Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Tipsy gets red in the face...and the shirt...and the racquet...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PHOTO OP: Tipsy gets red in the face...and the shirt...and the racquet...

Janko Tipsarevic was spotted getting a little match-y in his Aussie Open second round match.

The quirky Serb hit 42 errors and was booted from the tourney by Chennai champ Marin Cilic 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3. The Croat next faces David Ferrer in the Round of 16 - should be one-to-watch people.

So Tipsy - really? It didn't seem like overkill when you woke up this morning and said, "It's a good day. I think I should match my ENTIRE outfit - red is my power color. Yeah, I like"??


Bad match, bad move - though this wasn't.

(image via Getty)


  1. Super bummed Tipsy lost, but I'm def OK with not having to look at this outfit! I think it's the glasses that trip me out the most.

    Vamos Speedy Dave!! Love that guy.

  2. I love me some Tipsy too - he's so quirky that it makes him *coughs* kinda sexy.

    Plus he has some bravado which doesn't hurt on court (or some other places which go without saying)

    But I do think the Marin-David third rounder is a highlight. Marin is streaking and Ferrer is not. Can the oldly still be a goody or will the new blood get the better?

    Can't wait!

  3. He is so hot yet so terrible. My woman parts is so confused.


    *eyeing bottle of poison tearfully*

  4. This shades look rather kiddy. I prefer Tomic's but too bad we'll never get to see him play in that cool shades again for the time being :P

  5. Aw, I lllllllllove the color red, so I had no problems with this outift, racquet and glasses. I also love Tipsy, because he's so feisty. He's also so short, which makes being good so tough. He's got the deck stacked against him.

    I'm nodding in agreement on cilic/ferrer.

    That is so, so wrong for you not to be able to watch. I just emailed President Obama, and asked him if he could rectify your situation.
    *sits at computer, waits for response*
    *checks clock, taps foot*
    I'm sure he'll get right on this.
    *checks clock again*
    Uhmmm, you don't have a "clenched fist", do you babz? I distinctly remember him saying something about not wanting to help people with those...

  6. Rich: Tipsy is totally sexy. I think it's a combo of his attitude, his tattoos and his intellect. That boy is smart.

    As far as Ferrer goes, I'm really curious to see how his match goes. He BARELY made it past the first round, then he totally dominated in the second round. What gives??

  7. Babz try this link to watch online:

  8. What gives 6-2 6-2 6-1! Great for Ferrer! (looks like Rafa's match!)

  9. natch you precious thing you. He *should* help me, if only cos he used to live in my country...

    Johanne, thanks so much, I will try in the morning. I'm signing out for the night.

    Love y'all.

  10. natch: You should def go to his site and submit the suggestion. I mean he IS the first Internet Prez.

    johanne: thank again for the link!

    sam: Hrbaty is toast. Time for career counseling on a post-tennis move. You can't tell David's form, unfortunately, based on this win b/c he def struggled in the first one and like I said I think Dominik is toast IMO. Marin will BE a real test.

    babz: night!

  11. Rich,
    you say that like I didn't go there and do that already.
    *resumes RafaTrance*
    *interrupts RT*
    *waves to Sam, jo*
    Night, babz. Sweet dreams of...
    *goes back to RT*

  12. You know Rich, we are just ever-so-confused. We thought after natch initiated things there would be some action on this.

    And still we wait.




  13. TP: it's all rhetoric AU (as usual)...I'm still waiting myself

    *taps foot impatiently*

  14. Hold on...I'm getting a reply from the White House.

    "Dear Natch,
    Please cease and desist..."
    I'll get back to that in a minute, my doorbell is ringing.
    *peers out window*
    Hmmm...what would Secret Service agents be doing here?
    *sounds of natch being placed in handcuffs, followed by several thumps*

    Sorry about that. My mistake. It was the UPS man.


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