Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Serena gets pummeled by Elena in Sydney, looks down but not out

Thursday, January 15, 2009

PHOTO OP: Serena gets pummeled by Elena in Sydney, looks down but not out

An out-of-sorts Serena Williams paid the price for her heroics this week in Sydney.

The 9-time Grand Slammer, who saved a total of 7 match points in her matches against Samantha Stosur + Caroline Wozniacki, got absolutely pummeled in the semifinals by Elena Dementieva 6-3, 6-1 in 68 minutes, her second consecutive loss to the Russian (Moscow, Beijing Olympics). It will be an all-Russian final (and Olympics final rematch won by Elena) when she battles Dinara Safina for the title.

I never worry about ReRe's bad losses or form prior to majors, especially the Aussie Open where she's 3-time champ. She could come in with one leg and one hitting arm and still at least make the final.

So no worries ReRe. Little do they know you've got them right where you want them.

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  1. You didn't mention it, but I thought this was important:

    "I wasn't moving as I wanted to," ... "I gave it away more than anything. I made a lot of errors and made her look like a champion, really. I just pretty much gave her the match"

    She also said she thinks she is still the best. So, dont worryy, because she's not :)

  2. Serena acting ungracious in defeat?! Says her opponent won because she messed up, not because she lost it?! I'm SHOCKED.

    *jo says, dripping with sarcasm*

    If these quotes are true, then GROSS.

  3. I think Serena still is the best. Clearly she turns it on when she feels like it. The only player that has ever had her number is Henin. Sometimes I think Serena WANTS people to dismiss her, it suits her fighter mentality.

    And I just can't figure out Elena. She can beat all the top players but never at the right time, never in a major. She seems to choke in majors.


  4. anon/johanne: exactly - the quote is def not a shocker and goes without saying. i was thinking it would be the "quote of the day" so we'll see. i'm waiting to see if someone will top that one.

    *crosses fingers, diligently scours news feeds*

    in fact i'm sure even elena wasn't surprised or wouldn't be surprised to hear it.

    lisa: i was commenting with someone about your exact question the other day. she's one of the WTA's true enigmas - you root for her but she always lets down when it gets tight. who knows if the olympics win will translate this year but her best window was in '04. her serve is clearly better than it was then so we'll see.

    this win is a great sign though, out-of-sorts ReRe or not

  5. "I gave it away more than anything," said Williams, who denied injury
    or fatigue played a factor in the loss to the in-form Russian. "I made
    a lot of errors and made her look like a champ, really. I just pretty
    much gave her the match."

  6. thanks for the full quotes guys - ReRe's ugly quote is def in the lead for QOTD!


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