Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Murray makes Shirtless Showcase, much-needed tan gets much-needed workout

Thursday, January 15, 2009

PHOTO OP: Murray makes Shirtless Showcase, much-needed tan gets much-needed workout

Andy Murray finally joined the Shirtless Showcase this week in Melbourne (what a tease.)

The bookie-backed Brit was spotted at a practice session looking all kinds of cut-up. And it seems Andy has actually worked on that much-needed tan and *gasp* gained some color while balling Down Under.

This is all well and good but I'm thinking he's def due for some doubs, too. So I ask again: Where's Ross?!

*taps foot impatiently*

BONUS: Well, well. Look who decided to drop by. But once again: where's Ross?!

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  1. CRAP he is RIPPED!!!! o_O



    Srsly is that a spray on tan? He looks amazingly golden I have a hard time believing it's real.

  3. That is one sick body.
    I still think he looks as white as a sheet.

  4. Yeah both Andy's have a little work to do they are both looking a little pasty.

  5. murray so grew on me!although every time i say that to people they wonder what's wrong with me!like majority kinda don't prefer murray!but i love me some murray!and like the c.note said he really does look like a lil goofball when he's smiling:)))and the BODY people, oh i would want me some of that....pastiness aside....

  6. I try not to hold his pastiness against him. I def think he's trying to tan but it's like the sun is so against giving him color. I mean, if you can't get color in THAT sun and heat, I don't know where on this planet we call Earth you could get it.

    Just buy some spray tan and be done with it. Really. Wait - where's Ross?!

  7. well considering his genes and heritage he JUST can't get a tan, and literally ANYWHERE, maybe in alb, but naturally no he can't....ofcourse pastiness isn't held against him, we just mock everyone for fun!i admire murray!!:)

  8. I like the fact that he can make fun of his looks and skin. It makes it so much easier to cheer for him. I hope he does well at the AO (as long as he doesn't play Rafa.)


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