Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Shirtless showcase begins, Marat makes way to Melbourne

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PHOTO OP: Shirtless showcase begins, Marat makes way to Melbourne

Oppressive heat? Grand Slam tennis?? Shirtless ballers practicing their arse off??? It must be time for the Aussie Open - rejoice!

Shirtless brigade member Marat Safin may have pulled out of the annual Kooyong exo with a shoulder injury but it didn't stop the enigmatic baller from getting his practice on at Melbourne Park today.

Hmmm - that shoulder's looking awfully good for being "injured" but so are his biceps, pecs, abs, tattoo...

*falls off chair*

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  1. mmmmmm i'd lick every inch of body on tour!mos def!except rafa ofcourse....but those abs are best, no discussion!case let me google for more,more!:)

  2. Ah, Marat. He's so sexy, but why do I get the feeling I would need about forty rounds of penicillin after a night with him?

  3. tessa: so you like marat???

    natch: ...because you would - and a walk-of-shame outfit. something dark, maybe camouflage??? let me help!

    *leaves apt for army surplus store in west village*

  4. Oh My God!

    The things I'd do ...

    And there is no walk of shame, presuming I could walk out .. I'd do so with my head held high, grinning from ear to ear.

  5. hahahah guys you crack me up!woof woof at marat!and natch i get the same vibe, oh marat....mmmmmm.....besides why do we have penicillin if not use it when we need it, huh???:)so, honestly, it's kinda sad to realize i won't have night w/marat, now that i'm all into it :)

  6. pamela: i can help you too!

    *leaves army surplus store, runs to medical supply store for pamela's crutches and/or wheelchair*

    tessa: as i've said before "sharing IS caring" though carrying something that marat is sharing may not be wise. just sayin'.

  7. hahahahahah i'd take the risk!:)don't ruin the picture perfect marat for me rich!:( anyhow i'd die to mingle with Ancic, anyhow, he's just carrying mononucleosis and you live with that, so!have a number?

  8. He has an amazing body!!!! what I wouldnt do to wake up next to him every morning YUM!!!!!


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