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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quote of the Day: JJ on JJ

I do tend to be quite emotional and cry easily. It is not something that I particularly like about myself, but that is how I am as a person.

- Jelena Jankovic discussing her emotional personality on her blog for The Age

Okay JJ, not quite breaking news for you but what's there not to like about that quality? I prefer emotion over being cold + aloof. It just makes you human, JJ.

Cry me a river if you like...just not during a match, please.

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  1. She's still learning to deal w/all the comments, compliments, and criticisms of people, particularly at a Grand Slam as she still hasn't won one.

  2. anon: very true especially being the top lady baller, a whole other ball game.

    i happen to think her emotional personality makes her special and helps her stand out in a time of too many media talking points, rote answers, etc. she speaks from her heart, for better and sometimes for worse.

    again, oh well. she's human and i like seeing human beings in tennis sometimes!


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