Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Serena stomps Safina, earns fourth Oz Open crown and 10th major title

Saturday, January 31, 2009

PHOTO OP: Serena stomps Safina, earns fourth Oz Open crown and 10th major title

Serena Williams proved once again that her game, when it's on and even when it's off, is the best there is on the WTA Tour.

The newly-minted World No.1 crushed a helpless Dinara Safina 6-0, 6-3 in 58 minutes, hitting 23 winners against 7 errors and slamming down 4 aces, to win her fourth Aussie Open crown, second consecutive Grand Slam, and 10th career major overall moving her past Monica Seles (9) to become seventh on the all-time list. Only Chris Evert + Martina Navratilova (18), Helen Wills Moody (19), Steffi Graf (22) and Margaret Court (24) are ahead of ReRe in terms of career Grand Slam titles.

In her post-match presser, she was asked how she managed to round into form over the fortnight after struggling early on:

Well, I've been playing better throughout the weeks. I think doubles was really able to help me out. And also I went out and hit a few balls this morning. I had a really good practice.

Watching some of the men's tennis, they were playing really well. I was really inspired like that. Especially last night's match. It was just crazy.

I thought, you know, I could do a little better. Just all the inspirations kind of added. And then I felt like, you know, going into today I didn't really have much to lose. Just go out there and do my best.
Would she ever want to play anything close to the 5 hour plus men's semifinal between Rafael Nadal + Fernando Verdasco?
I was trying to think of who would beat me worse, either Roger or Rafa, and how long, like a five‑minute set. They'd probably take me out in five minutes, so...

Oh, uhm, if it came down to it and I had to, I could. I mean, would I want to? If it meant the win, I would have to, yeah.

And what does it mean to now be the all-time career prize money leader in women's sports?
Yeah, I thought it was just in tennis, and then I realized it was really overall in women's sports. I thought that was really cool, because you look at people like Billie Jean King, then you look at things in the United States called Title IX, which gave women an opportunity to play sports. You really appreciate that.

You really appreciate the people, the pioneers, the work they've done to get me in a position to have an opportunity to be called even the highest‑earning female tennis player.

I just feel so honored that I had so many wonderful pioneers doing things to open doors ‑ not only me, but you think five years from now or ten years from now, say, there will probably be people earning more money than I am, because the prize money on the WTA Tour has already gone completely out of the roof from this year and last year.
So it's gonna be even better.
Congrats ReRe! Now at least we know one lady baller who deserves to hold the keys to the WTA Penthouse.

Could we be in for a Serena Slam, Part Deux or dare I say *gulp* the coveted GRAND SLAM this year?

Stay tuned.

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  1. This once again makes me laugh at all the people who questioned her motivation and drive back in 2006 and predicted that she would be retiring soon. HA!
    Now 3 and 3 Grand Slam titles later Serena is still there and back on top laughing all the way to the bank... Good job, Rena!

    And yeah, this final was a total beatdown for Dinara. She couldn't get her game together at all today and Serena was spot on!
    Anyway, there's always the French Open, Dina;)

  2. I felt a little bad for Dinara, but really - what could she do? Well, besides get a few first serves in. Serena was killing those returns.

    Congratulations to Serena, well done!

    Rich: Part Deux? As a fan, I would love that but be equally thrilled if she could win Roland Garros again. That would give her 2 career grand slams. Not quite a calendar year slam, but incredibly impressive.

  3. I looove Serena and I'm glad she's back on top giving meaning to the number one spot. I would like to see her play Rafa but not in that dress it doesn't look so great soaking wet and she would sweat a lot agianst our boy.

  4. A great match for Serena but a terrible one for women's tennis. The game misses Henin, Seles, Graf and others who were great competitors. The current crop is unimpressive.

  5. a fifty-eight minute final the night after a five hour men's semi just emphasises the joke of equal prize money at grand slams

  6. par3182: What about Fed defeating Del Potro 63-60-60? Serena had much tougher matches than that.
    I'm tired of people questioning equal prize money. They're not paid by the hour, and the women are not taking the men's money. Get over it!

  7. Seriously. Equal prize money is based on principle not hourly. And serena is in a class of her own. Henin clisters aren't all the same level as serena. Let's by forget like. Oat people that serena has been on tour for 14 years. And Is the ONLY one on tour with a career slam. She's the best out there.

  8. Wow exuse my spelling. Touch screen text sucks.

  9. I watched the whole match (not that it went long). It was a pure display of Serena’s dominance and sheer determination. She was amazing to watch. As an Aussie I look forward to the Open immensely at the beginning of each year and I am so happy to see Serena win it again (as has become a tradition every two years). She is a true champion and deserves her number 1 ranking. I can’t wait for the men’s final tomorrow night, it should be a real contest!

  10. She is most definatly a well deserved Champion. That was apretty poor display fom Dinara I feel sorry for the people who bough tickets to the match. We have had a really good womens final in while. Although I did enjoy the results of last years final very much.


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