Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: La Monf outhits Devilder, outfuzzies tennis ball

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PHOTO OP: La Monf outhits Devilder, outfuzzies tennis ball

Frenchie baller Gael Monfils was spotted looking somewhat tense during his match against Nicolas Devilder in Doha but managed to pull out a tight 7-5, 7-6 (4) over his compatriot.

So La Monf will face top baller Rafael Nadal in the next round. Could that be why he looks worried? Or is it because he realized he's actually winning the "Who's fuzziest?" face-off against that ball??

A hairy situation for you, La Monf, is not completely out of the question - beware.

(image via AP)


  1. I love Gael! His hair can never be too crazy for me. It suits his personality. If he would only get serious about his tennis before it's too late.

    I have to say this, because you mentioned his name:...mmmm...Rafa...

  2. lol The picture is priceless, as is the headline with it.

  3. I too enjoy his wild hair - he totally pulls it off!

    However, I will be rooting for my main squeeze, Rafa, in tomorrow's match... shocking, I know :P

  4. Just checking: No one thinks his hair is Troll-like?

  5. Van,
    HA! Troll-like. Nope. If someone with little or no personality, say a Sampras, had that hair, then he would look like a troll.

  6. van: would those creatures that you could put at the end of pencil and twirl them in between your hands to make their hair blow out be considered trolls?

    if so, then YES.

  7. LMAO Rich, again, so priceless... "outfuzzies ball"... "creatures you put at the end of a pencil"..... teeheehee...

    Now: Gael is such a cutie! FUZZY MONF. Gotta love him. Can I have him as a teddy bear please? I wanna pet and feed him, haha!

  8. Looks like he touched an electric cable on the court.


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