Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Shakira watches Rafa in Abu Dhabi (and that better be all)

Friday, January 2, 2009

SIGHTING: Shakira watches Rafa in Abu Dhabi (and that better be all)

Singer Shakira was spotted in the stands to watch a fashion-y Rafael Nadal destroy Nikolay Davydenko to reach the Abu Dhabi finals today.

Listen up Shak: His girl Xisca may be petite + pretty but I'm sure she'll take you down if you even think about moving in on Rafa (not to mention the rabid Rafanatics out there.)

You've been warned...

(images via KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Lol, Shakira has a boyfriend. Antonio de la Rua! But damn, i think that Rafa and Shakira would make a hot couple.
    I'm sorry, Xisca!


  3. shakira performed in an abu dhabi hotel for new years so it was probably just part of her trip -- she must love tennis. i think that's all there is. :)

  4. Wow!.. If she likes tennis then I'm in for a chance!.. but yeah, seriously... Rafa hands off!
    I saw shakira on Sky Sports News... it was a breath of fresh air. Believe it or not, the presenter called her handsome!?

  5. I'm not a Nadal fan but trust me, comparing him to De la Rua's son is definitely not a compliment. Not only is Nadal much cuter than him, but if you look up "sponger" in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of the guy. I'm from Argentina, and Shakira's bf is not well-liked here at all.

  6. Too bad they're both taken. They would definitely make a hot couple. A cool, entertainment powerhouse couple.

    Oh Rich, the way you phrase things, making things seem a different way, getting peoples' hopes up, lol. Interesting, tho, to imagine them together.

  7. LOL! Shakira's BF really does look like an ugly Rafa. She must be looking to upgrade.|1&axs=0|82181996%2c82124280%2c76340384%2c75302504%2c75280378%2c77582136%2c75477184%2c75477183%2c74661520%2c82162689%2c57572171%2c57572168%2c57572167%2c57572165%2c56480575%2c79996186%2c79442873%2c75515254%2c75515242%2c53059099%2c53059097%2c53059095%2c53058901%2c53058900%2c53030168%2c53030104%2c53029700%2c81109143%2c53024992%2c51676990%2c3469363%2c3469362%2c3469361%2c50860144%2c51353679%2c51353647%2c2268341%2c1841367%2c2238082%2c2238081%2c2238080%2c2238079%2c2238042%2c2238036%2c2109834%2c2254058%2c76004363%2c75521636%2c51589588%2c2280888%2c51968399%2c51968398%2c51968396%2c51063028%2c75433608%2c72690803%2c3309396|0

  8. Harumph. I theenk Shakira looks a little too interested while watching Rafa for MY comfort, Rich. You wrote that Xisca could take Shak down if she makes a move on Rafa - well, what about thees? What about Contessa ChiChi taking them both down for moving in on my territory, hunh?! ;>

    OBTW, the Nike duds take the macho away from Ruffie - but I think the head gear rocks!

  9. Pfff! I'm sorry no way are they hooking up! She's too famous for his low-key ways...and also apparently likes to be the more attractive one in the relationship - which she would def lose to Rafa, IMO :)

    But maybe that's the rabid Rafanatic in me talking...LOL.

  10. There is no way that Rafa would beat Shakira in a beauty contest!.. or is that me just being biased! :)

  11. I've never liked Shakira and that's not certain to change now. >:(

    Shakira and Rafa - EW! She looks so used and way too old for him. Ick!
    Also, Rafa is too much down to earth to get with some ass jigglin' "singer".

    No way, this rabid Rafanatic says! ;-)

    BTW look at that friggin' couch there... gotta love VIP seating!

    Oh, and her boyfriend is way too fat to look like Rafa. LOL

  12. haha... sonja I love the way you refer to Shakira as a 'ass jigglin' "singer"'.

    Does what it says on the tin I guess :)

  13. Hehe, that's true, Dale. She gives the people, err, guys what they want. :)

  14. Actually, it looks like he is as into her as she is into him. I mean you guys just said Shakira gives the boys what they want! I mean if she is throwing herself at him, he certainly seems to have his catcher's mitt! He just doesn't seem to know how to go about closing the deal which isn't surprising him being so young and all, but I'm sure she will mark the roadway for him. LOL! I love it!


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