Google Down the Line!: SEPARATED AT BIRTH: Dane vs. Ziggy Stardust

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SEPARATED AT BIRTH: Dane vs. Ziggy Stardust

Me thinks Australian doubles specialist Dane Propoggia bears a striking resemblance to androgynous 70's super icon Ziggy Stardust aka David Bowie.

Separated at birth?


(images via Getty, MySpace)


  1. Hey Rich. I found another. Been killing me for a while, but...

    Federer and Tarantino.


  2. babz: HAHAHAHAHA! You better duck b/c the Fedophiles are coming for you.

    *orders babz bullet-proof vest*
    *hires 24 hour, 7 day Rafa lookalike secret service*

  3. Lord. I am expecting a barage of nasty comments heading my way. And assassins. Oh well.


    *prepares to die in Rafa lookalike's arms*

  4. lmao I'm slightly disturbed you came up with this comparison. And yes, Fed does look like Tarantino .. but you should go after Babz cause she said it first.

    I'm sure you've all seen the YouTube clip of Tennis look alikes, no?

  5. hahaha..that pic is classic.
    Good find Rich.

  6. do you think he did that on purpose or was it a dye job gone wrong???

    *ponders deeply*

  7. Oh, something's definitely gone wrong here. Looks like he's growing and friggin' carrot on his head...

  8. A friggin' carrot... it's late in Vienna... LOL

  9. HA! Are ballers allowed to wear carrots on their heads at majors? Doesn't it fall under the aussie open officials new decency rules?

    I'm offended - that should count for something.

    *wears sad face*

  10. "Are ballers allowed to wear carrots on their heads at majors?"

    Me thinks: They really shouldn't. But then, what would there be to laugh about?

    Oh, and did I mention that David Bowie's tongue creeps me out big time?!


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