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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quote of the Day: Ernests on defeating Nole

It is probably one of my best wins but best games I don't think so, I have had some beautiful losses.

- Ernests Gulbis on his defeat of top seed Novak Djokovic in Queensland

Love that sentiment Ernests.

This lad from Latvia is surely one to watch this season, huh? I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled a "Tsonga" a hit his way into the Aussie Open final. And then? Anything's possible.

Let's just hope he grows out those lovely locks again...

(image via Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)


  1. Yes, grow the locks, Curls!

    He's definitely one to watch. If he can keep the mental game in check, I think he can be a real force.

  2. I almost didn't recognize him with that short haircut. I like that kid, and hope he has a great 2009. Some of his quotes are of the "Marat Safin humor" variety, which I find hysterical. Making the AO final will be tough. You saying Rafa ain't gonna get there, Rich?
    *rolls up sleeves, prepares for a fight*
    I mean, wouldn't you rather watch Rafa in white shorts for two weeks rather than Gulbis?

  3. Here's another thought: Why does he look good in curls and not Andy Murray? Hmmm...

  4. b2012: yes he must re-curl! we all be watching out for him. i'm interested to see how his fitness is this season. can he get through 7-straight matches? we've yet to see.

    natch: not saying nothin' until i see the draw but he has potential to hurt everyone if his game suddenly comes together, especially on the hard courts. it would be great to rafa make his first hard court final too!

    ernie's actually cuter in the face than andy IMO and he seems to have shinier and more bouncy hair. fine - andy's can look like a bird's next while ernie's looks silky smooth like a certain someone's ass-ets.

    *reminds self to stay on topic, not to Rafalize everything*

  5. Rafalize! You're killing me today! :)

    But let's be honest - it's hard NOT to talk about that sexy Spaniard...Mmmm mmmm GOOD!

  6. I agree that some of his quotes are "Safin humor", and a curly-haired witty guy is always good for the tour!

  7. Double ditto the "lovely locks" comment!!!

    Good point about the Aussie Open, Rich - there's always that surprise deer-in-the-headlights-finalist a la Jo-Dub Tsonga or Marcos Baghdatis.

    My pre-draw, dumb-ass prediction: Gulbis vs. Murray in an all-curly-haired final with echos of last year's Tsonga vs. Djokovic!!!

  8. My pre-draw, dumb-ass prediction: Gulbis vs. Murray in an all-curly-haired final with echos of last year's Tsonga vs. Djokovic!!!

    I LIKE the image it brings me.. Of course I would love to see Fed vs Rafa more than anything, but Murray is so exciting he's warming my panties.

  9. Yay I love his locks, too! He's such a cutie.

    Also, gotta love his game. I'm sure he will be a threat in the future!

  10. Hey Rich our beloved Masha evidently confirmed the rumours of supposed boyfriend Charlie Ebersol when she attended the La Lakers vs. New Orleans Hornets final, yesterday!Here's the pic

    So an addition to Anando, huh?It's what Chama?!?:) lol Well, it's finally for Masha to get some loooove!So now go stalkeratti, do your job!!

  11. AO final? No way, Ernests must improve his consistency and variety on his shots, especially his backhand is vulnerable; otherwise he has no chance to beat Top 10 players, the yesterday match was a fluke, Novak was drunk or something. Ernests is already out from Queensland, Mathieu beat him easily by exploiting his weak backhand.

  12. freaky frites: yeah, we should all be watching for the melbourne surprise. can you imagine "Battle of the Curly Q's, Vol.1"? It could happen.

    babz: i can't believe something could warm your panties other than rafa - crazy!

    tessa: how 'bout Sharapol? Marlie?? That's it!!! MARLIE. thanks for the link!

    T.O.: I agree Ernests must get more consistent and I think he's start this season and there's nowhere better then the Aussie Open. Like FF said, there's a history of surprise finalists here (Tsonga, Clement, Schuettler, etc.) so why not him? Plus a battle of the Curly Q's is, like, so mouth-watering!

  13. Rich, you'd be surprise at all the things/people that could warm my panties... No, don't ask.

    "Battle of the Curly Q's, Vol.1"?
    Would make my month. I'm giggling here.


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