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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rafa talks post-match moments, prefers being on back in bed

Rafael Nadal, who won his first round Aussie Open match in style, posted his latest blog for the The Times UK:

Hi everyone,

Sorry for sending this blog late, very late but as you might well know I played the last match tonight and that means I get to the hotel pretty late. Today it wasn't too bad since the matches didn't go that slow and so I could jump on court before 10 pm.

On the other hand I also played a god match and finished pretty fast. Still I got to the hotel by midnight and by the time I finished eating dinner and every thing it has gotten pretty late.

I actually was lucky since the women's match before didn't go to a 3rd set. If it would have happened I would have probably gotten to the court at 10.30 or later. This is why the night matches are difficult, you really finish late and by the time you go to bed it can be really late.

I remember 2 years ago that some times I went to bed around 4 or 5. One day it was even daylight! Why so late, why go to sleep so late if the match was over, like today, at 11 pm. or so? Well, we have to do press conference after the match. I normally take around 30 minutes to go to press if everything is well, meaning that if I have pain or need to check something it can take me up to an hour or more to go to press.

Then, after press, we normally go to the hotel and since it is late I normally do room service. You know it takes 40 minutes or more to get the food to the room so in the mean time I make some phone calls or play some games at the PlayStation. We did this today. By the time I get on the massage table to get my physio to work on my body doing stretching and massage it can be very late. So imagine if the match finished later...

I am very happy with the way I have started this tournament. I really felt great on court and very confident. Already when I hit to warm up at 5.30 I felt well.

I know the beginning of the tournament, the first match is complicated but today it went very well and i think I played some great and powerful tennis. Again, I am happy, but there is a long road still ahead.
Also the court was packed full and that's a great thing. First round, night and full house in the stadium.
Great feeling.

Many thanks for following.

Hasta mañana!

Rafa also answered a few more reader questions for the site. My fave?

Q: Do you normally sleep on your side, stomach or back? Do you snore? Marty, Cincinnati
RN: I don't think I snore... I sleep on both but I go to bed on my back.

Hmmm - so on your back, like La Monf?

(image via TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Now Rich - don't go there. We female kinds can take advantage of Rafa too when he's on his back.

    'Sides, I think he'd be top, don't you? ;P

  2. Sounds like Xisca prefers the cowgirl position.

  3. LOVE that he does all this for his fans :)

    I remember he answered another sleep question during the USO this year (I think)...something along the lines of "are you the kind of sleeper who moves around a lot during the night, messing up all the blankets and your hair?" And Rafa was like, "Yes."


  4. Question for everybody: HONESTLY, do u think Rafa & Xisca will break up one day???

    (According to me,they will get married and have children in Mallorca, I'm sure!)

  5. Sam - seriously. Do you WANT to die????

    natch, johanne, sonja, rich and me will be there at their wedding day to wreak havoc and steal Rafa from under Xisca's nose. Really!!!

    LOL, no, srsly? They might, yes. Spanish men tend to marry quite young too, so there is a chance of that, although Xisca seems to care a lot about her studies right now and Rafa is concentrating a lot on his tennis. Boy, I do hope they don't get married until he retires though. There goes my decade.

  6. *pictures rafa on his back*

    *has hot flush*

    I can see it all to clearly. Mon dieu.

  7. I prefer Rafa on his back. Followed by his side, then his front. Rinse. Repeat.

  8. Sam: I definitely wouldn't bet against them. They seem like a really great couple (DAMMIT!). LOL but seriously, if Rafa was with some stupid, bitchy broad instead of someone cool like Xisca, that would be a major turn-off, IMO. It makes him even hotter (if that's even possible, HA) that he has a good lady :)

    And btw, their kids would be so beautiful...right?!?!

  9. Unfortunately i do admit that u're right Babz and Johanne!! And the fact that Xisca isn't a top model but looks like every common girl gives us hope: we are not famous top models (maybe you are???) but Rafa could be attracted by girls like us!! HOPE HOPE HOPE

    About their kids, Im afraid for their hair... Both Rafa and Xisca seem to have hard to style hair...

  10. OOh and i wanted to add something about all my past and future comments: Sorry for my english, i know it's not perfect! :-)

  11. Oh man I really am afraid Rafa will marry Xisca one day.

    But there's hoping she gets tired of sitting around in Mallorca alone waiting for him and one day breaks up with him. Then he goes like: "Dang, I need a girl who really is into the tennis thing... Now who could that be?"

    *natch, babz, jo, sam and me suddenly, like, pop up*

    "Wow, that's a bunch of HOTT girls. And so natural and sweet, too! But something's missing..."

    *rich pops up*

    "Ah, now you're talkin'!"

    As for the back sleeping: This is fate, as I tend to sleep on my stomach. We'd just blend into each other - so meant to be! *swoon*

    PS: Welcome to the Rabid Rafantic Camp, Sam! :-)

  12. Sonja - you must be talking about yourself. Never in my life I've ever been called sweet... 0_0

    But I totally approve of that scenario.

  13. Well, there's gotta be a first time for everything, so there you go Babz:
    I do think you're very sweet! ;-)

  14. what the hell are those things on his arms?!? sleeves?!!

  15. I remember that in his Times q&a last year for Wimbledon, someone asked him if he was going to get married soon, and he said he was far too young to think about that. So there is hope!!

  16. Love your comment Sonja lol
    Belle: maybe there's hope but even though im sure Rafa would fall in love with us if he could see us, the main problem remains how to meet him? how to make him become OURS?!!!!
    I'm still wondering! lol

  17. sonja: maybe he's into building a harem but i must be the only boy. MUST.

    *drafts Rafa harem membership contract*

    emart: sleeves suck, generally speaking of course

    belle/sam: yes "too young to marry" - we must fly to melbourne and hold up signs during his match. do you think xisca will mind if she flies there? do we care?? will we quickly (and forcibly) usher her out of rod laver???

  18. HAHAHA, I'm thinking a giant sign saying: HAREM FOR RAFA. INTERESADO?

    Sure Rich, you go be the only boy! After all you've started this whole madness with your constant posting of Rafa Hotness Pictures. Ah, what would I do without you? LOL


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