Google Down the Line!: Rafa to be available via online chat, rabid Rafanatics prepare full-on assault

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rafa to be available via online chat, rabid Rafanatics prepare full-on assault

Thanks to DtL reader and rabid Rafanatic johanne for tipping me off to this exciting Rafael Nadal news!

The Mallorcan Matador will be chatting live online with fans for the Herald Sun as long as he's in the Aussie Open. No, seriously.

Via the Herald Sun:

RAFAEL Nadal, the world's No. 1 tennis player, will be available to our readers online during the Australian Open.

For as long as he is still in the tournament, the most exciting player on the planet will answer your questions exclusively on

This unprecedented contact with the Wimbledon, French and Olympic champions starts right here on Sunday.

So here's your chance to chat with Rafa. Take it while you can, tennis fans.
Well, if you insist. But I can't be held responsible for what the raunchier Rafanatics will ask him. Just sayin'.

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  1. Jaaaaaayyyyysssssssuuuuuuuusssssssss

    Oh man. What is this, open season? Do they know who I am and what I'm capable of? Fish in a barrel!!

    "Look Rafa, I'm realistic. Would you have sex with me if I pay you?"
    "If one day I bumped into you anywhere, anywhere, would you mind if I get real close to you and, I don't know, sniff you? Would you mind a grab too?"
    "I don't mean to get vulgar. Just tell me what Xisca says after sexy times."

    Not as if I'd actually ask him these questions, you know. Just trying to give examples. (I have another question which I'm DYING to type in here, but I don't know how you will feel about it, Rich, so I will put it in El Toro. when I get to posting again! OMGIHAVETOUPDATE)

  2. Dear Rafa,

    What time and where do you want me?


  3. HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAH natch!!! I love it!!

  4. Dearest Rafa,

    I'm writing in regards to your ridiculous good looks, irresistible charm, inescapable/incredibly distracting sex appeal and of course, your fantastic tennis.

    I have but one request. Please do me ASAP. You will not be sorry.

    Thanks and regards,

  5. Dear Fans,

    I will do you in the following order:

    sonja and johanne, I will have a three way with you. Neither of you has seen me live and in the flesh, and that is truly a crime.

    I will follow that up with another three way with babz and natch, after which I will need three days of recovery time.

    Finally, I will save the best for last and do rich. I have always been curious in that area, no?

    Love and other recreational sports,

  6. Uh. Did we scare everybody else? Sorry, Rich. :(

  7. babz: that's nothing new - LOL! can anyone blame the Rafanatics for getting all heated for this opportunity???

    will anyone blame Rafa for having security detail circling his location when he's chatting live with you guys???

    so many questions!!!

    *envisions xisca with army fatigues and a semi-automatic, ready for action*

  8. god that girl is so damn lucky.

    *curses the jerk who did not bring me into this world via Manacor, Majorca as hot friend of Rafa's little sister*


  9. Oh wow, thanks for pointing this out! It will no doubt happen in the middle of the night or while I'm in class, but it's still exciting! I hope those who can't take part can read the chat transcripts later...

  10. I don't think this will be a LIVE chat! I've understood we can send our questions through a mail, then some of those questions are selected and sent to Rafa. Afterwards, we see his answers on the website...But no live discussion.
    But i'd better be wrong, that would be sooo great!!!

  11. Sam: Yeah it's not so clear, right. The headline reads "Chat Online with Rafa" which makes it sound like a real-time chat. A bit misleading I suppose.

    But either way, you'd be a FOOL (a FOOL I say!) to pass this opp up.

  12. loool I won't pass this opp up! I swear! I'm gonna stay with my computer all day long!

    Thxxxx for your SUPER blog (i guess this is yours...)

  13. Sometimes I think it's mine and sometimes I think the Rafanatics really write it - at least the really juicy stuff.

    *rethinks blogging career, considers launching official Rafanatic headquarters in Mallorca*

    Feel free to leave juice too!

  14. ok everyone, this is the place where you can send your question to Rafa

  15. Rich: you know you love us Rafanatics. And we love you AND your blog right back! Thanks for putting up with us :)

  16. Wait, wait...this ISN'T a blog about Rafa???? ;)

  17. anon: thanks for the email - juice it up Rafanatics!

    johanne: of course silly. now we just need the matador to love us ALL back.

    natch: in some alternate reality it must be - and i'm rafa being RiCH blogging about Rafa...oh and tennis, right?

  18. Lord, in some ways, we are kinda taking over the comments sections.. and we always manage to bring it back to Rafa :(

  19. Hahahaha I adore you guys!!!!

    Here's a selection of what I'd like to ask Rafa:

    -) How does your skin feel? I mean, like, when you're in the shower cleansing yourself, is it silky? Is it?!

    -) Do you like role plays? I'm a brilliant Xisca, you know.

    -) I couldn't help but notice how incredibly and ridiculously beautiful and wonderful and sweet and effing sexy you are. So here's my question: HOW DARE YOU?!

    Oh Rafa. Mi amor.

  20. I'm not a Rafa fan, but I love you all Rafanatics!! You made my day! :))


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