Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Nole already bares down at Aussie Open - is he saving the best for last?

Monday, January 19, 2009

PHOTO OP: Nole already bares down at Aussie Open - is he saving the best for last?

Novak Djokovic was spotted (typically) disrobing after his 6-2, 6-3, 7-5 win over Italian baller Andrea Stoppini. The World No.3 battled back from 0-4 in the third to reach the second round where he'll battle Frenchie Jeremy Chardy.

Though I never complain about seeing shirtless brigade members doing what they do best, it seems a little early in the tourney for Nole to be flashing the crowd.

What's the sexy Serb going to do if he actually defends his Aussie Open crown? Is he taking requests this fortnight??

If so, I have some ideas he may want to consider and they don't involve girlfriend Jelena Ristic. *blushes*

(image via Getty + AP)


  1. LOL Rich, I KNEW you would post on this!! :D

    It was actually a really cute moment...seems Stoppini suggested they exchange shirts after they shook hands at the net. It was very soccer/football and I have to say, I think this should become MANDATORY.

    *thinks about Rafa's past win/loss records. passes out*

  2. What do u say about Bernard Tomic pals?!?I'm impressed!
    16 years old, and made his first ATP win, and in straight sets in a Grand Slam!Look out for this newcomer!Yeah!
    How I like new forces!!Anyhow, this first day was apsolutely great!

  3. Guys... I don't have broadcast..
    *sobs uncontrollably*

    My stupid cable is not airing it.. I'm on the verge to kill someone.

    Btw, is Nole wearing what he wore to the USO?

  4. eh I just saw the match, but yeah Bernard won in 4 sets....god....if only it would be easier to spend all night watching matches, and function normally the other day....

  5. Tessa - that epic Wimby final or Rafa and Rog? It ended at 6AM my time. I feel your pain.

  6. Babz: AGH!! Try searching online for live streaming broadcasts. It's a big tourney, someone has to be showing it!

  7. Jo - I am trying, but my bandwith is CRAP. The effing ISP is throttling these things, and there's nothing we can do about it!

    It's very frustrating cos they give juuuust enough bandwith to show you the match - haltingly. UUGH!!!!

    Can I go stay at someone's house to watch? PLEASE!!! I AM DESPERATE!!!! lol

  8. *sends Babz ticket to US*
    My heart breaks for you.

    I love when they both took off their shirts and exchanged them. For a lack of a better word, it was...cute.

    What Nole does that I really love is when his opponent hits a great shot, he acknowledges it. I don't pay a whole lot of attention to him, so I don't know if he's been doing it his entire career, but I noticed it in the last year. Roddick does it, too. He usually says something like, "too good." Nole usually applauds. I like that. Both those things. In Nole's case, I think it shows improving sportsmanship from him (unless he's been doing it all along. Then I'm way off base.)

  9. Nole's been appauding his opponents as long as I remember. He may seems to be a bit cocky at times but he's always been very fair and truely acknowledges his opponents skill!

  10. No these duds are from adidas' new "falcon" range, spring 2009

    He was wearing the Edge stuff at the US Open. Pretty bad if it looks the same though.

    *spanks adidas*

    babz, that really sucks. sorry girl! i'll do we'll do our best to give you a good look in though!!

    yeah Nole usually *claps* when a foe hits a great shot just like i *clap* when takes his gear off. it's all about good sportsmanship i say.

  11. He doen't look like he's having any fun out there on the court. Even his earlier toruney matches this month. He looks mentally weary already like he's not happy...maybe he's pised off about the decision to change racquets and now he's stuck.

  12. Maja,
    I stand corrected. (And remain way off base, just like my therapist says.)

    Thanks for putting it in perspective. Nudity always helps me understand things more clearly.

  13. Anon 2:52: I totally know what you're talking about with Nole's demeanor. His unhappiness on-court was palpable in Sydney, and even during yesterday's match too. I miss cheery Nole :*(

  14. He's def edgy because it's the first time he's defending of course. But also the chatter about his still surprising racquet change (it's his main story line right now, defense seems secondary) could be bothering him.

    They couldn't stop mentioning it last night and I think every time he slips over this fortnight, they'll be mention.

    If he does well, then it'll die down.

    But I feel for HEAD - they get inadvertent, partial blame for his recent shaky play - they just make the racquets. Geez.

  15. Ah, Nole's such an exhibitionist. Gotta love him.
    I also love how he applauds his opponents - he really seems to be a great sport.

    As for the crankyness: I didn't see him play yet (we get broadcasting here, but the time difference is MADNESS) so I wouldn't know. But if it's about the HEAD change: Get over it people! He could play with a wok.

    Babz, I feel with you on the broadcasting... :*(

  16. sonja: "Ah, Nole's such an exhibitionist. Gotta love him."

    That's WHY i love him. Tellme, does he play a sport?

    *orders sonja ticket to nyc*
    *picks up RiCH, fly to melbourne"
    *camp out in rafa's locker*

  17. This sounds like the most fun trip EVER! I'M ON!

    Um, before we're heading off to Melbourne, can we, like, stop by at Manolo Blahnik's first? I gotta look good for my Matador.

    BTW, this will really creep you out: Tonight I actually dreamt I was taking a trip with you Rich - and the Rabid Rafanatics. I'm so lost... LOL


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