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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quote of the Day: Serena on Sydney loss

I gave it away more than anything. I made a lot of errors and made her look like a champ, really. I just pretty much gave her the match.

- Serena Williams on her loss to Elena Dementieva in Sydney today

A few of you guys were NOT pleased with this quote from ReRe. Fine - it's bad sportsmanship and typical of her when she gets handed a tough loss (anyone remember when she ate sour grapes at the 2007 US Open?

I don't know why but like the other lady ballers, including big sis' V, I'm pretty numb to these ridiculous statements at this point. We all know that a bad loss = temper tantrum with her.

So next time ReRe's words get on your nerves try putting her in a mental time-out. Or call the Super Nanny.

But either way, do yourself a favor and move on.

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  1. Vintage Serena Comment after a bad loss. She is a great girl but comments like these are really not necessary they make her look like such a bad loser.

  2. Am I the only one that isn't bugged by her post-loss comments?i mean, when she lose, she most definetly lose because of her poor game, rather then because her best game wasn't good enough, cause someone had better, nah-uh. it's just NOT the case. she didn't play on top.she played poor , and that's what got her to be the looser of the match.except she's saying it in a cocky serena way.i mean it's not like she gave her best, and lost. to say she's a weaker player.she didn't gave much, and thats why she lost, not cause she was outplayed,and this is what she's trying to say.

  3. I'm a Rena fan so maybe i'm bias but...while her comments many times come off as bitchy, aren't they somewhat true? All credit to Elena, but if Serena was really trying and playing to her ability, there is no way Elena could be her with that scoreline.

    I prefer having an honest, overly confident Serena than one who just says things to please others.

  4. um beat her, not be mistake!

  5. her comments don't really bother me (though i am a fan). i know tennis is supposed to be all polite-like but these post-match interviews are another story. it's not like she hit elena over the head with her racket after the match!

  6. anon: Obvs ReRe's proven her game is superior to just about anyone's when she's in top form. I think people get put off by the delivery - she's a terrible communicator but actually a great vlogger.

    She should just vlog all her press conferences...

    *imagines ReRe discussing the Sydney loss to media in full-on 80's drag eating a turkey dog on video conference*

    See she's hysterical - I'd kill to be in THAT press conference.

  7. anon 5:30 - O...M...G! LMAO @ "it's not like she hit elena over the head with her racket after the match"

    another vlogging press conference i'd KILL to be in

    *fakes media credentials, books ticket to melbourne*
    *packs full-on 80's drag and 2 week supply of turkey dogs to bribe ReRe*

  8. Serena is my girl, she'll never be the gracious fake "I just love her, she played so well, she's the better player" kind of person. I'm glad for that, even though she could use a lesson in how to express herself not quite so ... blatant sometimes.

    Anyway, I think people just look for something to get excited about. Besides, was anyone up in arms when Dementieva said the Wimbledon final would be a family decision?

  9. Very good post : )

    I want to add in this issue that this remind me like in Soccer (Europe and Argentina leagues) the reporters and the player in the end when the loose said.."we deserve the winning cause we played better that the other team". That comments always get me..and its similar to what Serena said, but in the end..the results it what it counts.
    In other words, let it slide and move will rock in other tournament. : )

    ps. said yay if agree that Dementieva has some amazing legs : P

  10. Pamela: Actually people did get up in arms which is why Elena was quick to apologize and then send out an apology via the media.

    It's a very un-gracious comment probably sparked from the fact that elena has now beaten her twice in a row - she SO does not like lady ballers to have more than one win.

    But that being said, tennis needs more personalities like that, especially in this day of heavy PR and image factories. Remember Marty Hingis used to make so uber-biting comments and it pissed people off. But that's not always such a bad thing.

    uvijek: thanks! *shakes hands* good point. yes, personalities are personalities so if you want them out there then accept your fate.

    and yes I even think she has hot legs - but more from jealously than wanting to lick them silly.

    *looks at chicken legs, looks at elena's leg*

  11. Rich .. do I smell a rivalry??? That would be good. I actually miss the Serena J Cap matches, those were serious battles.

    I'm with you about the personalities. That's one of the reasons I'm enjoying Fed's little snappy ways lately. It makes it more interesting.

  12. Rich- Haaaahahahaha...LOL Crack me up in that one.

  13. As usual, Serena is class-free and clue-less about what it means to be gracious. And I don't care to "do myself a favor and move on."
    She may be a great player, but she is much less than a great person.

  14. What's with that "personality" meme?! That is just arrogance, bitching and being in denial after a loss.

    Her statements are factually untrue: Lena was better player ON THE DAY. Serena made mistakes not because she wanted that, but because she couldn't play better ON THE DAY. Whether Serena is better in some absolute sense or in some vacuum is irrelevant.

    Face it, Williams: you have to WIN to prove you're better ON THE DAY. Or you can quit competing, crawl into your room, cradle your trophies and think of yourself as the best.

    Not to mention that such talk is poor form, graciousless and classless. When you say "Well played, you beat me today" this is not some gracious fake PR, this is a simple truth. And Serena would be even better player if she would say so and admit that to herself.

    If she only say such things because this serves as some kind of self-pep talk, then she's even worse player than I thought, with fragile ego.

  15. It IS bitchy! It's always the same with Serena. Against Srebotnik at the French last year when she lost to her, Serena responded: "She made some shots that she probably wouldn't make normally, otherwise she'd been in the top 2 of the world." And how about this one against Henin at the French: "I've never played so bad at the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam blablabla." Okay ReRe, now it's enough and behave yourself like a REAL champion!

  16. I will have to defend her on this..I think a lot of us forget what kind of verteran she has become to the sport...Its is such a fact, and many people dont like to admit, but when the williams' are in top form, on their game, NO ONE can beat them....they really beat themselves up when they have an error filled match...Sure Serena could say that in a more gracious way, but when you have a record like her, I think she can say whatever the hell she wants..NOT TO MENTION HER AND VENUS ARE ALL WE GOT REPRESENTING FOR WOMENS TENNIS HERE IN THE STATES....

  17. She looks like a gorilla and has similar IQ.

  18. Yeah I'm with Rich. Comments made by players, especially Serena doesn't bother me at all. It's typical Serena and let's face it, sometimes a player does lose a match because they played bad not necessarily because their opponent was too much for them. Not saying that's what happened here but it does happen.


  19. @tennis observer - oh my god, do you even realise how racist what you said sounds? Or is. I don't know. Jesus H Christ.

  20. agreed anon - T.O. what's up with that? i want the blog to be fun and insightful but that's crossing the line.

  21. Tennis Observer was trying to insult Serena but only made him/herself look bad. Serena is a class act compared to this person.


  22. The thing is, there's a way to be graceful in losing and not be an insincere faker. (case in point: Rafa and Fed are completely gracious when they lose, and you never get even a hint that they're insincere about it.) Serena on the other hand, well she just doesn't have it in her to be that.

    That doesn't make her an awful person, but being brutally honest loser isn't worthy of praise when you can obviously be something better.


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