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Saturday, January 3, 2009

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Take a picture, it lasts longer

"If it wasn't for the on-court security, I might just jump your bones Nole."

Novak Djokovic was spotted signing autographs for some obviously eager fans after getting in a practice session at the Queensland Tennis Centre for the Brisbane International. The sexy Serb is the top seed at the tourney and could meet current nemesis Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the final, a rematch of last year's Aussie Open final won by the World No.3.

Nole is also working the new metallic silver adidas Edge ClimaCool trainers I previewed late last year. Still loving 'em!

More pics of his training below; click here for the Brisbane draws.

DtL reader Maja noted "I probably lived under a rock but when did he leave Wilson and headed (ha!) to head? Is it for the money or does he really think Head makes the better racquets?"

Anyone have any info on whether the switch is permanent or if it's just a trial run with Head?

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  1. Looking good here.
    I'm normally not a fan but he looks somewhat cute in this pics...
    On another note: I probably lived under a rock but when did he leave Wilson and headed (ha!) to head? Is it for the money or does he really think Head makes the better racquets?
    So many questions...

  2. maja: observant eyes there! no info on that one - but let me add an update to see if anyone has any info!

  3. i heard that it was a 4.5million euro deal, but he used to use HEAD before he moved to Wilson.

  4. Wow! That's alot of €€€! Are we talking annual or for a certain period of time?
    Anyway, as long as he wins matches it should pay off for him in more ways than one...

  5. Good that you guys notice it. As soon as i so the pics i said "whaaaattttt"?? cant belive he change just like Ivanovic...I, myself im happy to use Wilson, it change my game(together with Luxillon)...but if its for money I prefer to change my bank account ; ) wink wink.

    ps. Did anybody saw Marat black eye??..somebody beat the hell out of him...I will see him tonight on Hopman cup.

  6. A while ago I read somewhere that Novak was testing Head racquets, but nothing much was said since. This proves that it wasn't just a rumor. Today I read in some serbian newspaper that Jelena Jankovic was spotted with a Wilson bag on court during preparations in Belgrade, and her mom supposedly said she will not sign with Reebok and Prince. So far Wilson lost Ivanovic, Djokovic, Justine retired, and it makes (some) sense that they are looking for a high profile player to sign for them. For Ana switching to Yonex proved to be great move,so I guess we'll see if those two made such good choices

  7. Thanks for the info everyone - wow, 4.5 million euros IS a lot of bank. But it's weird for them to switch when they've been successful with a certain brand. Ballers used to be so sensitive to those things but it seems not anymore. Good point anon 4:18 about Ana's switch to Yonex - a lot of good it did her.

    Yes I heard rumors about JJ leaving Reebok but it was because of the economy and they can't afford to have her. So I'm curious to see if that's true and, if so, who she'll end up with. Let's hope it's nothing she designs herself - we've seen how well that turns out.

  8. I heard that JJ rumor as well. Her mom said that "everybody is interested" in signing her, now that she's No.1, but that they couldn't reveal anything just yet.
    Don't know if it's a smart move leaving Reebok. They seemed to pay more attention to her lately.
    There is no way in hell that she would join Adidas since they have Ana.
    Nike would be a bad choice since they have Serena, Masha and Dani as their poster girls.
    That would leave her with Fila (hell no!!), KSwiss (pretty...boring) and Yonex (may I say denim dress!?)
    Anyway, should be interesting where she ends up and if they can make sth that suits her.
    Hey, maybe teams up with Mattek and starts her own fashion line... Lots of glitter, bright eyeshadow, metallic and animal prints are ahead of us! LOL...

  9. Ever since I heard rumors about JJ leaving Reebok I am looking for an info where will she land. And these days it's not just Nike, Adidas, Fila, there is a lot of less known or almost forgotten brands willing to pay good money for No.1 player, and JJ would be a fool if she doesn't cash in her current "best player in the world" status. Agree on JJ - the "designer" part, but look what some professionals did last year - not much better.

  10. anon 4:57 - no, JJ takes bad design to another level. seriously.

  11. JJ - the "designer", well her USO dress was OK. JJ - the "designer" for that Mona collection, I really don't know who is going to buy any of that (well maybe some diehard fans with no fashion sense).

  12. it started last year in december when novak may have decided whether he may change to other racquets or stick with wilson, his contract expires last december with wilson, i don't really know the reason,

    but may i ask what is the better racquet these days? wilson? prince? head? babolat? or yonex?

    wow! jj is leaving reebok? jj is the poster model for jj for about a year now in its tennis line......

    maybe jj could switch to monique lhuillier........she could wear bride inspired dress at hongkong exhibtion or at the aussie open, with matching ribbons

  13. I heard early in December that Nole will change his racquet and that was only a rumor... but obviously it's true... I read in some newspapers that he signed a contract with Head (worth 4.5 million euro - guess, not yet confirmed) and that he is practically finished his cooperation with Wilson... he, as they said, refused cooperation with Babolat and Adidas...
    Ok, Nole knows the best which racquet fits him, but i'm glad that he still has his smile vibra stop... :)
    and JJ will change her sponsor, question is still open, but for racquet contract it will be for sure Wilson... Reebok isn't sure at all...
    and that's the way it goes... Wilson lost one, but he's going to get another one... ;)))

    btw... Nole is looking really great... :))
    Sorry for my english :D

  14. wilson still has fed, del potro, tsonga and the williams sisters. jj should be a great addition to their team but i think they should sign up one of the young guns too (e.g. wozniacki, cornet). as for ana's switch to yonex, it def benefited her a lot. her slice and backhand has improved and her forehand has become much deadlier. plus she has a very lucrative deal with them, aren't they paying her $10M if she becomes no.1?


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