Google Down the Line!: Things looking up for Nando these days, feeds The Worm some bagels

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things looking up for Nando these days, feeds The Worm some bagels

Fernando Verdasco is seeing a lot of upside in his game right now.

The Spanish baller absolutely dismantled Radek Stepanek 6-4, 6-0, 6-0 in the Aussie Open third round hitting 34 winners against only 15 errors and landing 81% of his first serve deliveries. In fact, Nando has lost a measly 12 games in three matches and hasn't dropped a single set - impressive indeed.

The 25-year old attributes his new-found success to some off-season training with heralded fitness trainer Gil Reyes in Las Vegas and dealing with some issues in his personal life:

This year feels very different already. Having so much confidence and being really fit means it is easier to fight harder and to have good feelings in your private life, means you are going to be happier and better to go out and play on the court. It has been tough for me just recently because I have had some problems with the family, my father's uncle has been sick and there have been other situations too and I need to be able to focus on the tennis because that is what I have been fighting all my life to be, a successful tennis player. For sure, though, this is my best moment in tennis but it matters also to me to be a good person because it is a lot easier to play well when you are happy rather than sad and depressed.
Was there a hidden reference to Anando in there? He sounds much happier to be focusing solely on his tennis now anyway.

And, it seems at least one half of the former couple got some real training this off-season (or maybe Nando's to blame for stealing Ana's mojo.)

In any case, he's not the only one who's happy the pair finally broke it off:

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  1. Wow that sign is making an order not a suggestion.

  2. Good for Nando. He's hot as ever, but my heart goes out to Ana.
    The commentator said today that Nando is THE womanizer at these Australian Open and even made fun out Nando dumping Ana! (He got the news from his coach) I kinda got the impression that they were making fun of her! Poor Ana! First her games leaves her and now her boyfriend showed her the door... *remembers own break-ups. sobbs*

    I hope he can somehow make it to the semis though, 'cause then Rafa can give him the spanking he deserves! [/rant]

  3. I'm so happy for Fern!! His thorough spanking of Radek was both awesome and necessary, as I felt The Worm was up to his old gamesmanship ways during the Sydney final last week. Annoying.

    I'm sure Fern will be bringing his new-found confidence into his match with Murray and I cannot wait to see how that one goes down!!

    Btw, that sign is hilarious :)

  4. Worm vs. Parrot?! This was like the showdown of the Womanizer Wannabes. LOL

    Also LMAO @ the sign. This could so be me waving to Rafa, haha!

  5. I fully read that as "put your" not "you put" lol

  6. What is chorizo and paella??I have no idea what that woman is saying...:)
    Although I can imagine what' s she's tryig to say.

  7. Chorizo is a spanish sausage and paella is a spanish dish.

  8. Im pretty sure I wont last 30 second there in AO if I put a sign in Dokic game saying "You put your my sausage" : ) RIGHT?

  9. about that Bartoli eh?? she played amazing.

  10. Damnit I thought Cornet would pull through!

  11. Perfect, I just want to make sure that if I do a sign like that in the next Miami Open dont get kick out. : D

    I was thinking if Dokic do a Welcome back sign.


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