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Sunday, January 18, 2009

PHOTO OP: Top ballers get their party started at Crowns IMG Party

The top ballers in the world traveled over to Breezes at the Crown Entertainment Complex for the annual Crown IMG Baller Party celebrating the start of this year's Aussie Open!

Rafael Nadal: "I don't know why but that red powder sprayed all over my rippling muscles really worked, no?"

Roger Federer: "Do I look twelve?"

Jelena Jankovic: "For my new tennis collection with ANTA, I'm thinking bolero hats and satin."

Nicole Vaidisova + The Worm: "Are we tennis' creepiest coupling?"

Feliciano Lopez: "I'm channeling Scarface today - and for all the reasons you're thinking."

Tommy Haas: "Oh, this wasn't a post-match presser? Damn, I would've worn my good t-shirt."

Arnaud Clement: "I'm cute and I don't even try - it's a French thing."

James Blake: "Banking or balling - I can't decide."

F-Lo, Carlos Moya, Rafa: *swoons*

(images courtesy of Getty via MTF)


  1. james wet his pants.

  2. HOT DAMN Feli looks especially sexy, even in that Scarface tee!! Yes, please. Love Rafa in white, it shows off that yummy mocha skin. And with all that said, I'm really wishing I was Moya in that Spanish sandwich pic...lucky!!

    I like Fed's duds, esp those dark jeans...but I'm not feeling the hair right now. JJ needs to lose the hat and stop matching her lip gloss with her heels. Pick one! I'd say go with the heels, as the bright pink pout is a bit too 80s (in a bad way).

    Anywho...just under 4 hours until AO coverage starts! Hell yes!

  3. James Blake cake!!Delicious, although bad shirt and to big coat,but what a great looking guy, love him!Except his chicken legs turn me off.
    Rafa looks awful in that white i'm-a-mariachi player-from-mexico shirt, get Rafa some stylish sports wear!
    Fed is dressed perfecto!
    Jelena?!?!OMG.I hate when girls pair shoes and purse by color, it's absolutely awful,and our JJ paired with them a lipstick color, too.Yuck.
    Worm and once perspective player, who supposed to dominate the women's game by now??!Crazy.I think he bewitches those girls.

  4. Oh my, didn't even see that JJ's purse is hot pink too. AWFUL :(

  5. Roger doesnt have to even try hard to put this lot in his pocket fashionwise, does he? He looks even more stylish and elegant with the new hairdo then before.
    Rafa, am sorry, but your washed up look is rather kiddolike, no news there unfortunately. Where is Robredo, the one that can keep up with Roger in fashion?
    JJ is rather fashion-confused, isnt she?

  6. Fashionwise, it's Feli, of course. Edgy, sexy, confident, daytime, cool.

    Federer? Boring, childlike, whitebread, square, Mirka-inspired.

  7. I love JJ"s shoes, Roger looks hot and the worm is tennis' creepiest coupling all by himself.


  8. Rafa: hot
    Fed: cute
    JJ: overcooked
    StepOva: getting creepier
    F-LO: simmering
    Haas: ?
    Arnaud: fuzzy fun
    James: *yawn*
    F-Lo, Carlos, Rafa: can I watch?

  9. Roger looks adorable!!

  10. Fed's head is actually now triangular...

  11. Fed's head is actually now triangular...

  12. First of all: I SO envy those guys for partying in the Crown Casino. This place rocks!!!

    Rafa: OK, he looks really stupid in the first picture - very unfortunate moment LOL. But I like his style - as always, it's natural and just him. Yum.

    Roger: hey, the hair looks better now that the crazy locks are under control with gel! Fashion is solid.

    JJ: What's with the hat?!?!?!

    Worm: CREEPSTER.

    Feli: Love the shirt. So outta nowhere. LOL

    Haas: ?!

    Arnaud: So french. :P

    James: Has he, like, stolen the Worm's shirt?! Ditto for Carlos.

  13. Am I the only one that likes Rog's haircut??

    Rafa needs to get a hairbrush, but I'll take him dirty, rumpled, bed hair, whatev, just give me him.

    I get scared of men that are more beautiful than me, so sorry Felo. I like looking at you though.

    My BFF is squealing over Armand - I guess it is a French thing.

    Rich, I'd like to order a place amongst the very mediteranean manwich you got there.
    *slips big tip to Rich so Babz gets a REALLY good place*

    I am not even gonna comment on JJ and those.. creepy people. It's too creepy.

  14. OMFG Rich - did you see Feli's crazy ass long match with Muller?! It broke the AO's record for longest match in the history of the tourney. 5 hours, 20+ minutes, or something like that. BRUTAL. And Feli lost it. So sad!! He's so hot :*(


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