Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: The return of Ross, shirt included (double drats)

Monday, January 5, 2009

PHOTO OP: The return of Ross, shirt included (double drats)

Shirtless brigade member Ross Hutchins, who accompanied friend Andy Murray during Team Murray's off-season training intensive in Miami, was spotted with the World No.4 at the kids' clinic today.

The duo also paired up for some Doha doubles action later in the day but lost to German ballers Christopher Kas and Philipp Kohlschreiber 5-7, 4-6.

It's good to see Ross finally getting some attention, but I can't say I'm happy he'll have to keep his shirt on or that I'll have to start watching doubles just to catch a glimpse.

Oh, the things we do for tennis...

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  1. omg, that jawline...
    not to mention the rest of the bod, clothed or not.
    DTL is what cures jetlag.

  2. Is it just me or does Andy look like he's working a bit of a tan?! Very curious.

    And I have to say he looks much better without that scraggly and patchy facial hair. Ewww. Oh and Ross looks great, obvies :)

  3. *waves back to natch*


  4. Hold on, ANDY was in the pic?!
    *goes back, checks*
    Well, I'll be damned...
    Yep, you're right. Andy's got some color...wouldn't call it a tan exactly. He looks much better without facial hair, but he's not much to look at, imo. Especially not standing next to Ross. I'm bugging TTC right now to start showing more Ross matches...erm, doubs.

  5. Andy def has some color but his semi muffin top is bordering on a hairy situation - AGAIN!

    He's been a perpetrator then he fixed his situation and now it may be coming back. And then I'll have to write about it. Why do they do this to me???!!!!!

    *calls therapist, asks for refund*

  6. Well I personally LOVE the hairy situation posts, so a small part of me hopes he grows out that fro - just so you can gripe about it, LOL :)

  7. *giggles at muffin top remark*

  8. Well, dare I ask who this hot Ross is?I mean I first heard of him reading this delicious blog, so is he a professional tennis player or just hitting partner?Why isn't he playing singles, or is he?I mean, he would be BIG and great addition to the tour!And honestly, I really can not wait any longer on some matches to see!I mean it feels like some rehab!Give me some tennis, please and fast, and lotsa of it!I'm stuck here waiting on Aussie to start, cause Eurosport is my saviour, they bring the matches!And you Rich, honestly, thanks for the great blog, what will I do without it??Helps me get over this last week till Aussie!But when it finally starts I'm gonna be in heaven!Ummmmmm tennis 24/7 = HEAVEN!!!!Heat and sweaty ballers, blue sky and blue ground, three sets and 3 a.m. ...gosh......lovin' it!

    PS.Happy belated New Year to everyone!!:)))

  9. johanne: I fear Andy will do it - because he's a boy and prob doesn't care about such things. I look it as his entertainment value, adding his tennis in too (oh and the "tan").

    Tessa: Hey there! Happy New Year!! Ross is a Brit doubs specialist...I've never seen him play singles but I'll sure watch more doubs if he plays.

    Yes we all must be counting the days to more sweaty, sun drenched ball, eh, -ers. And the ladies too of course. But more the men. Fine, just the men. OK, just Rafa. And Ross. Nole too.

  10. And Ancic!:)
    Can not wait till his first match after the BS he went trough last years!So no Ross in singles?Damet.If it's possible to convert just because to the singles, he should def. just do it!:)
    Considering ladies game, eh, if it's no Masha there, there's just Serena drama, and it's not enough drama for me.Well, Ivanovic's the star, but I don't like her game, am always interesting in whatever match Venus and Serena are playing, love JJ show, and....well no Justine, no Masha, not pleased at all.But mans side, well that's full of potential!

  11. For those of you asking about Ross, he used to play singles (mainly on the Futures tour IIRC) but wasn't having much success (or making much money I'd imagine!) and switched to doubles instead.

  12. Muz is hot here. Nuff said. He does look like he has a tan doesn't he? Very curious thing, that. He's growing up. *sniff*


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