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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quote of the Day: Dinara on Dinara

I don't like the way I'm playing. Just totally bad.

- Dinara Safina after her 6-3, 6-4 win over Frenchie Alize Cornet in Sydney

Hmph. The scoreline doesn't look so terrible but, then, you never really can tell from that. I'll take your word for it D: you didn't win it, Corney blew it.

But don't be so hard on yourself and def don't let the pressure start to get to you. You have the game and you know what it takes to get to a major final.

Try not to get in your own way, though. Just sayin'.

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  1. Maybe that dress you've been wearing for 7 months is holding onto some crappy karma!!

    Don't get me wrong, I really like Dinara and her game, but that dress has GOT to go. Immediately.

  2. johanne: LMAO! She's worn it so long the funk is permanent and it walks itself to the cleaners.

    And don't even TRY to consign it - we're all watching.

  3. Agree on the dress. Love the girl, though. Love that tough attitude on herself, too. You do suck right now, Dinara. But you have it within you to take control at the right moment.

    The question is...will she do it?
    More importantly, can she get me Rafa's number? ;)

  4. I wonder if she even has Rafa's number.

    Nvm. Marat's house address will do.


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