Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Sveta scrapes past Alona but what's hiding underneath her Fila gear?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Sveta scrapes past Alona but what's hiding underneath her Fila gear?

Remember Svetlana Kuznetsova? Yup, the only other lady baller left in the draw besides Serena Williams to have won a Grand Slam in their career. She's actually still alive in the draw at the Aussie Open although you wouldn't know it.

The Russian headcase needed five match points and a double-fault by Alona Bondarenko on the sixth one to defeat the Ukranian 7-6 (9), 6-4. Sveta hit a miserable 68 errors against 37 winners and converted only 4 of 15 break chance opportunities - UGH.

She'll next face former Wimbledon semifinalist Jie Zheng for a spot in the quarterfinals - good luck with that one.

I haven't written much about Sveta as of late because, frankly, there hasn't been anything worth mentioning about her sketchy game. But I did notice the tail-end of a sneaky tattoo living underneath her Fila gear.

What could it be?

UPDATED: Thanks to the Fila team who confirmed the tattoo is, in fact, a tiger!

(image via Getty)


  1. Hmmmm it looks like a rattlesnake tail?

    Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I'd rather not know.

  2. Rich: Speaking of Fila, did you see or hear James Blake and his interview last night? He told why he switched to Fila and his participation in his clothes in the future. Here's a link, just in case you didn't.

  3. Oh, and Kuzzy's tattoo is a tiger.

  4. It looked like a scar for a second. At least she doesn't have a tramp stamp. Or does she? hmm

  5. I never really knew that James was into fashion or that he walked around malls. I guess he got tired of wearing the same thing as everyone else at the tournaments. I know I did; it sucks when you don't know who's whom?

  6. I saw the match. It was horrible. Truely horrible. Even worse than the stats would suggest!

    Anyway, I think it's a spider or sth.

    btw. watching the match it seemed that she had some kind of tattoo on her back as well. Maybe you find a picture somewhere...

  7. tramps stamp - HA!

    The match was horrendous and Sveta was horrendous-er. I can't see how she's even in the top 10 right now honestly. There's no game in her game.

    Thanks Pamela for the link to the James interview about Fila. Interesting insight and I still think it's a great move for him to have a post-tennis business opportunity b/c his post-tennis life is coming with a quickness (though he's playing well right now.)

    I know I'd be pissed to be wearing the same thing my opponent across the net was wearing. What would all the kids at school think?

  8. It looks like a boomerang to me ;)


    Looks like a tiger...

  10. Funny thing is I believe you, Rich, when you try to describe how badly she played...although I didn't watch (don't watch tennis nowadays. in nearly solitary confinement. be back in the media-rich world soon.) Svetlana knows how to play so badly sometimes, you wonder.

    BUT I ROOT FOR HER because she's so strong, great solid, rooted technique. I think it's something about the core - she digs in and in so stable when performing her strokes. I ROOT FOR HER because she knows how to place a ball. Oh yeah, and she's a happy friendly chica. I'd like to see her use the technique to move up to top-three again. I wish she would care enough to...


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