Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) Serena blogs from Melbourne, discusses memoir and reveals questionable fashion designer credentials (shocker)

Friday, January 23, 2009

(UPDATED) Serena blogs from Melbourne, discusses memoir and reveals questionable fashion designer credentials (shocker)

Serena Williams, who scraped past Gisela Dulko in the Aussie Open second round, posted a new blog for USA Today in which discusses the inauguration of Barack Obama, surviving the heat from her first round match, and a couple of her major off-court activities:

You see I am doing so many things it's simply crazy. I don't know how I manage it. I love to write, and I am in the middle of writing a book about my life. Now wait — this is not a memoir with a "capital M," it is actually a mix with a motivational piece. I have gone through so many things in my yet-young life, but I love helping people and I would love to have the opportunity to motivate others. So just this week I got a package of 500 pages of the book redone that I have to reread, re-mark up and rewrite. I love to be 100% hands on, but it's so much that I think that it's intimidating me! I want people to read my book and be motivated and laugh their hearts out when they read. So every night I write a bit more and correct more of the work. It's hard work, but in the end I hope it will be worth it.

That is just one of the things that I am doing. Also this week I got a massive package from my new clothing line which I will be debuting in April on HSN called the Serena Williams Signature collection. I just did a photo shoot, and I have to go through all of the photos which is over 2,000 of the ones I like, dislike, what to use, where and more! What a task!

I am debuting a jewelry collection, a handbag collection and some apparel. I am so excited to be doing this because I love fashion and I love clothes. I went to fashion school to learn to be a better designer for more than two years! Finally it seems like my diligence is paying off. What I love most about this collection are the price points. I want them to be competitive so everyone can look good, and not pay thousands of dollars to do so!!

I feel so blessed and so honored to have the opportunity to do different things.

So you went to fashion school for a whole two years?! Now I understand why that Nike outfit you wore in the first round was so *cough* well designed by you.

Hmmm - if I go to tennis camp for two years, do you think I should join the ATP World Tour? Sounds like a good plan to me.

UPDATE: Maybe she could sew some pants with her design "skills" for this fan who streaked onto ReRe's doubles match with sister V yesterday. Maybe:

(image via Getty)


  1. What is the deal with Serena's headwrap?

  2. it's called being too wide LOL

  3. Too wide? What about the color? LOL

  4. "I have gone through so many things in my yet-young life, but I love helping people and I would love to have the opportunity to motivate others."

    She is so in love with herself..

  5. yeah and what a smack to 'real' designers who actually went to school and learned their trade.

    two years of school? i wouldn't want her stitching my dog's sweater.

  6. LOL rich!

    I sorta agree. Those sweaters can cost a BOMB and she don't look like she's a good designer from what we've seen so far. Leave it to the people who knows how, Rena. Just stick to your tennis. You do it very well. Other things, not so much.

  7. The jewelry and handbag collections almost frighten me more so than the clothing line. Never been a fan of the way she accessorizes. BLEH.

  8. Johanne!

    I have to say thank you. I have to worship you in fact. The site worksssssssss. I watched Safin and Fed today.

    *lays bj Rafa doll at Johanne's feet*

  9. Serena is such a double edged sword. She's so full of herself which is annoying but that attitude is probably why she's won so much. She wins matches even win she's playing like crap because she thinks very highly of herself and her game, it's when she brings that attitude off court that she has you giving her a hard eye roll.


  10. babz: I'd DEAD serious - can you imagine a catsuit of dogs? *shakes*

    johanne: you've saved babz from tennis oblivion - she may live to see another match now.

    lisa: i love that insight actually. i don't think i've ever looked at it in that way but i think you hit it squarely on her bandana-wearing head. those qualities can be quite relative to what they're being utilized for...good one!

  11. *ponders about Rich's words, keeps bottle of poison, just in case the broadcast is off tomorrow for Rafa's match*

    Now Rich. Don't be mean. My yorkie would never consent to a catsuit. My shihtzu would tease her to death.

  12. Babz: You're so very welcome! I'm so happy it works for you - KICK ASS!! Here's to watching Rafa work it in his sexy night match gear today! VAMOS!

  13. The meek and mealymouthed people of the world don't accomplish much outside of a successful boring 9-5 and stable home life. (if they are lucky) Champions are indeed different animals than we regular people are in the world.

    Can you imagine, I mean really imagine what she and her sister must have had to endure early in their career? I have to agree with her, she is absolutely the most underestimated unappreciated 9 time twice Olympic Gold American champion.

    She opens a school, (which she said means more than any slam) donates time and money, hangs out with Shriver and Roddick for charity and yet still ... people flock to the negative. Amazing.

    If you don't like her, fine .. but the petty nitpicking is a bit much.

  14. johanne: I cannot say thank you enough!!! However did you find that site??? But rafa's match today? Not tomorrow??

    Serena's bandanna will make him a kilt. God bless Australians. He's not bad looking.

  15. Babz: oh yeah sorry, I guess technically the match is tomorrow. Being 17 hours behind Melbourne time can get pretty confusing sometimes :)

    Pamela: Serena is by no means the only tennis player that people poke fun at here. It's all meant in good fun and nobody is making light of her philanthropy work.

  16. Johanna: I know, and I apologize for my annoyance. That came off harsher than I intended but the sentiment is the same. Not too many professional ballers attempt school (of any kind) while they are players. Players like Mario Ancic are highly impressive to me.

  17. Pamela: No worries, you're entitled to feel the way you do! There's a lot of joking around here and I don't think anyone truly means to be hurtful :)

  18. I think Serena's great but you can be great and annoying too.

  19. Yes it's important to be an equal opportunity offender. Nobody out there is an exception.

    And believe you me, I'm the first person to poke fun at myself. That's life.

  20. Johanne: 17 hours?????!?!?!??! Man that's rough. Really rough.

    As for Serena.. I don't think we only make fun of her, I certainly don't. I think all players all have their unflattering side. I still love her, much like I love Federer and still poke fun at him. I do not think we are belittling anything. The fact that she's REALLY self involved is just kinda out there.

  21. nice butt. Any frontal pic?

  22. @Johanna:" I know, and I apologize for my annoyance. That came off harsher than I intended but the sentiment is the same. Not too many professional ballers attempt school (of any kind) while they are players. Players like Mario Ancic are highly impressive to me."

    I'm sorry, but can I ask why is Mario Ancic highly impressive to you?
    I would be glad to enlighten you to say so, cause he is just a good tennis player, that beside that isn't enjoying much appreciation towards his human qualities, in Croatia.
    He has made many mistakes and certanly isn't this picture-perfect guy, he is trying to represent himself as.
    The biggest farsa was his college degree, that he didn't earned, yet bought.
    I live in Croatia, and we all know here how University's here works,I'm a student, and we all know the whole "Mario Ancic-student story".
    Law in our country last 4 DIFFICULT years.People who attend all classes, are learning 2months, 8 hours a day before EACH of about 40 exams, and yet there are just few of them that are able to finish it in target date, and that is 4 and a half years.
    We all know Mario didn't in his dreams had time to study each day 8 hours for 2 months, and do that for 2 months for every of 45 exams.
    It's parody.Comedy.
    Also, he lied in our interviews and did so badly.
    When asked how did he manage to finish law so quickly, he said he did so while being ill from mono.He was ill for "just" 6 months.6 months of spare time, and finish law, every student of law here fell onto his a$$!
    Second, when asked what was like during those 6 months of having mono, he answered he had no energy, and was sleeping for 14 hours a day.So HERE!Caught in a lie, and he didn't even had to lie cause we all know the truth without him being exposed.
    So basicly he told he was slepping for 14 hours a day when having mono, and had no energy, but also he said he studied hard while having mono, bad lier.
    Listen on.
    Croatia is badly corupted country, in which when you have money you can literally BUY UNIVERSITY DEGREE.
    Mario's Ancic mentor in University was ex tennis coach of his first and mother-club in his town of Split, who got arrested for defalcation and coruption.
    We all know he payed some money to pass the exams, and also because of his name got away with everything.He didn't earn his degree by any mean.
    Why people also don't appreciate Mario Ancic as a person in Croatia is the reason he decided to befool our country.He lives in Split.He traines in Split.He receives our croatian medical treatment when he needs to, he spend the majority of time in Split.
    But he is signed in Monte Carlo, so he can pay smaller tax.
    So basicly instead putting some extra money in our contries pocket, state treasury(from which we/you get shcools, roads, kindergartens..etc), he puts it in his pocket, but still uses medical care which citizens of Croatia pay.Why don't you Mario Ancic then cure yourself, your knees, your mono in Monte Carlo?No, he uses all of that here, we pay for that, every citizen, but he lives here and pay taxes in Monte Carlo.
    I now this has been very long but I just hate seeing people believing in what is not true, because they just see some outside pretty picture.
    I won't even go on how he stole money from Ivo Karlović in Dusseldorf.
    So, yeah, Serena is a champion who actually gives away, Mario has not given anything away to his country.And he doesn't even have to.But as it goes "you can fool some people sometime, but you can't fool all the people all the time."
    ps.I still love him as a PLAYER.And the story is really long, really long.Some fault to his father to.

  23. Tessa: I assume you're asking Pamela this? I didn't make the comment about Ancic.

  24. Oh yes, I'm sorry, my bad.:))

  25. That's one ugly ass. LOL

  26. what a hot streaker

  27. OK Rich, I've had it. I actually liked the Serena pattern thing. I did. You hated it so much...
    The girl thinks she's the SH*T. I love it. Confidence. I hope to have four kids with Rafa someday, and I hope at least one of them is all Serena I'm so awesome I love helping others I play tennis and build a school in Africa and edit my memoirs and blah blah.


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