this oh-so pleasant email from Stephanie greeting me this morning in which she assumes I got the photos from her (false) and not B's publicist at CMPR (true), calls me "irresponsible", and makes all kinds of other strange statements:

Hi Rich,

Please remove the Bethanie Mattek wedding photos from your fabulous blog.
They're not yours to reproduce there; they were obtained by my newspaper and remain our property.

You can link to my blog, but that's as far as it can go. It's called intellectual and copyright property. You haven't even given me the courtesy of doing that, which is irresponsible.

A word of advice. If they cared to, Getty Images could also tell you to take all the photos they own off your blog, too, by the way. They're a for-profit company that charges people for the use of their photos. If bloggers just take them and use them for free, they'd be out of business pretty quickly. They probably just haven't found you yet, because from what I can see, you abuse the notion pretty freely.

Just because it's on the internet, doesn't mean anyone can just use stuff free of charge. A stunning concept, I know.

For example, I can use Getty and AFP on my blog because our newspaper has a contract with them and pays them, even though I don't often do it, because I have a huge log of photos that I took the last 12 months at all the Grand Slam tournaments and others. But that's the distinction.

Thanks for you prompt attention to this.

Stephanie Myles
The Gazette

Wait - no "thanks" for linking to her (maybe) highly read and insightful Open Court column? No invitations to "do lunch" and gossip about the Tours and dating rituals of other ballers (and drink ourselves silly of course)??

There's appreciation for you.


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  1. huh. I guess she assumes you don't have contact with players' publicists and the like. but hey -- tennis writers read your blog!

  2. and her photos are from a blog dated 16th Jan... Meanwhile, you reported on this on the 14th! Very impresive if you had got them from her blog!!

  3. Please leave up your getty images!! They're the best! Don't let this lady get you down

  4. What a bitch!! It's one thing she's writing to you under the impression you "stole" her pictures, but another thing HOW she does it.

    "It's called intellectual." Did she just call you stupid??

    "A stunning concept, I know." Did she just call you stupud AGAIN??

    And what is with her on that Getty thing? Is she like, their lawyer?

    Sorry, you Stephanie person you, but to me it sounds like someone's really bitter her column isn't as popular as this blog.
    You wouldn't make such a fuzz if you didn't believe the pictures would be offered to a much wider audience here, would you?

  5. hahaha this is lame!especially when she sais Getty didn't find you yet!LFMAO yeah, I think they should send an FBI to get you, Rich!it's highly dangerous matter, I mean Bethanie Who? wedding photos, oh come on!and can I add Stephanie who?

  6. *shaking in my valentino boots*

    Color me shocked guys! And what was with all the veiled threats?

    Apparently she thinks I'm just some loser blogger sitting in my pj's at a desk in my parent's basement eating insects for food and stealing her work.

    Fine I may be in my one-piece pajama with footies but that's it!

  7. I also like how she claims the pictures are the property of the newspaper. Ummm, what would Bethanie say about that??

    Stop being such a snatch, Steph.

  8. Poor little Stephanie has too much time on her hands. More power to you, Rich!

  9. "Apparently she thinks I'm just some loser blogger sitting in my pj's at a desk in my parent's basement eating insects for food and stealing her work."

    *paranoia setting in*

    Ah well. Steph needs to practice some relaxation.

    At least you have the boots, Rich. Are you sure that's not the ones you borrowed from me last fall?

  10. She's pissed because in another year or two her newspaper will be put to pasture like most other papers. As a advertising exec, we know that newspapers are on their last leg.

    Keep rocking the blog, Rich. We get timely news and gossip from you, not from hacks at dying pubs like Stephanie's.

  11. I was always wondering how you mangage to put all this pics on your site, because there of the copyright question.

    Also I don't think that she is offending.

  12. Steph needs to fight her own battles, not Getty's. That was a punk move. You rock, Rich! She's just jealous because your reporting is far more innovative and kick-ass than hers. Stuff it Steph!

  13. LOL wait, they should be thanking you. That's the most press she's had in years! Sheesh, where's the appreciation these days.

  14. It might be condescending of her, but I think it's poor form to post her e-mail and also to mock her in public when she addressed you/the issue in private! This blog seems to have gotten more snarky and unpleasant this year.

  15. I completely disagree with the above comment. Stephanie is the one in poor form for falsely calling you out, insulting you, and threatening you. Good for you for not letting her bully you.

    Why should her distasteful, delusional self-importance be kept hidden as she would likely prefer?

    Not that i read her stuff, but now that i know how important she is (or rather, how important she thinks she is), i know to stay away. Thanks!

  16. Lol at Anom at 1:10PM: Stephanie - are you smarting a bit honey and thought you'd come back for Round 2?

    Pathetic if that Anom was Stephanie...

  17. well anon, there isn't an issue, and of course we're gonna mock her attempt of accusing man of STEALING, when nothing has been stolen!
    i mean, to attack someone when not knowing for sure he's quilty is elementary school lame!she should have at least check politely with Rich if he infact did took her pics, then adress the "issue" like a human being.
    this way she created of herself an issue-and it's called "being a total ass"!
    so, who's laughing now?i bet she's not, she should click send, after knowing the situation!
    Rich,we love ya, and your blog!!

  18. Forget about her, Rich! Your blog is the best.

  19. I appreciate her argument but she really needs to present it with less WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

    The Internet is copyright FAIL. I'm a new reader from The Daily Dish (or was it Towleroad?), please keep posting the shirtless showcase no matter where you get the photos from.

  20. Hey there Rich. She must be assuming that tennis bloggers are losers.

    Obviously she doesn't know time have changed and tennis bloggers do get 'inside' info and press releases and photos from players' publicists too.

    I guess she just want to take advantage of your popularity and make a name for herself.

    By the way I agree with Jo, internet + copyright = failure. And you're not making a cent from all these info and photos too.

  21. LOL! Love it guys.

    Down with the (wo)man!!!

  22. A blast from the past and considering that Ms. Myles has been "imploding" on another blog this blog was early evidence of her blogger hate.


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