Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Rafa in reverse, covers up as Aussie heat rises - what gives?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PHOTO OP: Rafa in reverse, covers up as Aussie heat rises - what gives?

Rafael Nadal was spotted on the practice courts of Melbourne Park again today.

The world's top baller is hoping to get his game in gear after injury shortened his 2008 season and he fell early in Doha:

I was out of competition for 2-1/2 months but have trained hard and hope to find my best level as fast as possible. I feel if I find my best tennis I always have a chance to win important tournaments and hopefully that will start in Australia.
As they always say, practice and match play are two completely different animals. Maybe Rafa should've opted for a match or two in Kooyong.

But more importantly: why is Rafa putting on more clothing than less when it's about 1000 degrees in Melbourne right now?

Even though others were spotted shiny + shirtless, the Spaniard was spotted yesterday working his trademark sleeveless look and now the sleeves are back. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm loving the crimson color of that tee but I'm thinking I'd love the bronze color of his skin more.

What gives Rafa?! *scratches head*

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  1. Nice, just put on some more clothes! How about some under-layers?
    *hopes reverse psychology is working*

  2. Maybe he's preparing to play in that very heat in sleeves, since he's changed his kit.

  3. Oh, this is unbearable. Where's the oil?!

  4. Sleeves, no sleeves, pants, no pants...whatever!! I love me some Rafa!! I guess I prefer to look at this pictures as an indicator of what those practice sessions SOUND like.

    *hears Rafa's sexy animalistic grunts in head*

    And yeah, maybe he's making sure he won't overheat during his match. Though I can't say the same for myself ;)

  5. *passes out from heat exhaustion*

  6. maja: *uses maja's reverse psych*

    "Yes Matador, you look absolutely stunning in sleeves. I've never seen sleeves look so good on a human. Perf!"

    sonja: does that oil come with a side of balsamic? great as a Rafa dipping sauce.

    johanne: what sounds would he make while he was being dipped in oil and balsamic?

    natch: *throws cold water on natch*
    *natch wakes up*
    *sees rafa coated in dipping sauce, licks him clean*
    *passes out again*

  7. Ugh. I am SO fed up of him in clothes. Srsly Rafa. Go have one of your minions to leak another unclothed picture or video. Just keep this up, and I will go to Melbourne myself and strip you down with my teeth, see if I won't.

  8. *too. many. dirty. thoughts. can't. answer. rich's. question.*

    One of the many many many MANY reasons I love Rafa so much is that he seems so bashful at times, esp when it comes to compliments about his good looks. He's just so modest, it's totally adorable :) Sometimes I wonder if he seriously has any idea the TRUE extent of his effects on men and women everywhere. Something tells me he's somewhat clueless ;) But maybe not. Thoughts??

  9. babz: I BELIEVE YOU - I SWEAR

    *shakes in thigh-high Dior boots*

    johanne: I think he probably does at this point but does he read into it at all or live for it? Most prob not. But no one lives in that kind of fishbowl and walks around completely oblivious to the attention and effect on others.

    He's human so at some level, it feels good too.

  10. I mean, you're so Rafa addicted people!!It's serious!S E R I O U S!:)Anyhow today I saw the cutest picture of Rafa ever!With Safin!While he's looking Safin all respectfuly and kinda in love!I hefta post it!

  11. *wipes last bit of dipping sauce from her mouth*
    *relives when Rafa ran naked through Wimby's locker room*
    Oh, if I could have only been there...

    Thanks, Rich, for coming to my aid. Mirka trampled me in her mad dash to watch him. Also, you didn't tell me you also added habaneros to the sauce. They made Rafa extra hot and spicy! ;)

  12. On Rafa's awareness of the effect he has on people - oh, yes, he's aware. But he's cool about it. And mature beyond his age.

    Remeber that old docu on TC way back when Rafa was 16? That famous line of his: "A kiss from me would be a lot better than a kiss from you". A young Rafa walks and chats with his agent Carlos Costa and tells him a little story about himself and an unnamed WTA player who refused him a little kiss while dancing at a players' party a while ago, and this is what he told her.

    How can he NOT be perfectly aware (and super confident), when he was hanging around with those grown-up hunky studs such as Costa and Moya since his early teens? Confident enough to even talk about his flops with girls. And manly enough to withhold the girl's name. At such young age.

  13. anon: LOL I totally forgot about that kiss comment!! But you're right - he was so young, yet still confident enough to talk about rejection; classy enough not to say who it was (at least on camera). He's definitely got a good head on his shoulders. And countless good other bits as well :)

  14. Hey natch, leave me some of that Rafa dip, will ya?!

    Although I'd also totally love Rafa covered in chocolate sauce. o_O

    BTW: "Mirka trampled me in her mad dash to watch him."

    And as for that He looks good and he knows it Story: MAN, will that stupid chick be sorry now, huh??!

    My thoughts about this are: The reason he hasn't gotten totally arrogant about his looks is probably that he doesn't really see what all the fuzz is about. I think he's like: Alright, I might look good, but so do many people, and who cares really? I'm a tennis player, not a pin-up.

    Oh, imagine he were a pin-up.... *drool again*

  15. Nuh-uh Rich, don't you be pointing your fab Dior boots at me or I'ma show you what I can do with my Louboutin half ones.

    *purses lips, moves head from side to side, and makes a no no sign*

  16. sonja: "imagine he were a pin-up"

    I thought that's what we were doing here on bad.

    babz: LMAO! those are WMD's honey - you'd put a serious hurtin' on someone or Rafa although his bod of steel may make it out unscathed. i wonder how those louboutins walking on oil, balsamic, jello and Rafa???

  17. Honey, even if I didn't slip on him.. you know I'll pretend to anyways, I'll fall down and rub meself all over him.

    C'mon!! Not as if you don't know me!!!

    *imagining Louboutin heel marks on Rafa's ass*

    *clit twitching to oblivion*

  18. Rich, actually this is what I'm doin' for a living. Only noone pays me. LOL

    Ah, I love this place.

  19. babz: is that thing battery operated or does it work on solar energy? maybe wind??

    sonja: likewise - on the no one paying me shite tip that is...oh and loving this place too. labor of (rafa) love!

  20. Rich - that "thing" was busted months ago and I haven't bought a new one. I'm going primitive.


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