Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: The Spaniards go almost-Frenchie during intimate post-match moment (drats)

Friday, January 30, 2009

PHOTO OP: The Spaniards go almost-Frenchie during intimate post-match moment (drats)

After Rafael Nadal defeated compatriot Fernando Verdasco in their now-classic Aussie Open semifinal showdown, the friends went almost-Frenchie for their fans and performed an intimate post-match moment.

Ahhhh - share the love boys, especially while we're watching. *sigh*

(image via AP + TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Too cute :)

    That match was seriously insane. I feel a little bad for Tabasco but I'm SO HAPPY for Rafa!!!!!!!

  2. In the second pic you can see on Nando's face a mix of exhaustion but also disappointment.

    Great effort from both but the two doubles in the last game and especially on match point had to hurt Nando and prob will for a bit.

    I do hope he recovers from that moment - some ballers never do though (think Coria French Open final loss to Gaudio.)

  3. This is too much bromance for me to be comfy with. Are we sure Xisca isn't his beard after all?

  4. Babz: LOL! Remember they're European....a little more comfy with showing affection to anyone...I for one think it's endearing ;)

    btw, gonna check out your Rafablog right now! I'm def jonesin' for more Rafaporting!

  5. Honestly Rich, I read "intimate, post natch moment." I swear I did.

  6. It's so sweet :D I love this kind of moments :) at the moment I even teared up a little. I'm sorry, I'm an emotional person ;)

  7. it was amazing to see fernando finally show his game and defeat the mental battle.

    meanwhile, I am so happy I cannot THINK STRAIGHT!

  8. HA natch! of course you did. i'm with you guys it was such a great moment afterwards, bittersweet for them i'm sure.

    now, when do we actually sleep???

    *peers at blood-shot eyes in mirror*

  9. Oh my god. I need gigantic, high-quality, high-definition versions of these photos immediately! My work computer's desktop will never be the same. :)

  10. RiCH: sleep is cah-RAZY messed up!! Are you getting up in the wee hours to watch the women's final tonight?!?!

  11. That is awesome!!! I love the Spaniards!

    Vamos Rafa!!! Beat ego king Fed in the final!!!!!!!!!

  12. HA! Serves (all of) you right!! Imagine what I have to go through every Wimby/USO.. Call me Panda. But not as cute.

  13. ana Ivanovic nose hair & unibrow
    no hating HERE
    I'm glad I'm not the only one with uni-brow
    famous people hAVE THEM TOO (YUPPIE YAY)

  14. *snore*
    *wakes up, barely*

    i'm shooting to watch it live...

    *falls asleep on keyboardddddd*

  15. I wanted Verdasco to win. He played so hard and well throughout the entire tournament and I'm tired of seeing the same two guys in Slam finals but anyway GO ROGER!!!


  16. Poor Lisa. You must get sick of all us Rafanatics. I want Rafa to win, but it is nice to watch history being made, too. So good luck to your Roger.

    Hey...made we can all be happy. Roger wins, Rafa's clothes fall off. :D Me likey.

  17. oh man i can't get off of ANA

  18. @LISA:I absolutely agree with you Lisa, it's freaking tiring always watching the same, and if only finals were interesting as this Nando-rafa clash, then go with it, but they're usually not.
    I wanted Nando to win badly, he really played gutsy, had great winners, but at the end, little concentration off, and you're up to love-40 in the last game.And how he saved those 2 match points, was marvelous!
    So, now I hope Roger continues to play his great game he showed troughout the tourney, and match Pete record!
    And then we go in new phase, beating that record and becoming the best in history!Anyhow, I'm totally loving this Aussie, had the opportunity to enjoy Fernando, beside Ancic, the most beautiful man on tour in his best!Hopefully he continues to improve, and break into top 10 soon!

  19. Poor Nando! But I'm glad Nadal won. Unfortunately, since he'll be exhausted, I think we'll see, once again, the image of Fed falling on his knees, then sideways, while covering his face with his hands and tears in his eyes. And I don't want to see that image again.

  20. OMG! I think this match was still on when i woke up for school! haha..... T'was a great match! almost as if it was the finals. I just have to say that even though I'm loyal to Rafa since Davis cup '04, I have to say that I really like Verdasco! he's an awesome player as well, and he's CUTE too! lol.....

    Well, like I said, I'm loyal so RAFA ALL THE WAY! =)

    BTW, I love ur blog! I like the way u write each post! it's very entertaining!

  21. Anon 1:23
    "the image of Fed falling on his knees, then sideways, while covering his face with his hands and tears in his eyes. And I don't want to see that image again"

    ROFL! I wouldn't want to see that on FO, and Wimbledon! on hard surfaces probably it's ok, it's not Rafa's cup of tea, but I probably won't like the attention of leveling Sampras' titles.

  22. Anon 1:23

    Totally agree. Bleh! If Fed should win (and it looks like that's a very definite possibility) it will be an ugly, biased win, IMO. This scheduling fiasco is absolute SHITE. Congratulations, AO, you just totally fucked up the men's final.

  23. All the more reasons to love Wimbledon! I don't understand this scheduling either.

  24. butter: thanks much appreciated!

    yeah agreed - the scheduling was a mess here. To have three semis in one day and the fourth on another day seems really strange especially since Rafa's the top baller.

    but i recall someone saying that there isn't one baller in history who hasn't had to deal with some f-ed up scheduling here and there during their careers in a Grand Slam. but i'm sure the boys on the players' council will be investigating this policy in the very near future and hopefully implementing some policy changes.

    stay tuned!

  25. Fed should be embarrassed if he loses. This trophy is practically being handed to him by the tournament directors. Yeah I'm bitter. You can shove this schedule up you arse, AO.

  26. Federer yesterday downplayed the scheduling anomaly.

    "You still got a day off," he said.

    "It's not like he has to play right now (Saturday afternoon), so this is a different story. I mean, it's just the way it is.......This was the tough one. I'm sure he's going to get over it. I see the point, but I don't think it's a valid one on this occasion."

    full article:,21985,24990651-3162,00.html

    Looks like someone is trying to make sure he gets full credit for a win (should he come out on top). Well I don't think you'll be getting it from everyone, Roger.

  27. "It's so sweet :D I love this kind of moments :) at the moment I even teared up a little. I'm sorry, I'm an emotional person ;)"

    Don't be Sabine, I totally did, too!

    Rafa cuddling Nando was soooo endearing. And oh when he fell on his knees... sooo emotional.

    I really hope Rafa wins the title! VAMOS, I truly believe you can do it!

    F*ck the schedule, as unfair as it is, Rafa is so fit he can totally pull it off.
    And just in case he doesn't: Oh well, he's still young, see you next year Rog! :P


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