Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: "Nando's got a hairy situation!"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

PHOTO OP: "Nando's got a hairy situation!"

"Note to self: the faux-hawk is sooo over and this one is really f-ed up on the sides. ¡Coño! Now I've got the hairiest of situations on my head.

Anyway, I wonder how my sexy Serbian is doing in her match?
(Not well Nando.)

I hope Anando wasn't too much of a distraction for us this off-season. Hehe! "Anando"...that's funny. I'm kinda famous now.

Oh yeah. Eyes on the ball..."

(image via Getty)


  1. What?Fernando said that?Like you quoted him?What was the question?Really he said how's my sexy Serbian doing?!?...hmmm....Well,he obviously follows the media is what we've learned.

  2. I usually really like Fern's controversial hairdo, but this is just wrong. It's like he can't decide if he still wants the faux-hawk. You need to make a decision and fix something STAT.

  3. This guy seriously needs a proper haircut.

  4. I guess Fernando likes too much hair gel or hair wax, or make it bees wax, it holds stiffer!!!!!!


    I don't know how will Ana react with this hair?

  5. He looks even worse on the ATP's home. Phaura, she probably lost because the shock and horror were too great to recover from lol. Seriously though, I'm glad that Amelie is back.

  6. The only positive thing I can take from that photo is the awesome shade of blue.

    otherwise, that hair has taken on a life of its own!


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