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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quote of the Day: Fed on Nole

I think Andy forced him also. If Novak were up two sets to Love I don't think he would have retired 4‑Love down in the fourth. Thanks to Andy that he retired in the end. Andy pushed him to the limits. Hats off to Andy.

- Roger Federer on Nole's mid-match retirement in his quarterfinal match against A-Rod

I'm with Fed on this one (shocker, I know!). It's a pretty harsh assessment and it's always hard to predict what could've happened, but A-Rod did make Nole feel even more miserable on the court than he already was feeling. He still had to win the match and, ultimately, the Serb couldn't stand the heat and left the kitchen.

Oh well - that's tennis.

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  1. Roger and Andy Roddick have a long standing bromance with one another. Especially Roger, in photos and in the press he almost gets giddy when he talks about/gets near Andy. Even during Roddick's slumpiest years, Roger always called him a threat. Of course, Fed rarely shows much love on the court.

  2. I agree. Damn if only they were French!

  3. Well, Roger is arguably the biggest metrosexual the sport has ever seen, so... maybe this is the year he finally leans into Andy's handshake of defeat?

    He can subsequently come out of the closet, pull of his mask to expose a pterodactyl head, and publicly devour Mirka, while screeching Rafa's name.

    I'm hoping the former. This AO has seen enough IMO.

  4. coughincat: your scenario sounds like an acid trip... At least that's what I've heard they're like.

    *smiles naughtily*

  5. Good for Andy. Nole's retirement is just so classic. He was a bitch when he beat Roddick at the USO and a bitch bowing out to him now. Where's all the arrogance and bravado now homey?

  6. It's true that Andy and Roger have always seem to like and respect each other. There's so many pictures of them being friendly towards each other, I've stopped counting.

  7. I think everyone should try being a Frenchie once in their life.

    And you know, I'll help if that's what it takes.

    *prepares for lots of post match on-court man-on-man action*
    *grabs oil and jello just in case*
    *lies in wait*

  8. I may be the minority, but I think Novak was treated unfairly by the Tournament schedulers. To finish a tough match at 2.30 a.m, lose one night’s sleep and come out play in such heat, it was almost inevitable. None of the other top players had to do this, just Novak.

    Don’t want to comment on previous retirements, but this time he was showing all symptoms of dehydration and on verge of heat stroke. Most professional athletes have instincts about exactly how far to push their bodies. He knew he would get trashed over it so must have been really difficult for him to retire.

    Federer response was just mean, why he goes on and on about other players in his interviews is beyond me. I much prefer Rafa’s brief responses. Roddick, surprisingly, was much more considerate this time.

  9. Anon 6:59:

    1)saying two sentences about it is not going on and on about it.
    2)he spoke about it becasue he was asked about it. He didn't randomly take a shot at Nole the way Djokovic did to him last year.
    3)I don't know why you're upset about his comment considering that he wasn't really criticizing Nole, he was congratulating Andy on his great performance.

    For the record I'm not a crazed Roger fan. I respect him because of his historic achievements but for me it's all about that fiiine hunk-of-a-man Tsonga.

  10. It wasn't just two sentences (please read the whole presser & the interview), Fed said a lot more than this, I just think there was no need for all that. It was Roddick, not Federer, who had cause for complaint, but Andy was much more gracious.

  11. Coughingcat, if Andy and Roger hook up what would happen with Mirka and brooklyn?

  12. Fed mentioned in his post-match interview (not the one with Courier) that Novak is not a player who has not given up in his career... "I mean, he did it once with me in Monaco last year [complaining of] sore throat." He went on to say he only gave up once in his 10-year professional career because he couldn't move at all with his back (in Paris).

    But from the get-go, I felt slightly bad for Novak because right from the start, he wasn't even mentioned as one of the contenders for the AO09. Everyone was named: Fed, Nadal, the Andys, JW, even del Potro whom Fed trashed... but not him, the defending champ.

  13. First of all yesterday Brad Gilbert said before the match that Roddick was lobbying to keep the roof open. The very last moment that Novak retired the temp clock was 142 degrees.

    Today Kuzzy was winning and they decided to close the roof to help Serena along. When they closed it, the temp was 136. One announcer then said, Djokovic will probably complain about the roof closing for the Serena match. Shriver and Carillo chime in…”it was much hotter today.” Different day, different standard for the Americans, eh?

  14. talk about getting outlasted, was a knock off, he was the defending champ and he retired!!!! I know is was hot, but it had been hotter earlier in the week and EVERYONE else pulled their weight....its a cop out in my book...good luck to andy, that weight he dropped sure did help!!

  15. i understand that americans get special treatment a lot (or at least thats what everyone thinks) but i think its far more likely that they closed the roof today because of what happened yesterday, which is unfortunate for novak. however, at the end of the day, novak and andy were both playing on the same court in the same conditions and andy didnt even look tired yesterday.. novak probably really was tired and cramping but its because he needs to work on his conditioning more... if he doesnt want to put in the work, he doesnt deserve to win the match

  16. I'm thinking Roger's comment wasn't meant as harsh as it came out. It's all the Andy-Love. Rodderer - what a couple... ;-)

    But I really have to join the minority here and cut Nole some slack. Apparently his body lets him down a lot in these conditions, and I'm not sure if it's something you can train. Every athlete is different after all, and if it's maybe low blood pressure or something, there might not be anything you can do about it.
    Like, other athletes are more sensitive in the shoulder/wrist/knee/whatever region and get injured there more easily than others.

    Plus, the only one he's really hurting when he's retiring is himself. He cannot really want this.

  17. I think Novak's retirement-- coming on top of a series of retirements throughout his career-- is utterly remarkable and a sign that there is something seriously wrong going on with either his training and/or his mental approach to losing.

    I think Roger might've hit something when he said that Novak would not have quit if he'd been two sets up. It's about not coping with losing, maybe especially in the really big events that matter. Roger knows Novak well as a competitor and if this is his pronouncement, then I'm inclined to think there's something in what he says.

  18. Djoker is a pussy, no doubt about it.

  19. Ah, my love for pansies... ;-)

  20. anon 8:12 - "Coughingcat, if Andy and Roger hook up what would happen with Mirka and brooklyn?"

    Brookka? Mirklyn?? They could watch and video for their fans???

    sonja: as in the flower, yes?

    A-Rod was def the more fit and ready player ON THE DAY and more than deserved the win. He still had to win the match and he won because he pushed Nole into retiring for whatever reason.

    I just wish they took Nole at his word when he said he was feeling better and ready to go back out on the court. I'd love to see the continuation of the match from that point on and see what would've happened.

    Any guesses???

  21. to belle 1/28 8:42am,

    you are spot on! nole seems very unable to lose on the big stage, it seems that rather than staring defeat, he'd rather quit.

    there is such a thing as somatization, where a person develops all sorts of aches and pains because of some emotional distress. of course it was hot and he was tired and all that, i'm sure all that contributed to his illness, but, as Fed says, HOW COME NOVAK NEVER RETIRES OR FEELS ILL WHEN HE'S WINNING? and after every retirement, he says something to the effect that "i knew i couldn't win the match or play as i wanted to because i wasn't completely well, so why bother going on?"
    i mean, isn't that like saying, if i can't win it, i ain't finishing it, i'm outta here, won't waste my time.

    isn't that unprofessional?

  22. Rich: HAHA! Maybe? But more as in wuss. I'm torn that way.

    Animal/macho/grunting against softie/wuss/nerd... sometimes I think it's like Hobson's choice.

    He has before - check Umag final against Wawinka please.

    Oh and when Federer said "I'm almost in favor to just say, you know what, if you're not fit enough, just get out of here."
    Then why didn't he retire when he had mononucleosis, instead of blaming his loss on that after?


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