Google Down the Line!: Rafa launches media assault for Aussie Open, explains wedgies but avoids sex (maybe)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Rafa launches media assault for Aussie Open, explains wedgies but avoids sex (maybe)

Rafael Nadal, who plays his first round Aussie Open match tonight against diminutive Belgain Christophe Rochus, began his full-on media assault this fortnight with his blog for The Times UK:

Hi everyone or should I say g'day mate? I have been told that this is the way Australians say hello so wanted also to say it like this.

This is my first blog here from Australia and I am very thankful to this newspaper to have given me this opportunity. Here you have read my blogs in the 2 last years but this is the first time from Melbourne. Hopefully it will bring me that luck I need here and get me to the final rounds...

I know I have a lot of fans that read my blogs in the UK and when at the very last moment I was asked I was very happy to do it. Once again I ask you to forgive my mistakes, my bad English, my non-professional way of writing and I also hope that the media who traveled all the way to Melbourne doesn't get upset with me for doing this. Why should they? I only say things here that they would never write about right? :-)

Anyway here we go again with a new season. I am back here in Melbourne, back in Australia and I have to say that I love being here. You know, coming from the cold weather we have back there in Europe, less in Mallorca of course... it is nice to be here in the middle of the summer. It is something that makes me happy.

You know, at least those following me, that I love the competition. And the real competition starts here. I have to say that I am excited about it. The end of my best year ever was kind of not the way I expected it to be. So to be back playing a big event like this makes me happy.

I hope we will have a lot of time these weeks to talk about many things. Hopefully I'll be around for a few days and we will be able to talk about many things. after my 5th or 6th blog I start thinking what am I going to write about..., but anyway I am also answering your questions so come one and send me easy ones, really looking forward to them...

Many thanks


The Malloran Matador also answered reader questions for the UK paper and for the Aussie Herald Sun (some people still wonder why he picks his wedgies - get a grip. Oh, and he completely avoids the s-e-x question...)

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  1. ******"Hi Rafa, I am a teacher, and I was wondering what your favourite subject was at school (other than physical education!), and did you ever get into trouble? Love and hugs, Sammy F"

    You know what, once I got an insufficient (they tell me it is like a D here) at physical education.

    Someone should go and talk to that teacher today, right?*****


    I don't think he avoided the s-e-x Q, it was just a very good answer. ;)

  2. I am so in love with him, but what else is new....LOL

    Babz: my thoughts exactly about his insufficient grade in PE. Pfff! Also, loved his answer about sex - very mature. But also, he'd be wise to say he's not having sex during a tourney, considering Xisca is practically NEVER there with him ;)

  3. "I love cookies and I eat some but not that many. I actually burn a lot of calories so I do really deserve to eat them from time to time, right?"
    *dresses up as cookie*

  4. babz: It was good but he could've had a better one like "Well, at tourneys the Rafanatics have me and my ass-ets on speed dial. So I save energy by just lying there and letting them take turns."

    See? It's still vague.

    johanne: maybe there's a blow up Xisca somewhere? Or blow up babz, johanne, and/or natch??

    i don't think he'd want THAT in the media. not that i'd post about it or anything.

    *calls bj rafa manufacturer, has them create new aussie open collection*

    natch: LMAO!!!

  5. I've never wanted to be a trainer so bad:

  6. Xisca might have a blowup, but I'm sure nothing could substitute for the three of us.

    *nudges jo and natch to buy next round*

  7. johanne,
    omg! Trainer, you fool. Hand goes UNDERNEATH those shorts, not on the outside. Sheeeshhhhhh. Then the fool says, "I'll try not to go too deep." I would NEVER utter those words to Rafa!! Never, I tellya.

    *puts cookie costume back on*
    Sorry, I can't hear you. I'm too busy being a cookie, waiting for Rafa to devour me...;)

  8. If I were a cookie for Rafa, I'd be a double chocolate fudge cookie with a creamy inside.

    It goes well with the tall, half-calf, double shot caramel Rafalatte.

    Ask him.

    *dials Rafa PR flack, has him on standby*

  9. Excuse me, why is there no blow up version of me?!!
    (There's a sentence I never thought I'd write. LOL)


    *reads Rafa's adorable and funny answers*

    Life's good again.

    *goes hiding in a giant Nutella glass, knowing that this is his favourite spread*

  10. sonja,
    You can't say "favourite spread" and expect me to remain silent, can you???
    Oh, the thoughts that are running through my head right now.

    Good thing my UPS man arrives in about 30 minutes.

  11. sonja: my deepest apologies!

    *puts down DtL, calls bj rafa doll manufacturer*
    *orders super-sized sonja doll, overnights to matador*


  12. I was expecting comments, natch, you know me! ;-)

    Yeah, I've been super-sized! :-)
    Is that overnight shipping by any chance done by that UPS guy?


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