Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Jo-Willy may have waved "buh-bye" to Aussie Open chances

Thursday, January 15, 2009

PHOTO OP: Jo-Willy may have waved "buh-bye" to Aussie Open chances

Here we go again.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was forced to withdraw prior to his quarterfinal match in Sydney against the Flying Finn, Jarkko Nieminen, with another back injury.

The Frenchie, whose litany of injuries havs been well-documented including his back, was unsure about his prospects ahead of the Aussie Open where he made a surprise run to the finals last year:

I hope it will not affect me for the Australian Open but I don't know. I had a problem with my disc a long time ago and sometimes it happens. I just have to wait and come back on the court when I feel better. I can't do anything for the next two days. I will stay maybe in my bed and hope I will be better.
Ay, yay, yay. Why can't you stay healthy for any significant length of time, Jo-Willy? I mean, look at the results you had last fall when your health was intact (2 titles including Paris Masters).

You look to be a big, strapping boy so I'm think there's something funky about your technique somewhere.

I won't, I can't, I WILL NOT hide my disappointment Jo-Willy. No, not this time...

*screams to the heavens, throws fist in the air*

(image via GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Poor Jo-Willy! That giant, NFL-Defensive-linesman body is not built for tennis. I hope he makes the AO, otherwise he will be sorely missed.

  2. The answer to why he got injured this time may be in those little numbers on the scale: Jo gained weight. Just compare his pics from his last trophy ceremony in Paris to these.

    So instead of losing weight (as his body is already too heavy for tennis and for his frame to carry in those jerky motions tennis requires), he gained weight.

    Besides, back injuries, especially dislocated discs, are notorious for being practically irreparable, i.e. once you had them, it will always remain your weak spot.

  3. natch: He WILL be missed if he doesn't make it. Who'll do the fun thumb victory dance then???

    anon: I could see that and I def agree with you on the back issues becoming chronic. But I remember reading something where they talked about how the technique on his forehand could be causing him some issues. I believe they were saying there's something rigid about his swing. Plus he needs better flexibility, if possible.

  4. His body is definitely too tight. He would benefit immensely from yoga, although with that type of body, you can only do so much. He's just not built for tennis. That is such a shame because he is so much fun to watch.

    I suppose Rafa and I could do the fun thumbs after we win naked doubles...but it wouldn't be the same, would it? ;)

  5. I'll do the thumb victory dance for him. I love watching him play, even when he blitzed My Rafa last year. He's great for the game, plus he's cute. (yes, that's important lol)


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