Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) SIGHTING: Marat and his shiner arrive in Perth and attend Hopman Cup baller party

Saturday, January 3, 2009

(UPDATED) SIGHTING: Marat and his shiner arrive in Perth and attend Hopman Cup baller party

WTF happened to Marat Safin?!

The Russian baller was spotted arriving at the Perth airport and traveling directly to the Hopman Cup Ball sporting a t-shirt, shorts, and a pretty shiner as his accessory of choice.

The black eye really compliments Marat's oufit I think. Pretty.

Thanks to Uvijek Argen and an anonymous DtL reader for the tip off!

Click here for images of some tennis celebs in their baller best at the party.

UPDATE: From Marat's mouth "I got in trouble in Moscow... I wasn't in the right place at the right time, put it this way. I won the fight. I'm good, I'm okay. It happened a week ago." Good times.

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  1. WTF????
    Violent girlfriend? Kinky sex? Angry (ex-) Boyfriends of one of his girls? Plastic surgery gone wrong?
    Whoever did that to him deserves to burn in hell!!!

  2. my friend you are some fast poster!! : )
    Keep doing a great job...or i called the russian mafia and finish like Marat!! hahahaha : ))

  3. gilles simon looks hot at the party

  4. On closer inspection, that looks like *two* shiners. Was it a tennis ball in the eyeball... twice??

  5. I'll be more than happy to make him feel better and take care of his "eye" ... yeah, eye .. sure.

  6. He was in a fisticuffs with Rafa over me. Oh, but a girl can dream.


  7. i'm watching the doubles match right now: dinara played well against pennetta and marat just squeaked by bolelli (although both men didn't play their best), but the doubles has been so fun to watch! some really great rallies. actually, to be honest, dinara is kicking butt and being really aggressive. right now if she were to play against her brother, i would actually bet on her to win -- her heart just seems more in it as well, thus the better performance of the two :)

    buuuut onto the juicy stuff. the commentator started talking about marat's 'shiners' haha. apparently, he got into a fist fight last week in moscow -- and won! haha, wonder what the other guy looks like .... :P

  8. Safin arrived in Perth on Saturday night with bruises and cuts on his face, including a heavy bruise under his left eye.

    After Sunday's match, he first joked that the facial injuries came from "working out hard," but then said, without elaborating: "I got in trouble in Moscow. It was much worse ..."

    "It's OK, I can survive," Safin said. "Just some small problem that I wasn't in the right place at the right time. Yes, I won the fight. I'm good, I'm OK."

  9. Watched that as well Romi - great stuff..!

    Surely he just got a tennis ball in his eye during training??

    Love it when famous people get in fights. maybe we could pit Safin against Steven Gerrard the Liverpool football who was arrested for assault last week. Wonder who would win in a fight?

  10. oh!
    i thought marat was like cute, he still is cute.......

    maybe his termperamental nature got into somebody's temper and they beat each other to shreds, for this matter, got into each other's eyes....

    hi rich....

    can i be a regular comment-er in your site?

  11. Babz: Hey girl! Welcome back and Happy New Year!!

    Romi: Thanks for the great info on the match. Wow - Safin and Simone on the same court, staring each other down, sweaty and snarling? *wipes drool off chin*

    Anon 4:46 - Ha! I'm so curious who he fought with and why. I'm sure it doesn't take much b/c it certainly doesn't on-court. Maybe someone called his girl a pornstar.

    Aussie Tennis Bettor: celebrity athlete death match???

    Phaura Reinz - of course, comment away!

  12. here's an interesting link
    maybe you already know (Laura Robson asked Marat out for the Wimbledon's champions Ball)but here's the quote:
    In July, 14-year-old British hope Laura Robson had been left without her Prince Charming for Wimbledon's champions Ball.

    It came after Safin, the men's semi-finalist, declined to accompany her to the event. Instead he sent her a note which read: "Sorry I can't come to the ball, but good luck for your final tomorrow."

  13. What a weird guy. LOL

    Anyways, welcome back Babz! Missed ya too!! :-)

  14. Heya guys!! Happeee Nu YEARRRR!!

    Hope you're up for lusty comments for a whole year Rich..

  15. Looks like Safin is scrappy :)

    Babz: we missed you and your racey Rafa comments!!

  16. He looks like he got his ass kicked..


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