Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Nando is Nando but Feli is a new man

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PHOTO OP: Nando is Nando but Feli is a new man

Fernando Verdasco + Feliciano Lopez were spotted launching The Davis Cup by BNP Paribas: The Year in Tennis 2008 highlighting Spain's win over Argentina in the final. The Aussie Open semifinalist and DC hero is the book's coverboy while Feli gets the back.

Nando looks, well, like Nando but the important question here is: how cute does Feli look with his new 'do?!

So long rat's tail, hello hotness. *swoons*

PS - You can purchase the yearbook here.

(image courtesy of Paul Zimmer)


  1. Good for Tabasco & Feli - and Spain!! That was an awesome final.

    Btw, thanks for the Feli post! I always enjoy when he makes a cameo on DtL. And just for the record, he will always be smokin' hot to me, but I was definitely partial to his long hair - not a rat tail, Rich!! He's too metro for a rat tail ;) Nevertheless, lookin' good boys.


    I *love* his locks!!!

    nando looks kinda hot there. UGH.

    *calls therapist+neurologist, makes appointment*

  3. OMG am I the only one in the universe who's relieved to see that rat tail (yes johanee, i said it!) be gonners?

    *listens to deafening silence*


  4. I'm not really a fan of the new hair but I also believe that he looks smoking hot. That man can make anything hot. Aaaanything (and nothing). *wink wink*

  5. RiCH - Tell me you don't want to run your fingers thru this:

    Honestly?!?!?!?! I don't believe you!!! :D

  6. He did not have a rat tail, it was gorrrrrgeous locks!

    Rat tail is like, Fed with long hair. Or you wanna see certified rat tails, check out football players. I mean soccer.

    Johanne, I always thought he looked like a Greek God in that pic. Feli why. WHY.

  7. Babz: Don't fret too much, Feli is still crazy gorgeous and his body is TOO DIE ;) I mean, those abs in the inset pic are totally ridiculous. Def Greek God-esque, as you say.


  8. johanne: HA! I only like longer hair on a few guys (Rafa clearly being one) but I prefer a more grown out look like he has now. Some guys I like it completely buzzed. Believe it or not Ripley!

    babz: Ugh I hated Fed's longer hair too. I much prefer it now. But it was a rat's tail!!!

    *puts up dukes*

  9. ooops.... TO DIE. Feli clouds my thinking! Can you blame me??

  10. PS - no arguing on the greek god status though...

  11. RiCH: I was JUST thinking that Feli might be one of those guys who looks downright smoldering with a buzz cut. He def has the chiseled face for it. Hmm...

    Sorry for the multiple posts! Spanish men make me crazy! ;)

  12. He's totally working the Greek God status in the inset picture. When I read the Iliad that's what I imagined Achilles looked like.

  13. Omg Sara yes yes totally yes! I did the same thing tooooooo.

    I just think he looks so much better with longer hair. Most men cannot carry it off (and therefore SHOULDN'T, do you hear me Nalby??) but Feli could and he should.

  14. No worries babz, looks like Nalby's been carrying something else around

  15. I love his new look! It makes him look less slick or something.. And more cute ;)

  16. ohhh I'm liking the new look, definitely more doable..errr I mean in the sense of hair know...:)

  17. erin, I agree 100% and I'm not talking about the hair.

    Though I'd still pick F-do for, uhm, closer appreciation 4 out 5 times between these two. One Serb's trash...

  18. Ooooh me likey Feli's new 'do. It does make him look less slick.

    I mean, don't get me wrong, he was always SMOKIN' hot (Greek God hello!), but with the longer hair he always reminded me of those guys in "The Bold & The Beautiful" or "Days of our Lives", having names like Ramón and all that crap. LOL

    The shorter hair is more masculine, YUUUUMMMMM!

    PS: I find Nando totally ugly in this pic. :S

  19. short hair for sure! he was always cute, not he's hott! i do like long hair on some though (nadal obvi) but on feli and also fed, shorter is better :)

  20. sonja,

    yes, his face is not perfectly symmetrical (mouth way off to the side) and when he moves his jawline in a smile or some other grimace it makes him look even more shellfish-like than Gasquet's neck+jaw during a service motion, but he still manages to somehow look hot. I guess attraction can be unpredictable. Just ask Nicole.


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