Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) Rafa reacts to Nole retirement, takes in some timely meat

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

(UPDATED) Rafa reacts to Nole retirement, takes in some timely meat

Rafael Nadal, who battles French kisser Gilles Simon in the Oz quarterfinals, is still answering reader questions for The Times.

In his latest Q&A, the Mallorcan Matador was asked about Nole's sketchy mid-match retirement during his quarterfinal match against Andy Roddick:

What do you think of Djokovic's retirement? How do you train yourself to play in the extreme heat of Australia? Miho, San Francisco

RN: I don't know well what happened. I didn't see all the match and haven't been able to speak to him so I prefer not to comment. It is tough though to see a player retire and it is obvious it was very hot today. Too bad but I am sure he had good reasons.

Smart move Rafa - take the high road. The world's top baller also posted the latest entry to his blog for the UK site:

Hi everyone,
Once again I am here writing this blog, that more than a blog is a diary. Maybe blog means that... or it should have been named digital diary... or maybe I am just not right. In any case I am good at doing this if I have to write about what I did during the day and a few thoughts, but not more...

So today I went pretty early to the tournament site. I practiced for over an hour and 30 minutes and tried to stay very little on-site. I think today it has been the day I have gotten back earlier to the hotel in many years. At 2pm I was back at the hotel and rest all day long. I did go to the gym a bit with my physio Rafa Maymo but not much.

We just came back from dinner where we were a few of us. My whole team Toni my uncle, Carlos Costa my manager, Rafa Maymo my physio, Benito Perez-Barbadillo my PR Manager, Tuts Robert from Nike, my father, Feliciano Lopez and his team Jose Perlas and his physio Marc.

We had a nice dinner at a place with excellent meat. It is funny since I normally don't eat meat the day before a match. I try to eat something lighter. But tomorrow I am playing at night so it is OK if I would play at 3 or something like that I would not have eaten it. I will go to the site at 4 to warm up around 5.30 and be ready for the match at 7.30. So plenty of time to get that meat well in my body.

Hope I can be with you writing again in 2 days...
Believe me Rafa, that's more than enough time to get that meat well into your body.

OH MY...

*faints twice*

UPDATE: Thanks to DtL reader Holly for pointing out that the "meat" reference was mysteriously removed from Rafa's above-mentioned blog. He also apologized in his latest blog for the slip saying, "Yesterday I made a mistake with my English (actually Benito who translates for me) so apologies for that."

Oh sillies - don't you know you can't remove the meat once it's been taken in? Well, unless you ask nicely...

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  1. Rich you are shameless in the best possible way. I'm blushing on Rafael's behalf.

  2. LOL at the "meat well in my body" comment. Rafa is the best!!!

    btw, I was wondering while Feli was still at the tourney (as Rafa mentioned going to dinner with him) and just realized he and Tabasco were playing doubles and lost in the quarterfinals. Damn :(

    Oh well....can't wait to see Rafa's hot bod in action once again. VAMOS!!

  3. Gosh, I would love to see Rafa playing Gilles tomorrow but NO! I have to sit in my math class!
    That's just not fair xD

    Please make it last loooong so I will watch these guys hugging it out at the net...

  4. How do those shorts not rip (2nd pic)? Not that I would complain. . . :)

  5. Skip math class!! Screw it! LOL, no no that's bad advice. Stay in school kids, stay in school... but skip math class, Maja ;)

  6. "I really wanted to do it after my practice yesterday but the day went long and my PR person had to do other things and wasn't able to help me with the typing and most important the correction of my English. I don't write so well so needed him."

    You only need to learn 6 English words to get you through life. "Harder", "Faster", and "Don't Stop".
    Just Tryin' to Help,

  7. Uh natch. That was four words. I am guessing about the other two.

    *passes smelling salts under Rich's nose*

  8. babz,
    The other two are irrelevant once he learns the first four.

    Your guess? That's universal language. Everyone understands those two words.

    i wonder if we should start putting pillows on the floor for all this fainting...

  9. Yes natch! Let's make us a comfy, cuddly Rafa-Drool'n'Faint-Lounge.

    Vamonos, Rafael, come sit here. Yes, good boy.

    Oh and is it just me or is the thought of Rafa eating a steak totally erotic?? It's that predator thing I guess...

    And LMAO @ Rich's comment. You go give him some meat, honey! ;-)

  10. HAHA that is fanstastic...Rafa and meat are such a good combination.

  11. Rafa could make a vegan turn back to meat...or at least meat injections.

  12. They've edited the blog on the times website now. Someone must've seen the innuendo. Haha.

  13. I wonder if he was notifed of his, er, slip of tongue. I wanna see his face when that happens.

  14. Hey guys! Look what I just saw on Rafa's blog:

    "Hi everyone,

    It is late today so a short blog. Yesterday I made a mistake with my English (actually Benito who translates for me) so apologies for that."

    LOL! Really wish I could have seen his reaction when it was explained to him, like Babz said. HA! Gotta love him :)

  15. Do you think he blushed? I can so imagine him blushing. o_O

  16. yeah I think he prob had that expression with the one-raised eyebrow and ruffled brow...oy


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