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Monday, January 26, 2009

SIGHTING: Sexy Borna Bikic smolders through JD's dream run

As excited as I am for Jelena Dokic to continue her dream run at the Aussie Open this week (and I really REALLY am), I'm equally excited about the fact that we'll all continue to get glimpses of her steaming hot coach Borna Bikic.

"Giiirl, it looks exactly how you'd imagine it would look - solid."

His toned arms and broad shoulders are seriously hinting at something scarily sexy underneath. *sweats + swoons*

Plus, he gets all emotional with his brother and JD's boyfriend, Tin, after her big win.

Is it possible to put in a request to the powers-that-be for a "Coach Cam"? I'm in (no pun intended, I swear.)


  1. I've been wondering who that guy was. Thanks for clearing that up.

  2. Quite the yummy coach situation. Not your typical coach but I'm sure I'd be a very good student.

    Borna: "Okay RiCH. Now pick up those balls. Every...single...both of them."

    Me: "Yes coach, if you insist coach."

    *steps away for a moment, catches breath*

    See what I mean? He makes learning easy.

  3. His face is really nice but I'm not sure about those arems. Too big for my taste. I wouldn't mind working with that all day, though.

    There are so many younger cute coaches in the WTA these days. Dokic, Azarenka, Safina, Cibulkova and Cornet all have young cuties working with them.

  4. Well, there is some scarry stuff rumored about him and Tin, so I wouldn't really want to have anything to do with them.

  5. Rich!
    I've been waiting for you to post a pic of him!!!
    *dances with joy*
    He is so lip-smacking hot. Can I help you pick up balls?
    If I stop putting pins in my voodoo Rich doll...??

  6. Anon 2:10, and this goes for all the commentors of the world, you have got to elaborate.


  7. Whoa!! Hotness!! Those arms almost reach Rafa glory.
    My gay radar is blinking, though. He's just one of those too-fine-to-be-straight-guys.

    Whaddya say Rich?? I could definitely see him have you pick up the.. err... balls. :P

  8. natch: of course. but follow my lead - ball picking is my specialty.

    sonja: fine by me - but i'll need proof.

    *books ticket to melbourne*
    *purchase ball boy outfit with shorty short option, positions self near borna's box*

  9. I don't care if he is gay. I'll do him.
    why don't we both wear the same outfit, take off our tops, and see which one of us he looks at? Problem solved. *dusts off hands*
    Except I want Ross more than I want him. Fine. I'll wear my outfit near Ross. Ross, where are you? Is he playing AO doubs? Ross???

  10. "Rich,
    why don't we both wear the same outfit, take off our tops, and see which one of us he looks at? Problem solved. *dusts off hands*"

    HEY! I'm SO in!!

    Ditto about not caring if he's gay, or the arms. I don't like the rubber look either, but hot is hot.

  11. "Rich,
    why don't we both wear the same outfit, take off our tops, and see which one of us he looks at? Problem solved. *dusts off hands*"

    - AGAIN???

  12. "I don't care if he is gay. I'll do him."

    I second that! o_O

  13. *comes in with notebook in front of her yoga pants*

    babz: somebody, please, find us Ross and we'll just take turns with the two of them.

    Rich: BWHA!!! *takes all pins out of Rich voodoo doll*

    so: take off your top and get in line. Although I'm digging that commando kilt thing Rich is doing. I'm going to try it.

  14. Borna Bikic, oh Rich you would be suprised if you knew who you are praising,but well research press obviously didn't get to him yet, outside ou little Balkan area.He's selfclaimed trainer, not recognized by any instition, ot without ANY results, only has "results" of turning every player he touches into really bad one.
    In Croatia he is known as really shady guy.
    Karolina Sprem got outside top 100 when started training with him , and was once 14th in the world.Jelena got well, to 187th, from top 10.
    We're still wondering how she managed to get back, and why is he still her trainer.And seriously guys, those arms, OK, hot, but his grimaces 38038598928 times a match, after every single winner are just spooky.

  15. Oh well Tessa, he's not training me (in the tennis area, that is), so I don't care about his results. ;-))

    So, who's next in line??

    *takes off top*

  16. can't anyone commentate on tennis anymore? tennis is being overrun by fags talking about guys who they wish were gay in order to legitimatize their sad and mentally disturbing lifestyles..

    keep it tennis... fuck the faggotism.

  17. Anon 3:57: Keep your homophobic bullshit to yourself, will ya? Tennis surely doesn't need a "fan" like you.

    And in case you haven't noticed, we're kidding around on this blog - so cut back the drama.

    PS: I'm a woman.

  18. anon 3:57 - DITTO sonja's comment. It's called freedom of speech my friend. What I find interesting is that you were 1) reading this obviously gay-leaning tennis blog and 2) you were compelled to passionately comment on a post about a hot guy

    Me thinks you doth protest too much. I could help you figure your issues out - man on man that is.

  19. you should see his abs!! go here,22056,5037029-5012667-21,00.html

  20. He is not so good in bed...looking amazingly good...but so lame in bed you wouldn t believe it...and yes, just looking for rich & pretty ofcourse...

  21. Words of a burnt woman. You not pretty enough or not rich enough? He is actually a very nice person, you should take your feelings to your therapist, not the internet.

  22. How do you know anonymous isn't pretty? You don't know this person. This doesn't have to be a burnt woman. Why don't you shut your face? for the record bikic dropped out of the jrs. and never went pro.


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