Google Down the Line!: Rafa + Nicolas receive Davis Cup mini trophy and let's hope the others did too

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rafa + Nicolas receive Davis Cup mini trophy and let's hope the others did too

Rafael Nadal continued his trophy-biting ways when he received a replica of the Davis Cup trophy at Melbourne Park today in celebration of Spain's victory over Argentina in the final last season.

*awakes from RafaTrance*

Oh shite, compatriot Nicolas Almagro was also on hand and received his own mini-trophy moment. No offense Nico, seriously.

So I'm assuming the boys who actually played the final received theirs already - at least I'm hoping so.

(image via AP, Getty)



    Kill me now, because I don't think I will ever settle for someone less sexy than him. He ruins me.

  2. I thought Rafa already received it!!!(i had forgotten Almagro) Soooo looong!!!
    The "real" players normally get the mini trophy the day of the victory. I guess that's what happened for Feli Ferrer, Nando etc. (But actually i've seen no pix)

  3. I wonder if Rafa will ever snap and tell the reporters .. "you bite it" when they ask for that photo opportunity. I'm sure he's tired of doing it by now, especially with every trophy he wins.

    Then again, I'm sure the biting invokes certain images for his more hard core fans.

  4. DAMN! That polo on any other guy would just be like, eh whatever. But Rafa makes it SO SEXY! And what looks to be freshly showered, rumpled hair is making me weak in the knees. This obsession is becoming debilitating. TOTALLY WORTH IT! :D

  5. Pamela: I think Rafa is the one who insists on doing the bite; I don't think anyone asks him to do it. He talks about it as his trademark. I love it. And yes, as a Rafanatic, I imagine the trophy is my neck. And other bits. LOL

  6. Pamela,
    I live for those bites.
    On the trophies, too.

  7. natch: "You are falling into a deep, deep sleep. No worries - Rafa will be here when you wake up, on his back La Monf-style. It's his fave postiion so he says. You are getting sleepy, sleepy, slee..."

    sam: Exactly, no pics of them getting these mini trophies so I guess we can all assume they got them but no one cared to photograph it b/c, frankly, Rafa wasn't there? Sucks to be a non-Rafa tennis balling Spaniard.

    Nicolas was smart to latch on, I say.

    pamela: If he said "You bite it" then it would get quoted, be in the media, and all havoc would break loose. He would incite near hysteria and the Rafanatics might take him at his word. His life, as he knows it, could be over. Just sayin'...

  8. can we please take a break from the endless pictures of that homely spaniard? enough already, he isn't that interesting.

  9. oh Rafa, you beautiful thing. Stop being so damn sexy.
    Btw why wasn't Robredo there?

  10. bitterness is a stinky cologne, anon1:27.

  11. homely? seriously? keep the Rafa pics coming!

  12. The team that played the last tie got their trophies at the final, during the presentation ceremony. I sawed it on TV i did... ;) Even Granollers, who didn't actually play in a single tie (great support from the bench though...). The others who played for the team during the year weren't there, and thus Rafa, Almagro, Robredo (?) etc must've just gotten them (first ITF event since the final...)

  13. Thanks for that info, PP. BTW, your name...BWHA!!! It reminds me of a little thing I teach the kids of all my friends, just as they're about to go for a loooooooooooong car ride:

    Say this three times fast. "One smart fellow, he felt smart."

  14. I'm joining you guys in Rafa Trance.


    Oh and that third picture... the wet hair, the shirt... it's proof he can wear anything and make it look like the hottest look ever!!

    And LOL @ the fact the they actually got a trophy, too.

    As for Anon 1:27: Seriously, you've seemed to have entered the WRONG place here. "He's not that interesting." LMAO, you made my day!


    ok sorry, just had to get that out...

    aw, yummy little davis cup. :)

  16. I'd love to order all the Rafanatics a mini-replica of something else.

    "Here's the actual size, and here's you to-go size. Enjoy, but don't break it. It's a special, limited-edition replica that can't be reproduced. Or wait, you can't reproduce using it. Shite, now I'm confused."

  17. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD you're the best Rich

  18. rich,
    First, you bug my therapy sessions. Now you have a camera in my house??? Should I have put make-up on first?

  19. Forgot AGAIN to say I bet that dude in the middle (mmmmm...Rafamiddle...) has both hands on Rafa's ass. Rich, note Rafa is smiling. Could be good news for you...;)

  20. Totally natch! It's like he's thinking: "Guy hand on my ass - alright. But let's exchange the old dude with some, let's say, sexy lil tennis blogger..."



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