Google Down the Line!: Prince officially launches EXO3 performance frames and website

Monday, January 5, 2009

Prince officially launches EXO3 performance frames and website

Prince has officially launched the much-anticipated EXO3 line of performance frames here in the US, which they teased us with late last year.

The line's patented Energy Bridge and Energy Channel advanced technology provides the racquets with a larger sweet spot for more power, 25% increase in spin compared to traditional construction, dramatically reduced frame vibration by up to 50%, and increased control and stability on every shot. The EXO3 provides up to 26% more energy back into the ball.

Availability for the new sticks stateside includes:

  • January 15, EXO3 Graphites and EXO3 Rebels
  • February 15, EXO3 Silver and EXO3 Red

The racquet-maker also launched a new website for the line which includes product info, images, video, and a chat function which will allow you to speak with the team at Prince.

No word yet, however, on whether Jelena Jankovic will continue her partnership with them.

(images via Prince)


  1. I went to the website and the main sponsor is now Monfils (left Head) and 2 cats more like Peer's and Mallise(hate that guy for what he did to a line woman in a tournament)

    As for me Prince can have holes in the side of the frames or even a big one in the middle!!,but one thing I know...Prince sucks : )

    "Wow, am I bitter today or what??" hahaha

  2. Uh oh..Also I think I read and saw some pics of Kolya with a Head racquet himself on the TW forum.

    Wont encourage to go and read that forum when they talk about racquets, it cause dizziness and can even get you sleep of so much technicality from the "experts" there.

  3. I had a Prince racquet and I remember it being very lightweight with little power. It was great for net play - easy maneuverability - but no pop on the serve and groundies.

    I still love my Dunlop 300G's.

  4. Yes Rich, pretty good beginner racquet, but thats about it. Its just an opinion, nothing else.

    Im glad you like your Dunlop, not too light not to heavy..right about there.
    I have 2 Ncode's six-Two midplus and put a little of lead tape for a tiny weight.

    Have a good day

    ps.. Sad that Dokic lost, but she plays very well...more consistence serve and we have her back.

  5. yeah the doubles killed her but she was close to toppling amelie. but i fear she'd go down hard to anyone in the top 10 right now.

    but hey, why not try?


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