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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

(UPDATED) Quote of the Day: Fed on Murray

Who said that? The bookies? Good for him. It doesn't help him a whole lot. I've been in that position before as well and didn't make it.

- Roger Federer in Kooyong after hearing a few Brit bookies have chosen Andy Murray as the overall fave to take the Aussie Open crown

Boy, Fed is def on a role with these quotes right now.

Color me shocked too. I love Andy's chances to do well, even make the final, after his stunning start to the year. But THE fave over the likes of Rafa, Fed, + defending champ Nole? No way, no how.

But really you can't blame the Brits for being a little extra excited right now, can you?

UPDATE: Andy's response to Fed's bewilderment...

It doesn't make any difference whether people expect you to win or not. It doesn't change my mentality.

You get used to being expected to win matches when you play at Wimbledon. The pressure that comes with that gets you used to these situations.

The older you get, the more matches you play, you realise what the bookies are saying doesn't make any difference once you get on court, whether they are saying good things or bad things. You just get on with your job.

And on playing Fed now:

The more you play against him the less fearful you are, you're not scared to win the match. If you're young and you play against the top guys, once you get close to winning you get nervous. Now when I play him I don't get nervous and if I play my best tennis I can beat him.

OOHHH - this is gonna be GOOD!!!

*chills run up and down spine*

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  1. I don't know about Murray, but knowing that my entire country is betting on my performance would certainly not help me win...

  2. That sure does increase the pressure on Murray, doesn't it? I can kind of see the logic behind it, but personally I wouldn't put Murray as the favorite.

    Nole--has been inconsistent.
    Fed--ditto, even though he won the USO.
    Rafa--hasn't made a hardcourt slam final...YET. (I'm hoping to *motivate* him to win through my lust.)
    Murray--made final of USO, has beaten top three, plays consistently.

    The logic is there, but you can probably find equal logic to argue for each of the others to be the fav.
    *calls AO officials, asks if it's too late to enter naked doubles with Rafa*

  3. @natch hahahah even if you don't make it to the naked doubles, please let me know when Rafa is playing!Or are those naked doubles some kind of pun, huh?I mean, I bet you're thinking some private doubles, got me there for a minute!I want me some of those, too! *imagines world where every boy looks like Rafa*
    *still imagining* :)

  4. I can't say I'm surprised the Brits are backing Andy so concretely. But something about Murray's present frame of mind and newly developed on-court attitude makes me think that any intense pressure he feels will be coming more from himself and not so much from the media. He's been a different player ever since his run at Wimby '08 - he's become more mature on-court and he handles his frustration better, etc. IMO, he was really nervous during the USO final and just kinda fell apart a bit. He was thinking about its significance a little to much. And yes, maybe that did come from the media, but I definitely think it came from him too. He saw so much success come to him in a relatively short period of time, so maybe he was just like "holy crap I'm in a Slam final. Ahhh!" It will definitely be interesting to see how he fares should he be granted the opportunity to compete in another Slam final. Sorry if this makes no sense.

    But first and foremost I will need to cheer on my main squeeze, Rafa. Priorities, people LOL. Now, what's this about naked doubles with Rafa?!?! *requests private session*

  5. *tooting my own horn alert*

    Just read your update, Rich! My interpretation of Andy's comments = "whatever I don't care what you guys are saying about me!"

    *TOOT TOOT* :-)

  6. I simply cannot understand the reasoning behind Federer's words. What does it mean when he says that Murray never won a slam before, so he will not win this AO? Everybody who ever wins slam(s) has to win their FIRST slam at some point.

    And then that silly reasoning of "I've been there and didn't make it". Does it mean that this has to apply to Murray (or anybody else) as well?

    Murray might just bomb out to some guy on hot streak like he did last year against Tsonga, but at the moment HE is on the hot streak, so yeah, he is the favorite.

    Federer would do much better to talk much, much less these days. When those pesky journalists insist, he should just TRY to be diplomatic and SHORT, for God's sake. He acts like some inexperienced junior blabbering too much to the press and comes out as unreasonable and bitter.

  7. HAHA I love Andy's response and this kinda "bite me" mentality. Still sayin': YOU GO ANDY!

    But seriously people, can I enter naked doubles with Rafa, too?? He'll be sweating a lot and there's no clothing to catch it, so it'll drop to the floor, making it all slippery. I may fall down, Rafa may fall down too, maybe onto me. Maybe he'll still make that grunting noise he does when hitting the ball. He could be hitting me then, IYKWIM. I could be screaming: RAFAEL, DIOS MIO!!! And.....diljurtlu ngkddjkfeiohffh

    Sorry, got out of control there. AHEM.

  8. And by the way, is it wrong that the above scenery would be so complete to me if Nole would be watching?! LOL

  9. johanne: good call. the british media are rabid and he's probably learned to live in a bubble when it comes to the "noise". he expects the expectation, so to speak.

    the us open was a big learning experience. i've said this before but fed gave him the biggest gift he could give: motivation. he tasted being the last two ballers standing after two weeks in one of the biggest fishbowls in the world - and he wants more. i say, go get it!

    anon: he's pricklier these days than ever before - agreed. his old graciousness is giving way to a little bitterness. it's been coming out more and more and the media love a good quote/soundbite. but he should know how the media works by now - maybe he wants to put it out there like this.

    it certainly doesn't seem like he's trying to self-censor. for better or worse.

  10. sonja: LOVE your "bite me" mentality comment. That's so Murray and I heart it :)

  11. Rich: yes, yes, that's what I think too - he expects the expectation and seems to be able to filter the media "noise", like you said. Good for him.

    And I agree that Fed's no fool when it comes to the media, or at least he shouldn't be. I don't know what to think of all these comments. It's just, I don't know. Disheartening maybe.

  12. sonja: an oiled up nude tennis match? why don't we throw in jello just to make things interesting.

    *logs onto e-trade, buys jello stock*

    it'll be a hit i swear. no watching for nole though. he must peform.

  13. Uh oh...wrong room..sorry

    *closed door*

  14. *slips on sonja's oil and Rich's jello*

    I think naked doubs is in all our imaginations, but maybe if we all focus very *cough, cough* hard..., we can make naked doubs come true.

    Do you hear us? We're oiled up and ready for you! No clothing means no tan lines...

  15. >>I may fall down, Rafa may fall down too, maybe onto me. Maybe he'll still make that grunting noise he does when hitting the ball. He could be hitting me then, IYKWIM. I could be screaming: RAFAEL, DIOS MIO!!! And.....diljurtlu ngkddjkfeiohffh<<

    have you been listening in on my therapy sessions again? ;)

  16. I think Roger shouldn't talk too much these days and instead he should concentrate more on his games. Andy has proven himself enough and is ready to win a Grand Slam anytime. Roger will have to accept that fact sooner or later.

  17. I'm surprised that Roger's talking about stuff like this. Let the gamesmanship begin!

  18. Andy to Roger: Bite my shiny Scottish arse!

  19. Alright natch, I'm busted... :-))


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