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Sunday, January 11, 2009

PHOTO OP: Things are looking bumpy for JJ in Hong Kong

Thanks to DtL reader Allison for sending over this image of Jelena Jankovic at a Hong Kong presser.

The top lady baller's road to her first Grand Slam in Melbourne just got a little bumpier when she pulled out of this weekend's JB Group Classic team competition with the flu.

But her path isn't the only thing that's gotten bumpy: her skin here is looking a bit suspect. Click on the above image for closer inspection (if you dare). Egads!

I guess that's why JJ likes to blind as batty with glitter and pancake the makeup. Wise choice on both accounts though the on-court towels might (and do) say differently.


  1. Give her a break...she's got the flu for goodness sake. I think she looks pretty good all things considered. Remember how you looked the last time you had the flu :-)

  2. i agree with above! i hope hope things turn out better for her. its just the start of the season after all. go JJ, Nole, and Ana!

  3. I'm no JJ fan but give her a break on the skin front. I mean, her poor taste in fashion is one thing, but this is out of her control and I don't think should be scrutinised like this.

  4. Agree with everybody here! Her skin doesn't look perfect but so what! That's not what bothering me. In fact in pics from an earlier press conference she actually looks pretty good!
    The thing that pisses me off about JJ right now is that she again claimed that she would be in doubt for the Open. That the flu - the common flu - would be so hard on her body and such. She's totally being the drama queen again!
    Just like last year when her leg was "almost falling off" and she "put her career in danger" to play the hopman cup. Please! [/rant ending]
    I love her, but c'mon!

  5. *waxes nostalgic about last flu attack, gets misty-eyed*

    i love jj too and yeah i wasn't so pretty either when i last had the flu. oh well.

    but i think her skin is pretty bad normally, which is why the makeup is always caked on.

    get thee to a dermo!

  6. speaking of illnesses, vera (zvonareva) has just pulled out of sydney due to a gastro intestinal illness.

    first ana, then JJ and now, zvonareva. everyone's getting sick and injured, what's happening?


  7. Memo to JJ: ProActiv. Learn it, use it, love it.

    Oh, and can we talk about her poor decision to lighten her hair? Lame sauce.

    You know it's bad when Dinara is making better style decisions than you are.

  8. **but i think her skin is pretty bad normally, which is why the makeup is always caked on.**

    Yea I so agree. And to wear more make up when her skin is not at her best, ON COURT make up, is just piling on the wrinkles. :( I really wish women would forget make up for a while and get good skin care instead. Eat a good diet! She's my age for fuck's sake. And the hair! She needs to stop straightening it. It looks so unnatural and very unhealthy to the hair. I wonder what she really looks like if she has natural hair and better skin care.

  9. She does look a lot older than she is. That cant really be helped though she is out in the sun all the time but you would think with all her money she would be having fascials and skin peels all the time to keep her complection looking good. Well I would anyway.

  10. Noooooooo please, no skin peels. Skin peels are terrible, all it does is take a layer off your skin and you'll look good afterwards because you'll be sporting brand new baby skin, but in the long term it's a layer off your skin, you'll get wrinkles that much easier.

  11. Yeah isn't it a bad cycle: caking on the makeup when you have bad skin? I'd think it would make the skin worse.

    I don't know much about skin peels but it just sounds freakin' painful. I'm not sure I want baby skin again - been there, done that.

  12. It is a bad cycle.

    Yes, skin peels are painful, quite. You will also be red like a lobster for a few days afterwards, all for a few months of nicer looking skin but not better skin in the end. NEVER do it. Terrible procedure. No, I've never had it, but my mom used to be a beautician. ;) That's how I know bout these things.

  13. I eat beef jerkies to have nice skin.


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