Google Down the Line!: Readers say Murray makes Aussie Open final, loses support (in a good way)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Readers say Murray makes Aussie Open final, loses support (in a good way)

"You must LOVE me...and my muscles."

Thanks to everyone who participated in the DtL's first weekly poll featuring Aussie Open fave Andy Murray.

Based on your votes, an overwhelming 42% of readers think the Brit baller will at least make the finals while 28% believed he'll get that much-needed suntan while still longing for Ross Hutchins sightings (get in line). That result was closely followed by 22% of readers who think his results will mimic last year's when he was knocked out of the first round by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Only 7% believe Andy has this major sign, sealed, and delivered.

Well good news for Team Murray today: the 21-year old, who was spotted with some questionable support on the practice courts yesterday, was seen without any taping in practice today. Phew!

Let's just hope that (most likely) tired knee holds up this entire fortnight.

*fingers crossed, now toes*

PS - Look out for this week's poll which I'll post later today!

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  1. He looks stupid imo

  2. You really need to stop posting pictures of Murray shirtless, Rich. They're making me sick! And I also think he'll make it to the finals.

  3. Tessa anticipating AussieJanuary 18, 2009 at 4:01 PM

    omg!what is making you sick there?perfect body or perfect body? yours better?or if your a femme does you bf has better?didn't think so.
    murray has great bod, and he's absofuckinlutely HOT! H O T.
    i would like rafa murray clash, in the finals, if that's even possible cosidering the draw, not an expert there, who ever wins then.
    ok, people 1 minute and it starts!
    so why the f is in my Eurosport still stupid snooker?!?it says 1:00am, and it's 1:00am exactly, c'mon people!!let it start!

  4. Yay, no more stuff on his knee and shirtless. Today is a good day.

  5. I have been bombarding my BFF with pics of Murray. I tell her "I'm so sorry babe but I gotta give you more pics of ginge hotness."

    He's totally hot. His talent makes him hot. His smart play on court makes him hot. His visible hard work off season makes him hot. The fact that he's not bad looking makes him hot too. And he's having some photo-op fun, good for him. All work and no play will kill anyone.

    So stuff it, anon haters.

  6. Tessa, you find him attractive, I don't. Period. It's his pastiness and his face. And I didn't know you knew my boyfriend. If you like him, fine. Feel comfortable with that and get over it.


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