Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Shrieka + Charlie in LA, take in some basketball

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SIGHTING: Shrieka + Charlie in LA, take in some basketball

Maria Sharapova, who's still getting her game together in hopes of defending her Aussie Open crown, was spotted with rumored boyfriend Charlie Ebersol ("MARLIE"?) in LA watching the Lakers lose to the New Orleans Hornets last night.

I guess Shrieka and her man are still going strong, and he def looks cuter here. But with only a week and a half before the Aussie Open starts I'd rather see more images of the Russian fashionista on a tennis court than a basketball court. *sigh*

Thanks for the link Tessa!

(image via AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)


  1. I agree Rich - he definitely looks better. Maybe Maria gave him a makeover.

  2. A Maria makeover? I'm thinking so. I mean, she prob won't be seen with an un-fashiony guy.

    the hair is mos def an improvement - phew!

  3. Charlie is such a nice guy. I can't stand Maria. He deserves better. This coupling better uncouple or I will need more therapy. (I'm sure they understand my needs and will comply.)

  4. natch: Do you have the 411 on Charlie? I wonder what Shrieka's like in real life sometimes. Is she the aloof, cold, lioness she portrays on court or is she the complete opposite, down-to-earth, warm, and cuddly?

  5. Sometimes I forget she's Russian - she's always in the States! :)

    Rich have you gotten any info on her potential duds for the AO?? I'm sure you would have posted, but just curious....

  6. johanne: yup here you go (see the bottom of post, option in white most likely the choice):

  7. Oh that's right! Sorry, my brain is going to many Rafa lattes.


  8. Now, I was going to answer Rich, but now I'm craving Rafa lattes...

  9. Alright, alright. Charlie is a nice guy. Everyone should be so lucky to be raised by his parents. That's all you'll get out of me in a public space.

    Maria, where do I start? First, I hate anyone that screams when they hit a ball and claims it's uncontrollable. It isn't, it's just hard to control. Big difference.
    Second, she lost me for good when I saw her on Ellen a few years ago. They were playing ping pong. Maria's ball fell off the table, and she immediately turned to the stagehand and expected one of them to hand her another one. That's not habit, that's arrogance and the act of being spoiled by everyone around her.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late to my therapy appointment...

  10. Some natch in fact you actually know nothing about Sharapova if your opinion of her is based on her apperance on Ellen.

  11. Anon,
    Nowhere in my post does it state my opinion of her is solely based on her appearance on Ellen.

  12. Okay so I live close by Sharapova in Manhattan Beach and often see her around. She's just like every other local out here and seemingly very down to earth. Saw her open a door for someone at Starbucks once and carried her own shit at Bristol another time. (No, I do not stalk her.) I reckon she goes around unnoticed without being ~Hollywood stealth~ and she prefers that. I think any guy would be lucky to have her. Charlie seems like a good guy so works out well for both of them.


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