Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Mirka loves to finger her Crackberry (addicted much?)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

PHOTO OP: Mirka loves to finger her Crackberry (addicted much?)

Mirka Vavrinec, who got fashion-y at the Aussie Open recently, was spotted texting her arse off (shocker) while watching long-time boyfriend Roger Federer reach his fourth Aussie Open final by defeating Andy Roddick.


(image via WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Uh. Is that her belly? Is she preggers??? O_o

  2. I was wondering the same thing...

  3. Yea she looks a little plump...I'd say lots of layers of clothing but don't think that's a good excuse considering the heat...

  4. At least she's not eating while holding the blackberry. Gosshh, that woman is wayyy fat.

  5. At least she's not eating while holding the blackberry. Gosshh, that woman is wayyy fat.

  6. Jesus christ she's not FAT. I'm saying, her belly is not in proportion with the rest of her. It looks like a bump. Pregger's bump.

  7. She actually looked really good the other day when she was working that totally gorg LV satchel.

    I'm thinking is the sweatshirt thingy she's wearing here. But I remember last season the rumors about her pregnancy.

    C'mon Fed give the woman something besides handbags! So selfish.

  8. Uh Rich, I'm pretty sure any woman would be happy with a 2,600 dollar LV bag (and if she's not she can give it to me):).

    I think it's just her posture and choice of clothing. She has been looking great in the past week or so. Damn I love her skin.

    P.S. We are all addicted to our crackberries even Obama, that's why they're called crackberries. And how do we know that she's not doing it to ease nerves or is taking notes about the match or is looking at pictures of Yoann Gourcuff naked? (oh wait that's me)lol

  9. She's not a model, she doesn't have to be skinny, so basicly she looks as a normal girl, and is quite good looking besides her few extra pounds.
    I love Mirka, she seems stabile, and quite down to Earth.She's no poser, and she's probably great support to Fed.And this blackberry habit, there is numerous times a match they show her and she's not typing, yet just folowing the match, so it's just a moment captured in a picture, as I noticed when match finishes she then have her blackberry.
    Probably she got a message from her friends congratulating, watching the match somewhere else,and she checks it.Nothing special.

  10. *spits out coffee*
    2600 DOLLARS for a purse!!!
    *calls Roger tells him Mirka left him for Rafa and offers herself to replace Mirka*
    *Texts Mirka and tells her that Roger has moved on and she should too*
    *goes to LV website to pick her new bag* ^_^

  11. It's a bad picture. That's all.

    And can we please stop calling everyone who isn't a size 0 fat? It's getting to be beyond sad at this point.

  12. sara: Yoann Gourcuff is so freaking beautiful. Ever since you brought him to my attention I've been flabbergasted. Wait - what was this post about??? Oh yeah, crack is whack sara.

    tessa: I do think she's text mad. Her thumbs must be permanently bent by now.

    *imagines visual* ewwwww.

    anon 2:43 : LOL - I hope you're okay with dating your crackberry and new handbags because your new man doesn't have the time. I mean there's already three people in the RoKa relationship - Fed, Fed, and Mirka.

    anon 3:27 - agreed, we needs support normal girls like me, eh, Mirka.

  13. sara and rich have either of you seen the video of him runnning around in slo-mo in nothing but his underwear?


  14. anon 5:32 - you can't say those kinds of things and not provide proof

    *anxiously awaits video to lust over*

  15. I think I'm spamming so feel free to gaze at his beauty and then delete my comment. Sorry about the wait.

  16. *gulp*

    i'd be depriving people of this beauty if i deleted it - hell no!

    btw - is this your blog?

  17. Oooh myyyy goooood anon. There are no words ! I had seen the video once but hadn't been able to find it again. I should send you a yoann gourcuff themed muffin basket.
    *fans herself*
    *watches video again*

  18. how do you basket hotness? See if he'll give up those briefs. I'd gladly accept those in the mail.

    *places Yoann briefs under pillow*

  19. Does Mirka actually have a life outside of Roger? anyone?

  20. Hey rich I'm glad you like the vid as much as I do. No, it's not my blog I found it trying to satisfy my lust for soccer players. sara: when you say "yoann gourcuff themed muffin basket" you mean yoann gourcuff completely naked delivering a muffin basket to my house, right?

  21. sara: when you say "yoann gourcuff themed muffin basket" you mean yoann gourcuff completely naked delivering a muffin basket to my house, right?

    Anon, that is exactly what I mean although after Rich and I are done with him he might be too weak to carry a muffin basket. :)

  22. Oh, I'm so glad to have found fellow tennis/yoann gourcuff lovers. In case you didn't know, the video of yoann is also on youtube along with others.


  23. HOT DAMN I'll show him my muffin basket!!! ;)

  24. "HOT DAMN I'll show him my muffin basket!!! ;)"

    um, is that deliverable?

  25. RiCH: LOL I'll go with a Rafanswer on that - Anything can happen, no??

  26. oh, give the girl a break, people. she's probably been on the pill for years and years and years now -- hence the extra pounds? :)

  27. She has good days and bad days. But she is getting bigger as the years pass. She's pretty though. :) I like her.

    (can't say i like her fashion-choices. roger pwns her on that.)


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